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7 Biggest Reasons Why Single Moms Should Start Their Own Businesses

We have heard this before; being a single-mom is hard! It is difficult, it is overwhelming, it is stressful. It is a mixture of emotions from being exhausted to extremely frustrated. Single-moms are superheroes and that is why they are amazing at being entrepreneurs! Becoming an entrepreneur prepares you to be the best version of you. It takes transformation. Lisa Nichols says “I am my own rescue”. I believe becoming an entrepreneur totally acts as your own rescue. By default your children will be rescued. There is training and knowledge to be getting, there is mentorship, there is a lot of action to take! Action that is not always comfortable. Are you willing to get out of your comfort zone? Are you willing to go beyond your fears? What are you willing to give up in order to build your successful business? If you say yes, you are ready! If you say no that is okay! Take it one step at the time. Just remember there is so many advantages and reasons why a single mom should start their business.

Here are the 7 biggest reasons why single moms should start their own businesses;

1)   Become financially independent

We have heard it before. The financial struggle is real. That is not the life we want for our children. Money is not everything however it gives you options. Options are great, especially when you have children. Like my mentor Mr. Byron Nelson would say “Money is like oxygen, we breathe a lot better when we have it”. What kind of life do you want to offer to your children? What options do you want to make available for them? The main reason is being independent and not having to rely on anyone to provide a life you love for you and your children.

2)   Flexible schedule

Talking about flexible schedule is of huge importance when you are a single mom. Having a regular 9-5 work schedule sometimes doesn’t work with daycare or school hours. What about the times that your child might be sick and has to stay home, or their graduation day that you don’t want to miss that falls on a week day? Flexibility in creating your own schedule is golden. It is priceless really. Appointment at the dentist during the day? No problem when you are an entrepreneur.

3)   Teach your children to become entrepreneurs; we are their role models.

I love this reason. We are the example for our children. They might not listen to us all the time, however they pay close attention to our daily actions. Getting your children evolved in your business makes it a little easier to manage your time between parenting and building your business. My 8-year-olddaughter loves to participate in little creative tasks, for example bookmark creation for my books. It will also boost their confidence and feeling of accomplishment as they are part of the success of your business!

4)   Brings you healing

Becoming a single mom hurts! It also takes a lot of time to heal. Don’t blame yourself, be loving and kind to yourself! In doing so, becoming an entrepreneur brings healing. One of the ways it brings healing is by the people you are surrounded with. Find mentors! There are so many incredible entrepreneurs out there ready to support you with their valuable knowledge. When you surround yourself with other entrepreneurs that are elevating and uplifting you, it alleviates your pain.

5)   Get to know you; re-invent you and be fulfilled!

I believe being an entrepreneur is transformative in the way you show up in your life for yourself and others around you. Becoming a single mom is difficult no matter what the surrounding circumstances are. However, becoming an entrepreneur is a choice. A conscious choice of showing up as the best version of you to provide the best products or services for your clients.

6)   Transform your family tree

Why not change your family tree? Why not build generational wealth in order to transform your children’s children’s options? Anything is possible when you have the entrepreneur mindset, large vision and work ethic. It is a great reason why you should start your business as a single mom.

7)   Making a positive impact in your community and in the world

The action you take to make your business idea come to life is what someone else needs. Why not make a positive impact in your community or even in the world? Your business can literally transform lives. Whatever product or services you provide you are making an impact by showing up as an entrepreneur and a single mom. You are being an example. You are going against the statistics. Believe in yourself that you are that person!

Single moms are superheroes and that is why they are incredible entrepreneurs. There are so many reasons why a single mom should start their own business. My wish for you is that you find your own reasons to start your own business. Learn to let go as things will always be messy whether it is business or parenting! One of my favorite quotes is rock bottom became my solid foundation to rebuild my life. I had to be broken, to be rebuilt to be the woman I am today. Rescue you; for you. Show up for your children, teach them their dreams can come true and be the example by the way you show up daily!

Meet Jessica De Serre Boissonneault

Living a bright abundant and storied life takes three elements: power, passion, positivity. Her transformation began in 2013 when she made the crucial decision to escape an abusive relationship. She leaned in to my power, passion and unbending positivity to transform herself and in doing so she found her true desire to help other women like her. Jessica is a mom, a flight attendant for the past 11 years, 2x best international selling author, entrepreneur, world passionate traveler, philanthropist and founder of the Women Empowerment Wednesday show. We rise by lifting each other is her motto! She is dedicated to sparkle her contagious energy to whomever crosses her path.

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