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10 Women To Watch in 2023

Women have made tremendous strides in the past decade and are continuing to make great strides in the future. This Women’s Month, we are celebrating the amazing women who are changing the world and creating a better future for all of us. We will be looking at 10 inspiring women to watch in 2023 who are leading the way for entrepreneurial change and inspiring others to do the same. Global Woman Club is taking the initiative to say these women are making a difference and setting an example for generations to come. Let’s take a look at some of these incredible individuals who are making an impact in our world today.


Lawyer, #GlobePreneur, Innovator, Founder & Investor

Pauline Truong

Hon. Pauline Truong, an ex-refugee from Vietnam, has achieved meaningful recognition in the fields of law and business. She has been awarded the Trailblazing Women & Law, Portrait Gallery and Hall of Fame honours. She has also received the Millennial Global Woman of Honour and Honourable Order awards. As a lawyer, #GlobePreneur, innovator, founder, investor, and advisor with expertise in diversity advocacy and writing, Truong was even named a White House Guest of Honour. She is celebrated in many countries for her incredible work. 

Visit to learn more about her inspiring story.

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Women Leadership Coach, 3 times #1 Best-Selling Author

Jill Douka is a Master Certified Coach and 3 times #1 best-selling author. She has been an awarded Business Mentor by the European Union, has spoken at 2 TEDx talks in Asia and Europe, and is the founder of Global Academy of Coaching. She trains high achievers to become the best coaches in the world through Global Academy of Coaching. 

She has devoted her life to helping women reach their highest potential through coaching and leadership. 

Jill Douka has been praised for her ability to help people find clarity, purpose, and direction in their lives. With her extensive experience as a coach and leader, she has developed innovative techniques that have helped countless individuals gain confidence and take action towards achieving their goals. Her work has inspired many to become coaches themselves as well as leaders in their own fields.


Founder of The Empowered Expat Woman / Certified Life Coach / Show Host

As a female business owner, Camilla understands the unique challenges and opportunities that come with being a woman in today’s world. She is the founder of The Empowered Expat Woman, host of the same-titled show and a certified life coach, providing support and advice to women abroad who are looking to develop a deep sense of trust in themselves, pursue their ‘portable purpose’ and most inspiring life vision.

Camilla is also an expatriate herself and has three children.

Through her work, she helps her clients to gain clarity, confidence and courage so they can achieve their goals. Camilla is passionate about building bridges, finding solutions, and supporting women who are navigating the unique circumstances of being an expatriate.   


Due Diligence Professional, Founder & CEO

Melissa is a highly experienced and recognized investigative due diligence professional with more than two decades of practice in the industry. Having managed thousands of investigations during her career, she has worked with a variety of clients worldwide, including governments and some of the largest organizations and financial institutions in the world. Her keen insights have helped guide her clients to making sound financial and investment decisions.

As a certified fraud examiner, certified international investigator, and licensed private investigator, Melissa has extensive professional training and a deep understanding of fraud indicators and other risk factors that her clients should know before entering into contracts or significant investments. She has established relationships with experts in a variety of fields around the world, which facilitates her teams’ ability to conduct global investigations thorough and efficiently, making her one of the most respected investigators in the industry.


Economy, Transformation, Sustainability Strategist

Kalnisha Singh is an inspiring Development Economist and Strategic Industrial and Economic Transformation Specialist. With her expertise in economic strategies, she is passionate about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to drive development outcomes.

She has a unique ability to look at the bigger picture of economics and develop innovative solutions to help countries achieve their development goals. Her work has already made a huge impact on the global economy by helping countries transform their economies into stronger ones.


Owner at Angels Healing Hearts

Frances is a renowned psychic medium, channel, spiritual counsellor, hypnotherapist, and author based in Orange County, CA. She has dedicated her life to teaching the art of Psychic Mediumship and has authored two books.

Additionally, she serves as the current President of the Tustin Holistic Chamber. With her experience and expertise in this field, Frances offers a unique approach to spiritual healing and guidance that empowers individuals to take control of their own lives.


Transformation Expert

Since 2003, Gina has been stretching women’s personal boundaries. In 2017 she founded the parent company, Blissed-Out, Fit, & Feisty. More recently, she launched Exquisitely Aligned; a 3-step proven strategy she discovered while advocating for her husband’s amazing future and that of their family, while he lay fighting for his life. Besides her one-on-one work, she hosts the Exquisitely Aligned podcast and has appeared on shows around the world. 

Gina believes when you express your truest self outwardly… you become EXACTLY what you see missing in the world. Exquisitely Aligned is the final stop for a woman who is ready to live her finest future: life on her terms, making her bigger impact, and shining unapologetically, lighting the way for others.

Her own life has been full of twists and turns you can read more in her Executive Bio and Backgrounder – Personal Story.


Theatre & Film Director, Fashion Designer

Arta Kallaba is a prominent Albanian theatre director, film director, and fashion designer living in New York City. Ten years ago, Arta and her husband Ardian moved to New York City, and they have two daughters who were born in Manhattan. Recently, she founded the iconic Arta Kallaba-New York fashion brand, known for its high quality, modernized handmade knitting, by adding colour and flower designs for the perfect fashion statement.

Arta Kallaba-New York is an established brand with a sophisticated style statement that communicates your own personality with an unexpected twist that will make you stand out. Whether it is the handmade knitted dress for spring, the glamourous black swan hand-knitted dress, the trendy knitted sweater coats, or the adorable “heart sweaters,” Arta has more in store to prove exactly what makes her a symbol of women empowerment.


Award-winning SPEAKER, Pioneer, #Media BOSS

A goldfish, it’s said, has no hiding place. This aptly describes Major Daughter, the woman who’s shaking up the scene as a teacher of the Word! With a very striking background, this speaker, coach, TV host, on air personality (OAP) and author is a master at fixing broken families and spreading hope worldwide.

Her secret ingredient? A heaping dose of GOD’s grace! Folks can’t get enough of her message that she leaves them with bright hope for tomorrow and feeling inspired to reach for the stars.

She is a breath of fresh air in a world where traditional methods just don’t cut it. With a high-spirited approach and a heart of gold, she takes on the toughest cases and comes out on top.

Major Daughter, a product of many meetings, and with an avid thirst for philanthropy, can make no other claim than that she is made by grace (of God).

Yahweh has blessed her to make global strides in the fields where not too long ago she was not reckoned with. Again, a lot goes to show that darkness cannot cover the light in the matters that concern her and her life’s pursuit.


Alt Pop Artist, Singer- Songwriter, Motivational Speaker, Quantum Music Creator, Biohacker

BB Feenix is on a mission to reach and raise the vibration of at least One Billion hearts. Proving that you can create your own rules, in order to achieve the kind of success most would only dare dream of—a birth right that most don’t know is possible. 

BB Feenix is a certified Quantum Flow Practitioner. This is a biohacking method that’s fused from ancient and modern science (biology, quantum, and metaphysics), and wellbeing modalities that are rapidly unleashing the individual.

BB Feenix uses motivational speaking to help people find their own path of healing and happiness, and to show that there is a better life out there for them than where they currently stand. She has found her strength and inspiration from her darkest hours and turned it into a late, so bright, message to help others.

Spotify: Spotify – BBFeenix | SoundCloud: Stream BBFeenix music | Instagram: BBFeenix Instagram

Facebook: BBFeenix Facebook | TikTok: BBFeenix (@bbfeenix) | TikTok | Twitter: BBFeenix Twitter

LinkedIn: BB Feenix | LinkedIn

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