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Women, conquer your fear and fuel your success!

Yadira Gonzalez Munoz

Women, conquer your fear and fuel your success!

By Fatima Gorezi

With her very modest and discrete appearance Yadira Gonzalez Munoz makes her presence noticed in a gentle way whenever she’s around people in a big gathering. As soon as you get the chance to speak with her, a new world of experience opens up and admiration occurs.

This 49 year old lady, known as a leader, pastor and entrepreneur has been through some of life’s toughest trials as a human being.

Born in Colombia, having her heart in Ecuador and living in Belgium, she had to provide for her 3 children as a single mother for several years preceding a life changing event. Now she owns business as a life coach and a business builder and encourages people to go forward and create their own opportunity by identifying their “Why”.

Who/What inspired you to become an entrepreneur and to start your own business?

My kids, before I met my partner, and as a single mother one income was not enough to survive with 3 kids. That is especially after my accident as well as with a disability check making it even harder. I wanted to create my own freedom, my own independence and my own destiny, all to get a better future from just a monthly disability check. Getting a real job was not an option due to my body pains from the accident, so the best way was to become my own boss and work from home at my own time and my own pace. My desire is to help people to ease their own pains physically, emotionally, and financially.


How do you define your purpose in life?

I found my life purpose after my accident. I started wondering what truly gives life meaning and honestly, the meaning of it, changes over time. I went through some self-reflection, allowing time to get to know myself deeply, what I want what I don’t. This led me to think of what I could do to help others to reach their full potential, and become as happy as I became, after all the struggles I had in life.

I told myself: “God gave me a second opportunity on this earth for something and that is to inspire and motivate people..“ Let me reach them and tell, teach, inspire, show them how to make their lives better; it is easier than you think!! (if they are willing to do it, of course).

Tell me about a time when you had too much to do, but not enough resources (this could include staffing, time, money). How did you handle the pressure, overcome the deficit and/or achieve goals?

I have learned that in difficult times I need to have faith and trust in God, be patient and take a deep breath and to not get stressed or desperate. I would wait for the next opportunity to come, even when slightly disappointed.

Everything in life is to be taken easy, and the best way is to learn from it and to make it better for the next time, to know how to handle drawbacks. It would also be important for me to be calm, develop a plan to make leverage, think about it and smile. All will come at the right moment at the right time. In order to reach my goals, I would do everything step by step; it is amazing how fast they go though. That is God’s will.

What motivates you to do your very best?

My biggest motivation are my kids, and the other one is success. I want to be capable as a speaker/coach and entrepreneur, to reach people, inspire, motivate, add value and empower them.

How do you keep work- life balance?

As I work from home, I have had to learn to prioritise my time, particularly not to get distracted with house errands and work at the same time. I try to keep my working hours like a normal job, I have my small office at home where I go to work every day since early in the morning. Every morning I plan and organise my action of the day, that has been scheduled since the beginning of the week. By no means  am I perfect: honestly, days do not always unfold as planned!!

I enjoy spending time with my friends that live in a foreign country: they become part of the family. As I have to go to therapy due to my disability, it feels like workout time to me. It is my “me time” when I relax, meditate, revise my goals, what I have achieved and what I need to do next. This makes my weekly schedule and gives me time to be grateful and bring the energy back on track.

I love to go to personal development events, particularly the fantastic breakfast meetings of the Global Woman Club, other women summits. Being a partner and ambassador of Success Together, a small company representing events of Tony Robbins and Joseph McClendon III in Belgium, Luxembourg and Ireland,  we also organise events of our own. It is amazing to be around constructive people, to have a network that will support each other to get motivated and empowered to go forward with your goals and dreams.

You coach and help people to focus on their strengths. Can you tell us more about your experience with them?

Speaking of clients experience is talking about making clients fall in love, provoking a unique feeling, generating trust, exceeding expectations, establishing emotional connections marked by empathy, generosity and gratitude. Then it becomes easy to understand them, make them focus on themselves by understanding their strengths so they can easily deliver successful outcomes, overcoming fears, becoming more aware of their capability to delivering their goals.

What I live in my experiences I can summarise in a single word: Passion.

Living a coaching process is: knowing yourself, learning to handle situations, emerging your strengths, living the present, focusing on the future, focusing on what you really want … .. And above all, leading your life.

In your opinion what is the biggest obstacle that stands in the way of women’s fulfilment and success?

I believe it is FEAR. Fear is the one thing that paralyses most of us, to take that first step to do what we most want, to make our dreams come true. It took me 4 years to take that first step, and it was just because of fear. Fear to loose my disability and have nothing later on. Now I don’t think about it, I know I will make it.

Fear can destroy our body, our ideas and thoughts: it will stops us from taking action. All of us experience fear in different ways during our lives. The secret is learning how to use fear instead of letting fear use us. We have to learn to dance with them, and to not resist them. Follow your fears, for it is certain your dreams will come true!

How would you describe women’s future in business for 2019?

I believe that today women are empowering each other, and we are going to be the future in business. 2019 is the year for women. We are creating our own destiny, we stay passionate on achieving our goals. We believe in ourselves and our businesses. We are not anymore afraid to show people our values. We are hungry to learn because after all, knowledge is power!

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