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Wake Up Motivated, Go to Bed Satisfied: How to Live a Purposeful Healthy Life

By Lauren Lepley

Lead with purpose and a little (a lot of) optimism to create that internal positivity with your mind, and that external positivity with others…

When it comes to leading a purposeful, healthy life, it’s vital that you manage your energy sufficiently. 

To do so is to allow your energy to peacefully exist as a continuum – treating it as if it exists on a spectrum rather than as an on/off switch. Waking up motivated and going to bed satisfied, waking up satisfied and going to bed motivated – it’s all a continuum, and it’s never-ending!

And whether you realise it or not – we all strive for the same goals in life. 

Your ultimate goal may be to bring in the millions or maybe reach the optimum level of your business – fulfilling its true potential is the sole goal, but what is the underlying thing, the core emotion, that creates such a dream?

I shall tell you. It’s Peace!

Many perceive the notion of peace as the synonym for boredom. But to live in peace is to have freedom from disturbance, to live in true tranquillity. Whatever you may be doing, whether it be working in a fast-paced environment or living a lively and energetic lifestyle – regardless, you have access to inner peace.

And this is how exactly, you ask?

Priority, positivity, and purpose.

When we can successfully incorporate the three P’s into our everyday life, we can ensure that we will feel satisfied when we go to bed at the end of the day!


It’s all about being an essentialist – doing the things that need to be done, that actually get the results you desire. The actions that move the needle forward. It’s the discipline of applying consistently and effortlessly. It’s a mindset, a way of life, that enables you to fully apply your energy for the maximum results, with the least amount of effort!

Notice I said ‘priority’, rather than ‘priorities’? Priority is a singular word and that’s because, at any given time, we want just one thing being dealt with! The one thing.

What is the ultimate thing that needs to be done today in order to move things forward? What needs to be done in order to put you in the best position, to put you in optimal health (ultimately creating your wealth may I add…)?

So, first things first, get rid of that to-do list! You only need one thing to focus on at any given time – all a list will do is overwhelm you. You’ll have no idea where to start, and your valuable time will be spent rushing through tasks and skipping over things.


It’s easier said than done, of course, but putting in the effort to live your passage of time with positivity will make all the difference. Maintaining a positive mindset and attitude isn’t about being happy-go-lucky, floating on cloud nine all of the time, but rather having the ability to be optimistic in times of hardship.

The best way to be positive? By surrounding yourself with positive people, of course! Alternatively, when that’s not possible, being in the present and recognising gratitude is a great place to start.


Living your life with purpose – when you’re doing things on a daily basis that align with your purpose, things will become easier, I promise you that. Lead with purpose and a little (a lot of) optimism to create that internal positivity with your mind, and that external positivity with others – you’ll find life, in general, a whole lot easier when you’re following your true calling! Aim to move with the tide, not fight against it.

All three of these Ps working together result is the ultimate P – Peace. As I said previously, peace is what we all strive for, whether we realise it or not.

So, what can be be done to ensure we reach these three Ps with (relative) ease?

In order to reach the three Ps, it’s important that we’re creating the habits required to support discipline and motivation!

Creating the Habits to Support Discipline and Motivation

Behaviour always starts with a choice. When you start to practice self-discipline, an unconscious pattern is created that eventually goes on to be a part of a ‘habit loop’. Followed by a cue, there will be a trigger that tells your brain to go into auto-mode and what habit to use. 

Good habits, bad habits – they’re all a part of our everyday lives, whether we realise it or not. But in order to move towards building discipline and motivation with a view to living a purposeful, peaceful life, we need to learn how to make the good habits easier to carry out, and the bad habits hard to move forward with!

The sad truth is – we all subconsciously make things hard for ourselves. But through the practice of self-discipline, the good and healthy habits will make it into that habit loop, and as a result, make carrying them out a whole lot easier.

For me, my first habit starts the night before. The way I wake up depends on how I went to sleep. There are various stages of sleep, all with their own purpose. When you first fall into slumber, you fall into a light sleep. Light sleep has two stages – when you start to doze, and then when you actually fall asleep, and your body temperature starts to lower. Your muscles start to relax, and your heart rate slows down. You’re in your ideal sleep state!

Deep sleep then follows and is the recovery stage during which cellular regrowth occurs. Deep sleep enables us to wake up feeling boosted and energised. And finally, the REM stage ensues. Otherwise known as ‘Rapid Eye Movement’ – the REM stage is when your body goes into temporary paralysis, and your breathing slows down. It is an essential time for strengthening memory, creativity, and supporting learning.

All stages of sleep are important, but REM is essential when it comes to memory, emotional processing, and overall healthy brain development. Think of it this way – during the day your brain is like a library, but when you’re in REM state, you’re putting the books back into place, updating the colour coding system and putting them into alphabetical order – you’re tidying up the space!

Ensure a comfortable and healthy sleep by building a nighttime routine suited to you! Whether it be some light activity before bed such as some reading, meditation, listening to some music (around 60bpm), or just removing all devices, and getting rid of any blue light – build a nighttime routine that suits you. Of course, a comfortable bed, a cooler room (aim for 17-19’C), and a good quality pillow are all great factors in getting a good night’s rest(oration).

Be sure to rid yourself of any stimulation of the brain, as we need to empty our brain more to be in the perfect state to sleep. Try to extract whatever may be whizzing around your head and write it down on a piece of paper, your phone, wherever it may be, so your brain won’t have to remember it.

When it comes to waking up, it’s still important to take it easy.

There are 1440 minutes in 24 hours, and 1% of that is 14 minutes. Dedicate these 14 minutes today to practising self-discipline, identifying the good habits from the bad, and setting up a night time routine – whatever it may be!

Rather than rolling over and going straight on your phone, take some time to adjust. Start off simple with stretches to improve circulation and drinking water. Hydrating yourself after a long night’s sleep is important, as it helps to replace toxins and replenish what fluids were used during the night.

If you’re a caffeine junkie – ALWAYS hydrate before you caffeinate! I know it’s hard, but try not to head straight for the beans as soon as you wake up. Give yourself an hour or so before having your morning fix – that way, you won’t peak too soon!

My routine is now habitual and second nature. I am conditioned to know that nighttime is the time for regeneration and that without it, I will not perform to my highest capabilities the following day. By implementing this routine, I have given myself the opportunity to feel good, rest well, sleep well, and wake up good!

It’s all a continuum, after all, built-up energy provides you with more energy throughout the day to exert, which then enables you to sleep better, and then feel re-energised the next day and the following night – it never ends! In a good way…

When we talk about knowing when we’re satisfied at the end of the day – it’s the feeling of contentment, being pleased that you’ve met your needs. It’s knowing that the following day, you’ll be able to wake up feeling re-energised, and ready to go through the day with purpose, positivity, and a main priority!

The 1% Method

I’ve just provided you with a whole lot of information, all of which is important and invaluable, but can be implemented over time. 

So, start your purposeful, healthy, peaceful life today by giving yourself just 1% of the day to be 1% better than yesterday.

You heard me right – just 1%!

There are 1440 minutes in 24 hours, and 1% of that is 14 minutes. Dedicate these 14 minutes today to practising self-discipline, identifying the good habits from the bad, and setting up a night time routine – whatever it may be!

It may seem like not a lot, and that’s because it isn’t. When you practice this method every single day, in a matter of only 30 days, that 1% will amount to 36.7% better.  In a year, it will be 3678%. Uh huh. Yup. The compound effect strikes again – you have to love it right?!

Start today, because you, your business, your friends and family – you all deserve it! 

You deserve to live a healthy, purposeful, peaceful life, and despite what you may think right now, it’s not that far out of reach. Whoever you are, wherever you are. You got this. 

About Lauren Lepley

Lauren is The Go-To Mentor for multi 6 & 7 figure Entrepreneurs to Breakthrough The Next Level Of Success. A qualified, certified and triple accredited coach in NLP, Timeline, EFT & meditation as well as an Advanced Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, she has the ability to work with those with suffering from chronic illnesses and a Mental Health First Aider. She really does have the ability to support on the full spectrum.

Lauren works to support her clients to achieve their Peak Performance and to Breakthrough their Limiting Beliefs & Blockages using an array of Holistic Modalities. Her Wealth Triad is a proven methodology to create TRUE success across Life, Business & Wellbeing. As a multi business owner herself, living with Cancer & BDP (Borderline Personality Disorder), moving forward in a life effected by trauma and adversity from rape, suicide, murder… and more… she has the Personal Experiences and Professional Expertise to motivate and inspire both men & women needing to know they CAN breakthrough with professionalism, health and wealth to create a life of design, not default. 

Edited by Sujany Baleswaran

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