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Unveiling the Voice Within: A Journey of Self-Discovery 

In the glittering world of diplomacy, where you are constantly on display and words have to be meticulously chosen, Aria Bucker, the daughter of an Ambassador, learned the art of fitting in while suppressing her authentic voice. Raised amidst opulent receptions and diplomatic soirées, Aria found herself navigating a world where heartbreak and expressing emotions were not an option.   

Can you elaborate on how your upbringing as the daughter of an Ambassador shaped your early experiences and influenced your approach to fitting in and suppressing your authentic voice?

The Diplomatic world can be a glamorous one. It opens doors to some of the world’s most beautiful and influential people and homes around the world but it’s never about you personally. You are representing your country, your government and in my case my parents. The house and staff are not yours and any appearances you make must always follow a correct and neutral protocol. As a child growing up in this world it was more about being seen and not heard. From a very young age we would have to go up to our rooms whilst my parents hosted dinner parties and events. When we were grown, we were often allowed to mingle in these events, but you always had to say and do the right thing. It’s not that I had anything rebellious to say but I never verbalised my hopes, dreams, issues. You were never allowed to have a heated debate or discuss any family problems, illnesses, relationships etc 

The government employed the staff who lived in the house and they by default would hear and know everything that went on behind closed doors, so even in the evening when all the events and parties had finished you still had to behave in a certain way. Many years later when I was in drama school in New York I was in a play where I had to shout at my mother in a scene and I literally couldn’t do it. That was an aha moment for me. I didn’t even know how conditioned I was to not respond this way. If you never use your voice, how do you know who you actually are?

Could you share more about the transformative journey you underwent after joining the drama club in Zimbabwe? How did those experiences impact your life trajectory?

I always loved the theatre and from a very young age I declared I was going to be an actress. I loved getting lost in stories and embodying characters dressing up and plunging into different lives. I guess it was a space where I could express myself safely as they weren’t my issues it was the characters, so I was allowed to be who I wanted on stage. It also created this lifelong love and curiosity of people’s stories and what makes them tick. When I appeared in this school play in Zimbabwe the captain of the rugby team saw me in it and asked me out via a mutual friend. I was just 16 years old. I thought it was a joke. I didn’t want to be made fun of, so I said no. Turns out it wasn’t a joke, and we had a puppy love relationship ship that lasted a few months till I left for University in the UK. This innocent relationship became, in the years that followed, an epic love story that spanned three decades and changed me profoundly to who I am today and what I now am passionate to teach with the world.

You mentioned facing significant challenges such as a war in Iraq, physical abuse, and financial loss. How did these adversities shape your resilience and lead you towards discovering techniques like EFT, NLP, and coaching?

10 years later from leaving Zimbabwe and during a time of no mobiles or emails I was at a bus stop in London, and I bumped into a mutual friend, and I asked how he was. He said something tragic had happened to him, but he couldn’t share what that was. As fate would have it that was the day, I had bought my first mobile phone. I knew it was a long shot to call from Zimbabwe to a mobile, but could he give him my number. He called. He told me of his beautiful sister who had suddenly died from an asthma attack, she was just 23 years old. Two weeks later I got a call in the middle of the night he was drunk and told me he hadn’t had the courage to tell me he was engaged to a friend of his sisters and that he was getting married in the morning and if I got on a plane and went to Zimbabwe, he wouldn’t go through with it. I was so upset and angry I hung up the phone and thought I would never speak to him again. 

Forward another 10 years and the invention of Facebook and he found me on there. He was going through a hard time in his marriage and had been deployed to Iraq as Country manager of a demining company. As fate would have it, he was going to be coming via the UK for one night only and would I meet up with him?  It was the most difficult decision as he wasn’t divorced but I caved in. It was a meeting of souls and the next day he left for Iraq, and I didn’t know if he would be alive or dead. That was one of the most emotive periods of my life.

His wife then found out about me and told him he needed to come back home to look after the kids. She then took a job abroad with the United Nations which led to her having a relationship with someone she worked with. I know how difficult that decision was for him, but he gave me up and went to look after his kids. 

Those 10 years were the most difficult of my life I went through such a dark period I was abused, put on weight, lost so much money as I couldn’t work had three surgeries, I thought I wouldn’t make it. I just couldn’t move on. I searched for every therapy under the moon none of which worked because I wanted someone to miraculously come and rescue me. 

Then I discovered EFT, NLP and coaching and almost overnight something changed inside me. Because these modalities have to do with rewiring your thoughts and releasing trapped emotion I changed and healed so much it was like I was reborn. So impactful were these methods that I ended up training in them and then teaching them worldwide.

In your journey of self-discovery and healing, how did you navigate through moments of despair and failed therapies to ultimately find empowerment and self-love?

Honestly, I never thought I’d survive. I reached out to a GP, desperate for help, only to be met with an eight-month counseling waitlist and dismissive remarks about my struggles. I tried countless therapies, from hypnotherapy to counseling, but my fixation on being rescued hindered progress.

Then, a decade later, he returned, divorced and ready to start anew. Against all odds, we found happiness together. But it wasn’t until I learned to love myself that he returned—proof that true healing begins from within.

What inspired you to establish Cuddle My Soul, and how does your organisation aim to help individuals overcome their personal obstacles and rediscover their inner strength?

I’ve faced the darkest times when my struggles felt invalidated, but I’ve learned that everyone deserves to thrive, not just survive. Our brains seek quick fixes, but lasting change comes from within. That’s why I’m here—to share my journey and inspire others to break free from negative cycles. Through Cuddle My Soul, I offer powerful techniques that have changed lives. My goal isn’t just to help, but to empower individuals to no longer need me. Every story is unique, and if mine can spark change, it’s worth it. I coach with love and authenticity, aiming to be the support I once needed. After all, every soul deserves to be embraced.

Can you share a specific example or story of someone you’ve worked with through Cuddle My Soul who experienced a transformative breakthrough after confronting their barriers and self-doubt?

I worked with a woman who faced a devastating divorce while climbing the corporate ladder. Her ex-husband’s relentless abuse left her in financial ruin and emotional turmoil. When she sought help, we focused on prioritizing her own well-being. By reclaiming control over her life, she transformed from a victim to a thriving individual. Today, she’s bought a new home, found love, and her children are benefiting from her newfound strength. It’s a powerful reminder of the gift of inner resilience.

Lastly, how do you believe our reactions to life’s challenges ultimately shape our identities and potential for growth?

Life is unpredictable, and challenges can strike anyone, regardless of their background. However, what truly matters is how we respond to these challenges. While we can’t control what happens to us, we can choose our reactions. Having tools to navigate through difficult times empowers us to prioritize our well-being. So, why not choose a path that leads to personal growth and resilience? It’s about choosing yourself amidst life’s storms.



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