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How personal development changed my life

Embark on a transformative journey with Procezza, where the boundless realm of personal development meets the power of global community. Margot, the visionary behind this platform, shares her inspiring transition from entrepreneurship to a mission-driven pursuit of guiding millions towards self-discovery. Join us as we delve into Margot’s profound insights, her personal awakening, and the birth of Procezza—a beacon of hope for those navigating the labyrinth of life’s possibilities.

What motivated you to transition from being a successful entrepreneur to starting Procezza, a platform focused on personal development?

My main motivation is that I observe millions of people around me becoming increasingly aware of the endless possibilities they have. However, they don’t know where to start or get lost in the abundance of options. I experienced this myself when I began my journey in personal development. Therefore, I want to create a platform where they can receive assistance and, more importantly, connect with a global community of like-minded individuals because together, progress is made faster than alone.

Can you share a specific moment or experience that led you to realize the importance of reconnecting with your feelings and pursuing personal growth?

I have been a successful entrepreneur for 13 years, but in February 2020, I found myself under a blanket for three days with intense depressive feelings. My life momentarily lost all significance, and I even contemplated ending it. Being successful doesn’t guarantee happiness. From that moment, my personal journey in self-development began, gradually pulling myself out of my head and reconnecting with my heart and soul.

How has your  journey of personal development influenced your approach to entrepreneurship and leadership?

My main insight and the step I have taken here is that I transitioned from entrepreneurship driven by masculine energy to entrepreneurship rooted in feminine energy. This entails operating from a place of self-connection, flow, and intuition. This shift also brings a significant change in leadership, moving from a style of hard leadership to a softer and more personal form of leadership.

What inspired you to create an environment within Procezza that stimulates personal development across various life themes?

I personally experienced that there is so much to do in the field of personal development that one can easily get lost. The platform assists you in creating clarity, providing tools such as goal-setting, and helping you find buddies and mentors. This way, you can take steps more efficiently and establish a sense of overview for yourself.

How do you balance your role as an entrepreneur with your responsibilities as a loving mother?

For me, the key principle is prioritizing quality over quantity. This means that the time I spend with my son is precious, and we aim to maximize our time together, fostering a genuine connection. As a co-parent, this allows me to strike a beautiful balance, playing the role of a mom for half of the time and dedicating the other half to fully focusing on Procezza.

Could you elaborate on the international network of users and professionals that Procezza has cultivated, and how it contributes to personal growth?

We have a global network ranging from Dubai to America, from Germany to Curaçao. Professionals and users contribute their unique value. Within our network, we have various specializations, including lifestyle coaches, wealth trainers, yoga instructors, networking specialists, spiritual guides, personal trainers, tantra coaches, and more. The wealth of wisdom in our network grows every day. The beauty of this is that, in addition to sharing our own wisdom, we can also learn by participating in sessions such as masterminds and inspiration sessions.

What types of events and activities does Procezza organize to foster growth and connection within its community?

While 2023 was mainly focused on online connections, the emphasis in 2024 is shifting towards personal connection. We are organizing numerous events where we will meet and connect in person. Multiple retreats are planned in locations such as Sicily, Ibiza, and Curaçao. Events like the Healthy Happy Hour, Wealth Fair, and Repurposed Event are also in the lineup—all activities aimed at expanding global connections.

How does Procezza’s online platform support individuals in setting goals, connecting with like-minded people, and accessing learning resources?

On the platform, we have software tools that support these efforts. We also provide a learning environment where professionals can offer online and offline services to assist the community in their personal development. Additionally, professionals have the option to serve their own inner circle with additional content and tools to support their own business.

Advice would you give to someone who wants to embark on a journey of personal development but doesn’t know where to start?

The key is to realize that you are not alone. Worldwide, there are millions of people facing the same questions and struggles as you, and what I do with Procezza is create that connection so that you can find your way to a community where we collectively take steps in our personal development. We offer everyone the opportunity to explore and experience for a month through a free membership. During this time, you can participate in events such as our monthly inspiration session, numerous masterclasses conducted by our professionals, and of course, the announced events.

As Procezza continues to grow, what is Margot’s vision for the future of the platform and its impact on individuals worldwide?

The community revolves around supply and demand. My role as CEO is primarily to listen to the questions that arise from the community and respond accordingly. This aligns well with my Human Design—I am a projector and should wait for the invitation. Therefore, we, as a community, will support all the invitations that come our way to transform from a seed into a beautiful, growing, and developed flower that flourishes and radiates.

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