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Unveil the Power Within You: How I Can Guide You to Writing for a Brighter Tomorrow

Famous psychologists worldwide are talking about the benefits of writing and training programs. To write well, a person must maintain an optimal level of cognitive functioning. What does this mean for you? It means that your wishes, desires, and aspirations must line up. They must be at one with your intentions, decisions, and beliefs.

Maria teaches us that the benefits of writing include avoiding the pitfalls of distorted cognitive functioning. Learning to write includes learning to think and this means you will never become dependent on other people’s opinions again.

Almost anyone who wants to train in writing has something to write about. These topics are as readily available as moments of importance in one’s own life, which would lead to you writing a self-help book!

Maria introduces her ideas on the Russian problem with awakening and how this is a human problem. She also discussed Ukraine, and the sense of order she received when she observed their history and their original documents.

If you want to learn more about writing, what lies behind the scenes of publishing, including training as a writer, the political implications of your work, the current climate, the heritage of Ukraine, and an impending awakening or if you just want to know more about mental health, this is a brilliant article whose value cannot be reduced to any one area.

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“You will never be dependent again on the opinion of others or on taking classes or reading books written by others on how to write.”

Maria Ian
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Celebrated psychologists have sworn by the benefits of writing training programs. What are the benefits and how can being trained in writing change lives forever?

Writing well means mental health, which is conducive to physical health. This is at an abstract level since writing is the breathing of your soul. It deeply involves the harmony of frequencies. In order to write well, the person has to be at an optimal level of cognitive functioning, which means that your wishes, desires, and aspirations have to be in tune with your intentions, your decisions, and your beliefs.

For example, it is not feasible to expect to be a good writer if one is not clear about one’s uncontrolled emotions, about one’s aspirations, about one’s unsatisfactory relationships.

Obviously, that optimal functioning state, from within this world, is hard to achieve since in this society we are not given the tools we need, even though what I am talking about is basic quantum physics.

Writing well means manifesting heart-centered harmony, constancy, and self-confidence so as to be in love and at peace in one’s writing. All these manifestations and qualities translate into mental health and in turn into physical health.

Possessing this health means that other, less satisfactory areas of one’s life will fall into place. You will be able to know and duplicate the desire to write effectively and clearly, without the many losses that come from unclear, distorted cognitive functioning.


As a global author in today’s society, what solution does your current writing training program provide for a larger audience of women, and men, around the globe?


First, it will save you a lot of time and money that you would spend on more traditional writing classes. I have experienced many times how people spend too much time (or: get bogged down) in beginner or intermediate class levels without motivation and encouragement to write more than what is minimally required. You will learn lasting skills that you will own and be able to duplicate. That methodology lasts for any future writing project, whether that is tomorrow or ten years from now.

You will never be dependent again on the opinion of others or on taking classes or reading books written by others on how to write.

Second, you will know the vision behind your writing. About anyone who wants to train in writing has something they are already writing about. For example, someone who wants to write about important moments in their life may be writing a self-help book to inspire others. That person does not know they are writing a self-help book!

Only a very small number of people who want to train in writing know their vision, their market and audience. That will be in the form of a free bonus that will teach you how to conduct that analysis for any future work, enabling you to determine how to package and present your work, which terms to use in advertising, and so on.

For example, it is one thing to say that you are writing on teaching spiritual meaning and completely different to say you have a step-by-step program for alleviating anxiety! If you don’t know the market analysis, both topics appear to be the same for many people.

The reason I am doing a basic market analysis is because publishing houses conduct market analysis in terms of how many copies are expected to sell by means of their existing relationship with sales outlets.

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You mentioned discrimination against women in an interview with Global Talk-Show where you stated the difference between the way products from women are received. Some have viewed women as passive consumers and not as success-innovators and conductors of societal or specialized productivity. These viewpoints obviously miss the mark and, in a world where women provide an invaluable advantage, what does diversity and inclusion mean to you? 


There is no point in speaking about diversity and inclusion if the value women create is paid very unequally to the value that men create. I have known many situations where women contribute value and are expected to contribute such value, are included in this sense, while they are not paid for what their value is worth.

Diversity and inclusion should mean comparable pay for the diverse value, including the effort invested. For example, our society attaches a very high monetary price tag to shooting rockets into space and a very small one to beautifying one’s neighborhood by, for example, a mural street painting. And the people who produce murals and books can be seen as socially or politically disruptive and receive completely unfair criticism, while the rockets receive applause even if they don’t launch on the first try and lose millions of dollars…

In this interview, there is a discussion about everyone having a right to flourish. What do you think high-level decision makers can do about this?

Do not use labels. Labels create and enforce limiting beliefs for those they are applied to!

High-level decision-makers work according to labels that can be abstract and unknown to the populations they are applied to. This is different from the interpretations that the populace assigns to labels we know we use daily, such as job titles, places where we live, ethnicities, lifestyles.

In this complex global society, high-level decision-makers have an easy excuse. Namely this is that they cannot personally know each of their constituents. It is not that hard to know your constituents if you know and care about the nature of humanity!

High-level decision-makers use labels such as ethnic background, family background, gender, education, in ways that the population labelled does not know about. This can be very limiting and extraordinarily unfair to that population.

You have confronted areas of thought which confront equal opportunity versus equal outcome as you often discuss ethics and integrity. As political concepts discussed widely today the difference between these types of equality is surrounded by controversy. Can you explain the difference and share your thoughts on how this affects women today?


  1. Equal Opportunity: specifies a fair way of distributing unequal outcomes. It requires that, with a certain effort to overcome only relevant obstacles, any number of persons, can independently secure benefits that they have an opportunity to secure.
  2. Equality of Outcome: individuals have some share of goods, not merely a chance to obtain them without obstacles. That is because of the leveling effect of equal opportunity in this context.

There is no real equality of outcome in capitalism. While equality of opportunity is extraordinarily emphasized, it is mostly an empty concept.

As for women: How many times have you heard the argument that we must restructure businesses, sectors of the economy, salaries, working conditions, etc., all to equally account for the value contributed by women and men?

How many women do you know who were hired for management positions (not who grew into management positions) based on credit received for life experience?

I was horrified to learn that my mother, grandmother, and great-great-grandmother, who had zero equality of opportunity, had equality of outcome based on the efforts they put into an initiative, which in today’s economy they may not have had.

Politicians in today’s world who appoint women to specified positions are engaged in neither equality of opportunity nor in equality of outcome.

Dealing with clients that have been affected by and require present help for emergency situations, you have experienced the overwork/stress lifestyle that women today grapple with. What keeps you motivated in the face of these difficulties and what remedy do you suggest?

There were extreme cases of overwork that caused physical collapse in my client history that describe this type of client well. Cessation of that work, not just overwork in terms of putting in a few extra hours, was a necessary distinction and act.

More broadly, if a high-level decision maker changes the law or policy because it is politically (read: financially) expedient, I am applying the wrong psychology if I then want to attempt to save people’s lives that are endangered by that change. There is no distinction between death caused, e.g., by the war in Ukraine, and death caused by domestic violence anywhere on this planet, or death caused by police violence in the United States.

Living in a cognitive world where you experience the suffering that comes from your knowledge that this person or persons were killed by specified high-level decision-makers setting into motion certain processes in a political power game, is a remnant of outdated Freudian psychology (which is extremely vast and inspired many mental health disciplines!) in my opinion: psychological thinking in terms of opposing dualities.

So, expanding consciousness to own my power that the universe gave me allowed me to enter the flow of all our cellular intelligence. This caused such power relations to drop away and out of sight, sense, and mind.

You have undergone spiritual and mindfulness training which you credit for helping you overcome the challenges you faced. What is the application of spiritual training today and how do you believe it contributes to the vision you recommend for the future of women’s lifestyle?


The world we live in today operates at some of the lowest cognitive functioning in human history. To give just one small example, what can be as long as 1-2 decades in a Western European or North American woman’s life, perimenopause, and menopause, has been classified as a disease for decades, whereas for thousands of years prior as well as today in other societies consisting of billions of women, it has been nothing but a natural transition between life stages!

We must educate ourselves on cognitive functioning derived from insights by quantum physics instead of the traditional psychology that is taught in colleges to my understanding not derived from quantum physics at all but from Freud.

Today the gap between the state of science derived from quantum physics as researched in specialized institutions on the one hand, and what people are taught in schools—colleges, including the medical profession which is a disaster—on the other hand, is in my opinion one of the largest there has been in human history.

You mentioned that you believe in the awakening to come concerning Russia, and that Russia is likely to become a more prominent player in the world. What do you think this entails for the youth of tomorrow and how do you think this awakening will shape the future?


The Russian problem and awakening are the human problem. If you look at the major events that have shaped current-day Russia, the Bolshevik Revolution, then the USSR and its artificial creation of social classes and ethnicities, the use of political force to level differences, mass surveillance, hardly any upward social mobility: these are today found in western societies as in rampant western capitalism. They have dragged capitalism into the mud as they have dragged Russia into, for example, the conflict with the nation of Ukraine.

It has gotten to a point in human history where these realities have to belong to the past, or the farce with the war in the Ukraine will repeat itself again, and we will perpetuate the cave-men era.

Hardly anyone knows it, but before 1917 there was a governance model by which the territory of Ukraine was administered by Ukrainians in a Russian jurisdiction. The territory of Ukraine has existed for hundreds of years, in the minds of many, in form as the nation of Ukraine.

People who scream today that they are awakening to the truth that they are entitled to have a sovereign nation-state labeled as Ukraine completely miss the point and are politically suspect. I get a much better sense of order when I look at documents originating in a jurisdiction administered by Russia in terms of the paperwork that was issued (without anyone caring for or referring to any Czar) and governed by the nation of Ukraine, prior to 1917, than I get when I look at some of the documents originating in current western European and American administrations.


The most spiritually meditative believers are sometimes Buddhists whose beliefs reflect on life as suffering. As a human rights lawyer and an author, you have valuable thoughts on the role of people in power, the decision-makers, play. Can you share some about how yesterday’s leaders contributed to global suffering and what can tomorrow’s leaders do to bring change?

Today, the overly broad yet content-void liberalism possessing some Western European countries and the U.S., is conducive to decision-makers thinking only about themselves and not taking intelligent action while, down the street, throats are being cut.  

The awakening will center around taking from history those concepts that have worked, having a clear grasp on those that have not worked, and re-shaping those concepts that have worked to implement them in contemporary circumstances. This ought to be the future, and tomorrow’s attitude.

Do you think financial success can allow women to avoid the personal costs entailed in being dependent rather than independent?

In my opinion and experience, women cannot have a family if they are unable to contribute financially to having a family.

Dependency then does not mean dependency on the family but dependency on lesser, devaluing circumstances such as having to live paycheck to paycheck in exploitative circumstances—often circumstances the woman did not choose.

The correct definition of a family is a collaboration to which each member must contribute, whether female or male.

What is your vision for the coming 3 years and how are you promoting your book, The First in The Cave Sun series, “The island”?

The Island is the first in a series that presently consists of 4 books. The basic procedure sees the publisher at work with a publicist who schedules appointments for interviews and public appearances.

It is assumed that the publisher has the proper connections to do that since the publisher chose to represent the author. In that case, it is straightforward and time-efficient for the publisher’s publicist to schedule the relevant appointments.

For the Island, I had a contract with a publisher who either did not want to or did not have the connections to schedule any appointments. I waited for 6 months thinking the publisher was scheduling appointments which did not happen. For a professional publisher, it is very easy to do that plus to get a couple of reviews and sales circulating, for example, Amazon.

After 6 months of none of that occurring, I published the second edition of The Island myself to enable me to speak about the Island to those who are interested, and to those of interest.

Obviously, I am not going to help a publisher make money for books allegedly under contract if that publisher is not transparent and not adhering to basic practices.

Once more, I am not advising any author to just go out there by themselves and start promoting their work by themselves without a further plan (unless in very rare cases in which certain pre-existing conditions are fulfilled). In the main, I am expanding my publishing business and find that I am satisfied to communicate so as to collaborate with investors and experts; joint ventures are very much on the horizon.

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