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The TV Shows Increasing Actors’ Insta Following The Most, Study Reveals

●    Bridgertonwas crowned the best new original of the last year by global TV streamers!

●    Bridgerton’sleading actor Regé-Jean Pagehad the most significant spike in Instagram followers after the show’s release with an increase of 3,792,607.

●    In second place is Outer Banksstar Madelyn Clinewho saw a spike of 2,738,547additional followers after the show was released.

●    The show with the highest average follower spikefor all main characters reviewed is Outer Banks at1,243,699 followers.

2020 unsurprisingly saw some of the highest TV streaming statistics than any other year, with platforms like Netflix reporting an increase of more than 10 million users per region across the globe.

And it’s not just fans revelling in the successes of these shows, but the actors too. Shows such as Bridgerton only illustrate the subsequent rise to fame these newly released shows can have.

To map how influential TV shows of the last year have been for the actors, the experts at Uswitch.comcompiled a list of 50 of the newest, most streamed original TV shows between 2020 and 2021, surveying 4,125 global TV streamers to conclusively create a list of the ultimate top 30.

They then gathered current Instagram followings per leading actor, whilst mapping their increase for the month after their shows’ release using Social Blade, to determine which original TV show caused the biggest influx in followers, whilst anticipating the most impactful show overall.

The top 10 shows

1.   Bridgerton

2.   Tiger King

3.   I May Destroy You

4.   WandaVision

5.   The Queen’s Gambit

6.   The Crown (Series Four)

7.   Ted Lasso

8.   The Undoing

9.   Ratched

10.  Never Have I Ever

The top 3 actors revealed discovered the actor with the highest spike in followers in the following month after the show’s release was Regé-Jean Page from the Netflix hit Bridgerton.

The period drama series that debuted on Netflix in December 2020 saw his following on Instagram increase by a whopping 3,792,607.

In second place is Outer Banksstar Madelyn Clinewho gained 2,738,547 additional followersafter the action-adventure show dropped on Netflix in April 2020.

Placing third is Lily Collinsfor her lead role in Emily in Paristhat debuted in October which saw the actress’ followers increase by2,241,308.

The top 3 TV shows

Having identified a collective list of actors per show and their increase in followers, was able to anticipate the TV show that had the biggest collective impact for all leading actors by calculating the average increase in followers.

The show with the highest average follower spike for all main characters is Outer Banks, which comes as no surprise as four of their leading characters made the top 10 list. Their average spike in followers was 1,243,699.

Placing second is the comedy coming of age drama series, Never Have I Ever, with an estimated 534,878average spike in followers for all actors’.

In third is the Netflix phenomenon Bridgerton, which saw an average increase of 491,549among all main characters.

For a full breakdown of the research campaign, please see the blog post here:


1. curated a list of the 50 newest, most streamed original TV shows in the last year, using multiple sources and articles to do so.

2. then surveyed 4,125 passionate global TV streamers to find out the top 30, most popular and streamed TV shows of the past year (March 2020 – March 2021).

3.   Taking to the shows’ Wikipedia pages, were able to put together a list of the main actors from each show.

4.   Each actors’ Instagram was then put into the media statistics tool Social Blade, to calculate their Instagram follower spike the month after their TV show was released.

5.   All Instagram and Social Blade data was collated on 9/3/21.


●    All shows analysed were originalsto their streaming platform and first seasons only, except The Crown. analysed the fourth season of The Crown because it featured significant new characters.

●    Some actors from the show did not have an Instagram account so were not considered.

●    Data for the actors’ Instagram following at the time of release was unavailable. Only the additional spike in followers was analysed.

●    Some actors were not able to be analysed through Social Blade because their ‘API was unable to be found’ or ‘the legacy of their profile was not supported through Social Blade’.

●    Chris Evans, Defending Jacob star, was removed from the study as he created his Instagram during the peak month of his show release. Results therefore would not have been accurate.

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