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The time has come for women to stage confidently and in full awareness

Christiane Rondeau –“The time has come for women to stage confidently and in full awareness”

By Ellen Smith

From teacher to business owner, Christiane Rondeau’s mission is to help more and more women find their purpose in life, succeed in their business and empower other women to do so. Her motto in life and business is: “Find a way to serve the many, for service to the many leads to greatness’’


You are passionate about women empowerment. Can you tell us more about your work with women ?

Yes, it’s a real passion to work with women who have decided to change their lives and know that they have taken the right decision. Whether they are in their early twenties, mid thirties, or late fourties or over, they know they don’t want to keep on doing what they’ve been doing up to now.They want to challenge themselves, to change directions completely. In other words, they want to make a Masterpiece of their lives.

The reason why  we get on so well is that we‘re very similar to each other. I changed direction myself  from a very traditional and comfortable job as an experienced teacher to a less traditional and challenging job in network marketing. I was given the chance to jump into the unknown  by seizing a life changing opportunity that helped me take flight. I have developped new skills and knowhow from scratch and this is exciting. With my network marketing business I have created a tailor-made life style. I  travel the world , achieve my dreams and live a fulfilled life.

The time has come for women to be themselves, to reveal the burning energy that lies within and to stage confidently and in full awareness.

I provide my female leaders of tomorrow  with a safe place to empower themselves and empower other women to do the same. I just ask them to be teachable, to be humble, to believe in me, to believe  in themselves and to believe in others. Once we are connected and we’ve built that rapport, it’s easier to teamwork and create that necessary momentum to reach our goals successfully.

Linda loves natural remedies and has created a blog that helps her give good advice on an outstanding range of products. She knows she can do the same abroad. Mary wants to have a better retirement pension and leave a legacy to her niece. Ann wants to quit her corporate 9-5 job, commute less, be a mompreneur and spend more time with her young children. Paola loves selling, she loves organising product launches and she loves sharing the benefits of the products. Ingrid isn’t happy with her job. She  thinks she deserves a more pleasant and a more meaningful life. 

All these women are happy to change and go for a life changing opportunity in MLM. I ‘m just there to support, to encourage and to show them the way to reach  their goals and achieve their dreams . It has become second nature. My satisfaction is to accompany them to be their new and better selves.

How do you think your background has influenced your career ?

I was always keen on going the extra mile. I always wanted to go further, to go faster, to go higher. Changing enables you to grow, to develop new practices, to have a wider vision.

Adventure books have the ability to grab your attention, captivate your imagination and transport you to other places and times where everything is possible and there is no limit. Definitely they were my favorite . These books set backgrounds where the heroes defy the odds and survive the ordeals. No wonder why  I wanted to be the heroine of my life.

I love success stories and they are scores of them: Countries’ experiences such as the notion of Frontier in the States that have forged the American character; Companies stories, especially when the CEO starts from scratch with no money and becomes a millionnaire. People ‘s stories like the one we are experiencing in The Female Leaders of Tomorrow. How ordinary women can become extraordinary women and dare take courageous steps to overcome challenges.

We have to find within ourselves the necessary ressources to develop personnally, to thrive on change and challenges, to think outside the box and dream big. Ladies, qualify for a brighter future!

What are your greatest accomplishments?

I can sit back and say I had taken the right decision to change one hundred percent from a career, even if it isn’t easy. When you have a well established career in hand that isn’t questioned, and that you shift for a MLM career that still have to gain a touch of respectability, you know for sure that you haven’t chosen the path of least resistance. It’s a significant investment in time but it’s worth.

I consider myself among the pioneers of this fast growing industry and this is the best decision workwise I have ever taken in my  life. I‘m still in this global business after nearly twenty years. I‘ve worked with wonderful people and still do. It’s a human experience. It’s amazing to see that the MLM industry witnesses a sustained growth and is a prosperous  industry worldwide .

Indeed more and more people will be happy to discover a life changing opportunity with a great MLM company that enables them to be financially independent and fulfill their potential. I’ll be happy to help more people develop their activity. It has changed my life and that of many of my associates.

To help them be more confident, I ‘ve created two public speaking clubs. This is an achievement I wouldn’t have thought of before. The idea  is to develop one’s leadership and communication skills which are key skills in MLM.

Changing opens space for exploring new horizons.I often travel and  meet people from different walks of life from different countries.I meet woman entrepreneurs through Global Woman. I meet inspirational leaders .My best feeling is to see my associates setting their goals and being able to fulfill their dreams.

And the very last accomplishment is my chapter: Make a Masterpiece of Your Life in The Female Leaders of Tomorrow book. What an exciting experience to be part of a book project set up by Global Woman. Many thanks to Global Woman. This is awesome!

Christiane is a contributor for the Global Woman Book Project :THE FEMALE LEADERS OF TOMORROW -“A guide on how to become a successful leader”

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