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The Power of the Butterfly Effect

By Mirela Sula

Yesterday we had one of the most special breakfast meetings with Dr Ervin Laszlo and some other special guests coming from the US. We had a surprise cake birthday for Ervin but the big celebration will be this Sunday with a private party. 

Our members had the chance to have an intimate dialogue with Dr Laszlo and everyone felt so inspired and uplifted by being part of such an inner circle!

Watch the video HERE

I have known Dr Ervin Laszlo for about 10 years now and the path that led me to him has created something special in this journey which Ervin would call it: A new paradigm. This new paradigm has enlightened me on many levels and created such a powerful effect in my new life. 

I was thinking about this yesterday as Dr Ervin Laszlo was talking about the butterfly effect and explaining how small changes in initial conditions can lead to large-scale and unpredictable variation in the future state of the system. And in fact everything is part of the whole system, because the part belongs to the whole.

According to Dr Laszlo, what might be good today in part will not be good for the whole in the end. We are all interconnected and co-creating in this world. We all play a role in this system, and that’s why we need to take charge of our actions and be present and conscious in the world. We are contributors on creating the “the cause & effects” and women are absolutely bringing such a positive contribution with their presence and engagement. 

As Dr Laszlo said, “Global is not a word, it is how you act” and as global women we have taken actions to bring value with our work, our knowledge, our experience and by sharing what we have gained through this experience.

That’s why you are invited to join us, because I believe you have so much to contribute, to share and add value. We need you to be part of the whole. Come and join us. 

Our next event in London is with the Global Woman Club in Nottinghill:

If you want to explore more clubs or stay tuned, visit our Global Woman Club Calendar of activities:

Join us and find more meaning in your life #life

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