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The Most Alien-Obsessed European Countries

It is World Paranormal Day on Monday 3rd of May, a time to give some thought to the unknown aspects of our universe and the dimensions in which we live. With ‘aliens’ seeing an 89% increase on Google trends this year, were eager to find out which European country is most interested in extra-terrestrial life.

In order to do so, experts from utilized online analytics tool Ahrefs to discover which countries in Europe are most interested in aliens. In their research, also identified the most asked questions about aliens worldwide.*

The 20 Most Alien-Obsessed European Countries: can reveal that the United Kingdom is the most alien-obsessed country in Europe with an average of 624,000 searches relating to aliens every year – the equivalent to 1,710 Google searches a day!

Ranking second is France, where there are 408,000 annual online searches about aliens. Despite following in the leader board, this is still 35% lower than the United Kingdom.

Poland follows in third place with an average of 372,000 online searches each year.

Turkey (348,000) and Italy (102,000) are among the other European countries where there are over 100,000 online alien-related searches annually, respectively ranking fourth and fifth.

At the other end in 20th place is Norway seeing an average of just 5,400 online searches relating to aliens each year, 88% lower than the European average of 45,978 annual searches. 

Most Asked Questions About Aliens Worldwide: 

Through analysing search volumes, experts at were able to rank the world’s most searched questions surrounding aliens, for which Joyce Olsen, expert from, provides the answers.

What would an alien look like? – 13,200 annual searches worldwide

We are all familiar with the common depiction of aliens being not too far from ourselves. However, consider the variety of life forms we have here on earth, all having evolved specifically to their habitat. This means that there could be a range of extra-terrestrial beings across our universe and beyond, all specifically evolved to their own environment. In a previous study conducted by, it was found that Europe has had 994 UFO sightings since 1961, suggesting that aliens are able to build vessels which would require some type of ‘finger’. Alongside this, in order to communicate, aliens would require some sort of sensory ability whether it be a mouth to speak, eyes to see or ears to hear.

How do aliens contact? – 12,000 annual searches worldwide

Studies into communications with extra-terrestrial beings (CETI) began in the 19th century. To date, CETI research has focused on four broad areas: mathematical languages, Arecibo message (radio message), algorithmic communications (ACETI), and computational approaches to detecting alien communication. These theories explore the possibility that aliens can either hear or pick up on light waves and vibrations.

What are aliens? – 8,400 annual searches worldwide

‘Alien’ in the context of extra-terrestrial life, refers to hypothetical life which may occur outside Earth and which did not originate on Earth. This can range from microscopic life forms to intelligent beings.

Where are the aliens?  – 6,000 annual searches worldwide

It is most likely, as we have not yet been contacted, that any intelligent alien life form would exist beyond our universe. However, in recent years there has been promising findings within our own. For example, with water being the key to life as we know it, moons such as Europa and Enceladus have frozen shells covering a subsurface ocean, providing the basis for microscopic life forms.

Why would aliens come to earth? – 3,000 annual searches worldwide

There are several sombre theories for why aliens might come to earth; to find a new home, enslave humankind or to drain our natural resources. However, it is highly unlikely that a species able to travel light-years through space would need any of these things. This suggests alien contact would probably be for research purposes (much like our ventures into space) and with hundreds of USO’s (Unidentified Submergible Objects) seen each year aliens could already be exploring our oceans.

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