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The Global Woman Business Conference in Tirana 

The Global Woman Business Conference in Tirana 

A new paradigm of empowering entrepreneurial business women on a global scale is now coming to Albania! On the 2nd of September the Albanian CEO of Global Woman, Mirela Sula, will be opening the Global Woman Club in Tirana. The launch event is hosted not only by Mirela, the founder of both Global Woman Magazine and Global Woman Club, but also the appointed Regional Director of Global Woman Club Albania, Sue Ivory. 

In the last twenty-eight years, Albania has gone through vast transformations. The transition from a closed to an open access society has brought profound changes in the lives of women and men. Many milestones have been achieved on gender equality, but again statistics show that in Albania women’s confidence in starting their own businesses is below the European and the Global average. Global Woman founder Mirela Sula believes that supporting women entrepreneurs is key to inclusive economic growth and the goal is to aim towards supporting female business owners throughout Albania. There are many skilled women in Albania that had the courage to enter the business world and turn into successful entrepreneurs and administrators. According to INSTAT, about 31 percent of small and medium-sized enterprises in Albania are administered by women. 

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