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The Global Woman Book Scandinavia– Transformational Stories

The Global Woman Book Scandinavia 

 Transformational Stories

By Fatima Gorezi
The “Global Woman Book Scandinavia” is a collection of stories from 9 inspiring and transformational ladies from Scandinavia. Each selected participant has a dedicated chapter which summarises their life stories. In the chapters they share how they got to where they are today, how they are changing other people’s lives for the better and their visions for the future.
In a world that is dominated by men, it’s time to bring in a new era and a new paradigm, which brings women to a higher level of consciousness. That’s why ‘Global Woman’ is creating a global platform for women who connect, share and inspire many other women all around the world.  The book takes you through Scandinavian women’s life pursuitstowards their challenges and dreams and into their very personal childhood and history. In this interview for ‘Global Woman Magazine’ they share some insights of their great experiences. Their stories are of courage as entrepreneurs and about women who have found success by being authentic, inspiring and providing real value. These are the stories of women whose lives are the very embodiment of strength, perseverance and passion leveraged with an intelligent and strategic mind.

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