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The Global Woman Book  Netherlands- Awaken the Lioness within

The Global Woman Book  Netherlands- Awaken the Lioness within

By Fati Gorezi

There are a few things in life that can impact the way you view the world like an inspiring book. Whether you are looking for career advice, or a cure for a broken heart, this book will stay with you long after the last page. ‘’Awaken the Lioness within’’ is an incredibly powerful book. It has the ability to suck you in, take you to new depths and influence the way you think. It also gives you new perspectives and helps shape you in new ways. ‘’Awaken the Lioness within’’ is a book with ten inspiring stories of ten women from across the world who excel in their respective domains and radiate inspiration through their accomplishments. This eclectic mix of global women include Giovana Vega, Monique Dekker from The Netherlands, Sylwia Piatek from Poland but who lives in Belgium, Sandra Fisser from The Netherlands, Sylvia Mattens, An Gooris and Carine Nijs from Belgium, Simone Heijhoff , Mikki Brown, Janine van Throo, and Carolien ter Lindenn from the Netherlands.


This book therefore brings together ten exemplary women that, although from different fields, all share one thing in common: inspiration for empowerment. This is the vision and objective guiding the Global Woman movement. EMPOWERMENT! It is dedicated to promoting the adoption of a new world-changing model by converging female professionals from all over the world, regardless of culture, age or race showing that women are a real force and treasure in our global society. Empowering women to participate fully in public life, in politics and economics and across all sectors, is essential to build stronger economies, achieve internationally agreed goals for development and sustainability and improve the quality of life for women, men, families and communities everywhere. ‘’Awaken the Lioness within’’ is filled with remarkable stories to inspire greatness for all women across the world. Greatness comes from the desire to do extraordinary things – to reach beyond the status quo and relentlessly chase your dreams. There is greatness inside all women – but first they MUST CHOOSE to be great. With a finite amount of time to live your ideal life the time to embrace your inner excellence is always NOW.

In this article they share with us their details and insights about their experience with “Global Woman” and the “Book Project”.

Giovana Vega 

This is not just a book for women. This is an inspiring life lesson

Giovana is a certified ‘Forex Trader’, ‘International Motivational Speaker’ and ‘Money Mindset Strategist’ who grew up in Peru and is always eager for new adventures and learning opportunities. Giovana is a decision-maker who is passionate about encouraging women to take control of their financial future. She is also the ‘Regional Director’ of the ‘Global Woman Club Amsterdam’, an international platform that connects professional women and helps them to promote their business, share their inspirational stories, build relationships and seek mutually beneficial collaborations.

How do you remember the beginning of your career?

As an employee in a large international corporation in Amsterdam I remember myself “stuck”. I did not have the freedom to express my creativity in leadership neither in business although I learned a lot during the time I was working for different multinational companies. However, it was not my calling to be led as I am a leader myself. So, the circumstances pushed me in the right way. I left the corporate world and started to follow a new path.  The path of the entrepreneurial world and then I started to feel that I was in the right place at last. I remember the beginning of my career was very challenging. There were many obstacles to go through and lots of activities that I wanted to accomplish. However, I do not regret any of it because having your time back is one of the most important assets that you have in life. The freedom to do what you love to do is something you cannot describe in words. It is something that you need to experience by yourself. And for entrepreneurs the first thing you need to have is a vision.

In your opinion what are the best ways to be a successful businesswoman?

In my opinion I don’t think that your education, talent or training is the foundation to becoming a successful businesswoman. I think that to be successful in whatever you want to excel at depends heavily on how well you work with others. No matter the service or product you are offering – all businesses are ultimately based on the art of connecting with people. You can be the best at what you do but you can’t be a successful businesswoman if no- one wants to have your services or products or do not want to connect with you. Let your unique self be your advantage over the competition. In life you will face moments of both success and failure. The lessons will come to you in different forms and you will learn from every experience and circumstance, whether good or bad. Learn to listen more than you speak and keep moving forward on your work skills – even after you’ve achieved the position or the success you desire. Half the work of success is getting where you want to be; the other half is staying there!

On my own path to success, I have learned to believe in myself. As a woman in business who want to be successful, confidence is key because confidence stretches your own capabilities. So always keep a running list of your career strengths and add to it often. Keep Inspiring yourself by reading the biographies of successful women and looking for successful businesswomen to guide you. Surround yourself with your own vision and fearlessly dream your own dreams and learn from the people who can support you. Always look at the big picture and plan ahead strategically to execute the right sequence of moves necessary to achieve the career you desire. Keep your long-term goals in mind so that at every moment you know what you want to achieve. A successful businesswoman will keep networking. Networking, visibility and exposure is key in your business. Go out there and spread your message.

Follow what you love. Being a successful businesswoman takes focus, determination, perseverance, passion and most of all, time and action. Your interactions with others in your field will benefit when you dedicate your life to something you love. Don’t choose your business or career just based on the ‘supposed’ success. Know that you need to follow the process. Women who focus on having ultimate success fast will find that it won’t work. You need to follow your process and it will take time so be aware of that.  Instead, choose a career that makes you happy, and you will find it easy to maintain a balanced life while putting in the continued hard work and effort that bring success.

What can you tell us about the Book Project?

The Book Project titled “Awaken the Lioness within” is the first and best project I have ever organised myself. I put so much energy and passion into this book that I wanted to give it the best I can so that these women can shine in their own talent. So, when the opportunity came, I said ‘yes’. I had the opportunity to meet the most amazing ladies within my community. I can’t thank Mirela Sula enough for giving me space and support to lead this project. The talented, successful business women from the Netherlands and Belgium have shared their stories, narrated their significant life experiences and offered nuggets of wisdom from the decisions and the mistakes they have made so far. This is not just a book for women. There’s a lesson in it for everyone. Especially for men who appreciate an insightful understanding of women this book is a ‘must-have’! The global woman concept, for me, captures the identity of a woman who uses her principles and abilities to initiate a genuine global community that is devoid of unhealthy competition or selfish pursuits.This book is filled with remarkable stories to inspire greatness in a segment of population that for a long time has been underestimated. Today’s woman bears lofty ambitions

Janine van Throo

Business women together can move forward

Janine holds a degree in “Business Computer Science”. She is a Speaker, an Author, a Business Sustainability Strategist as well as a Natural Hair Therapist with years of experience in natural health care, medical care training and chemistry. She developed a Hair care Philosophy called ‘NISH’ and is now offering high level education and certification programs to salons focusing on natural hair. This successful concept is now being offered to salons all over the world and teaches salons step-by-step techniques in how to successfully work with natural hair.

How do you remember the beginning of your career?

My career in natural hair care started out of frustration and curiosity. Frustration because I could not find the right products to maintain my hair and curiosity because I was very curious as to how the products that we bought in the shops where actually made. I started very slowly, since I was also employed by that time. I was very cautious in doing marketing and other activities to give my career a boost. I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning and learned a lot of lessons; and I am grateful that I was able to learn.

In your opinion what are the best ways to be a successful businesswoman?

The best ways to be a successful business woman are:

  1. To find the balance between business and family. Everything I do, I do for my family. 
  2. A successful business woman surrounds herself with other successful business women so together we all move forward.
  3. Help others to be successful as well
  4. Give back to the community 

What can you tell us about the Book Project?

I must say that joining the Book Project gave me so much more insight into who I am and what I am capable of doing. I also had the opportunity to work with others that really empowered me not only as a person but also as a business woman. To me the Book Project was more than just writing a chapter in a book. It was a journey of becoming more aware of who I am and where I am going.

Sylvia Mattens – Leading with presence

After more than a decade as a Psychologist and HR Manager in law enforcement, Sylvia Mattens chose the freedom of the entrepreneurial lifestyle. She is a Trainer, Mentor, Coach and Inspirational Speaker. Sylvia believes that good leadership is the way to get the very best out of yourself and out of the people around you. It takes people to a higher level and inspires them to unleash their full potential.

 How do you remember the beginning of your career?

At the beginning of my career, my job was my number one priority. At that point in my life, my work was my way of proving my worth. I had just shifted from the ‘good girl syndrome’ I suffered from in my childhood, to being determined to prove that I was a strong independent woman. Working in law-enforcement as psychologist specialising in victim support and trauma prevention, offered the perfect context and environment for this. Helping people in life’s most difficult moments was my drive. After more than ten years, a reorganisation forced me into a leadership position in HR Management. It was the beginning of years of hard struggle, hitting rock bottom and experiencing a turning point in life that has led me into taking the huge risk of leaving my job, starting my own business and designing the life of my dreams. It made me move from the golden cage I was living in to freedom in alignment. To me success means freedom, living my life with passion and purpose, doing meaningful work in helping and empowering leaders in their leadership mission, creating solid leadership teams and motivational work environments.

In your opinion what are the best ways to be a successful businesswoman?

I believe that a successful businesswoman is the conscious leader of her own life. She understands that she is the most important person in her life. It all starts from within. We simply cannot give others what we do not have. The first step in being your own leader is leading with presence. You must believe in yourself to succeed in business. No one will believe in you, in your product or services if you don’t believe in yourself first. You have to be convinced that you have something unique and valuable to offer the world. The next step is all about leading with purpose. Successful businesswomen have a powerful “why” for going into business and that becomes their mission. The third step, leading with impact, is about co-creation. Without a supportive environment conducive to growth, we cannot thrive. I believe we need to invest our time and energy in constructive communication, connecting with people and collaborating so we can all grow and help each other reach our full potential. After all, it is only when our being and our actions are aligned that we can be true to ourselves and successful at the same time, both professionally and personally.

What can you tell us about the Book Project?

Co-writing this book has been a life-changing experience. I feel humble, blessed and grateful to be part of the vibrant team that has co-created this book of empowerment – and for the opportunity to share my message with the world. Everybody has a story that can change someone’s life. I hope my personal story, my journey from childhood to happy businesswoman, will change others lives for the better by giving them the courage to believe in themselves and in their dreams. Writing this book has been an emotional rollercoaster for me. It made me explore past experiences and emotions in a way I had never done before. I had to relive those feelings again and put them into words. Embracing vulnerability and authenticity inspires us to love our past and live our lives to the fullest. Your journey has made you who you are – and it has brought you to where you are today. It has given you a unique story to share in a way that makes your heart sing. It is through building your own business with purpose, like the co-authors, that you will find plenty of golden nuggets in the book that will be helpful to everyone.

Sylwia Piatek – I have a mission to be ME

Sylwia Piatek is originally from Poland but has lived in Belgium for 22 years. Her clinical ‘death experience’ forced her to look at her life from a different perspective. Her role in the family changed and from that moment she put herself in first place. She is now a Coach and her mission is to encourage women to find their strategy to be successful, to be more confident, and to discover how unique and important they are.

How do you remember the beginning of your career?

I feel that since I was born, I have always had some kind of mission and I did not want to ‘hide myself’ even though my family also had some issues. Also, I was always ready to help people. Twenty-two years ago, when I left Poland and came to Belgium, I knew that I would not be just a mother. I was always searching for more and actually, my adventure started just this year. I just went back to school and also met Carin van Loon – then the ‘sky just opened’. I know I can help women to follow their dreams and become the best model for their children. If I can change, then they can too. I started by just seeing myself on the stage in my dreams and now I always follow my intuition. I don’t wait – I just ‘do’ -and I’m learning by doing. I get a feeling and I just follow that feeling.

In your opinion what are the best ways to be a successful businesswoman?

In my opinion you need to stay true to yourself and don’t change for anyone. Work on yourself and learn every day. Never stop learning. Follow your own dream and when you have a mission just find your own way to reach it -because the answers for all questions are inside you. Love yourself for just ‘being’ and for all the beauty within you. If you don’t love yourself then you need to learn how to do it. Don’t listen to advice from people who are not higher than yourself. Instead, find teachers who inspire you and who wake up motivation in you.

What can you tell us about the Book Project?

In March this year I told myself that I will write a book. A couple of months later I get a message saying that I can be a part of a Book Project. So, I have written about my life experience that has made me who I’m now. It has taken 41 years to become strong enough to write it and now I hope it is an inspiration for others. Never put your own dreams on the side just because you are a mother, or you have a partner. Instead, listen to your heart and learn what you need to be strong and to put yourself in first place. This is what I love to show you as women, as mothers, as grandma’s or as businesswomen. You are ‘number one’ so take care of yourself. I have woken up and now I follow my heart. My children see a strong mama and they too are now learning to be strong and not be afraid of anything. This book is my voice saying, ‘I am Sylwia Piatek and I have a mission to be ME’!

Carine Nijs

Stay focused doing actions towards your goal

Carine Nijs, is a Trainer at ‘Star’s Edge International’ in the USA. She delivers worldwide workshops and nine-day courses in the USA and Europe. Her goal is to support others to reach their goals and live the life they want to and to find their life purpose as well as preventing burn-out and handling stress conditions while accelerating their success. Her mission is to help to increase the amount of compassion in the world for this and future generations to come.

How do you remember the beginning of your career?

How I remember the beginning of my career as an entrepreneur is right after I did my first internship of delivering the Avatar® course – a self-development training course.  I was so touched and inspired working with people to help them to reach their goals and to create the life they wanted. It was such a joyful experience to be in service to others. At that moment I felt I wanted more of this – so I began a training program to deliver these courses worldwide. I knew this was the job I wanted to do for the rest of my life, working in a team worldwide but it was a big challenge to create this with my family. Everything was done from the decision I made at that point.
I clearly remember the moment of my decision; it was after my first delivery when we went on holiday to Lake Garda in Italy. On an evening walk I saw a leather briefcase in a nice shop. It was there I felt it. This was the one I needed for my job. That moment I made the decision. That moment I made my intention known and started creating it.  It was a very exciting feeling. There is no greater joy than being in service to others and helping them to awaken to their full potential.  My family has always been included in all I do so I felt more connected with them than ever -even if there was an ocean between us. My working on myself and stretching myself helped them to stretch too.

In your opinion what are the best ways to be a successful businesswoman?

The best way to be a successful business woman, from my perspective is to follow your heart and move through any limitations. Keep doing actions towards your goal, make an exciting action plan and keep following up on it.  Never give in to your original plan. Stay focused doing actions towards your goal. Enjoy the ride. Be and stay yourself in any given circumstances. Stay enthusiastic. Value every action you do and create the best connections with people around you who keep challenging you and help you to achieve your goal. Reconnect with your intention that you give something to the world.  You have something to give. That is your biggest motivation. This juiced with your perseverance will make it happen. It cannot be different.

What can you tell us about Book Project?

The book project is a wonderful opportunity to share our message to the world. When Giovana invited me to join this initiative it took me only two seconds to decide. It felt immediately right to challenge myself to touch more people with stretching. I am grateful for this opportunity with all my heart and to have a dedicated chapter in the book to share my life story, my vision for the future and my goal to change other people’s lives for the better with the incredible job I am graced to do as an entrepreneur. I am so excited to share this with everyone. My goal is to express this to thousands of readers and to attract people to join this and become an entrepreneur and make their dreams come true.  My intention with this is to inspire many other women and men around the world to strive for higher goals and then create them.

Mikki Brown

Strive to improve yourself and be visible in your best possible way

Mikki Brown is a Lifestyle Mentor based in the Netherlands. She is the Founder of the ‘P.E.A.R.L. Method’ and she helps high-profile enterprising mothers and public speakers, to be credible, visible, reliable and confident in ‘the Spotlight’. Mikki’s belief and motto is: ‘Your personality and your energy is what’s making you unique and successful’! By giving your appearance a boost, you will up-lift your self-image and you will take your business to a higher level.

How do you remember the beginning of your career?

At 16 my career started in the Graphic Industry. During the week I was four days on the job and 1 day at school. It was perfect, earning my own money and getting my degrees. After four years it was clear to me that working for a boss didn’t suit me at all. It was time to develop myself further and I became a Cosmetic Advisor in direct sales. Skin care, body care, colour care and fragrances all became my specialty. Being my own boss and helping loads of women with their appearance and solving their challenges. It was so fantastic to experience all those successes although my health was letting me down. I made beautiful trips and small holidays. It was amazing! Seven years ago, my life completely changed through finding a simple solution for my health issue. That was a real eye-opener for me and the reason to reinvent my purpose in life. It became possible to think big again!

In your opinion what are the best ways to be a successful businesswoman?

In my opinion it all starts with your personality. You are unique and it’s so important that you stay that way. Of course, you will develop yourself to the next level over and over. It’s an ongoing process. Always strive to improve yourself and be visible in your best possible way. Stay in contact with your inner child, trust yourself and follow your gut feeling! What is it that you like and love the most? If you know your true passion and purpose, you will be successful no matter what. Ask yourself what success means to you. What is valuable to you? If you know your ‘why’ and ‘what’, you will rock, reach your goals and realise your desired lifestyle. In the meantime, make sure to surround yourself with positive and like-minded people for support, to mastermind with and to back you up. They believe in you, are there to lift you up and give you really honest feedback. It will make you grow more and faster. You are going to need them. It will be a bumpy ride, but an extraordinary and exciting one. To accomplish all you have planned you need energy to get – and stay – in action. So please start by taking really good care of yourself. It all begins with you before you can be good to others. This all exactly sums up what I do and stand for as a lifestyle mentor. As I always say, personality needs energy to get into action and realise your lifestyle. Enjoy it and have loads of fun on your way!

What can you tell us about the Book Project?

It really was a project, that’s for sure! I must say, it was a beautiful and challenging one. It’s about finding a suitable way to write my story down to make sure it’s interesting for others to read and will be a source of inspiration for women to transform themselves and put their dreams into reality. It’s also accompanied by personal development, with trial and error. All you experience in your life, good and bad, has formed you into the person you are right now. Keep up your good work beautiful special ladies that you are! It was worthy of my precious time to put effort into this project to have the chance to empower as many women as possible. In some areas I myself had to come out of my comfort zone. Isn’t it fantastic how it works? By sharing my story to add value to other women I also enriched my life as a person and businesswoman. It gave me new insights and growth. So, a win-win situation. If you need my help and support do contact me!

An Gooris

Surround yourself with motivated and like-minded people

An Gooris is a Coach, Mentor and Speaker. She inspires, motivates and empowers women to wake up. To wake up to life itself and to the totality of life. To live their true life-purpose and find their own truth. She believes that if more people start living from their heart and become fully aware, together we can contribute to the awakening and transformation of the world into a better place.

How do you remember the beginning of your career?

Starting up my own business from my heart, on an authentic way took a lot of courage and perseverance.

Obstacles came my way. I had to overcome my own fears, I was afraid of failing, and my ego kept me away from my path. Sometimes our mind is our greatest challenge and can be very destructive. I needed to find a way to overcome my self-sabotage. As a single mom with two kids it was not easy to find this balance. Neither could I find the right balance within myself. My male energy was dominating my female energy. It drained my energy and I needed to trust and rely on my female side, slowing down and taking care of myself. Finding a balance in my body, mind and soul. I learned how to surrender to the events in my life and grow my trust and learned to believe that the universe would give me exactly what I needed to grow. 

I’m thankful and grateful that I decide to start my own business, it was certainly not the easy way. I had to go through my own struggles and challenges. Helping people to live their purpose, find their own strength and become free gives me so much joy and happiness, therefore it was worth taking the step.

In your opinion what are the best ways to be a successful businesswoman?

In order to be successful, you need to be passionate about what you do and what drives you. Pursue what you love. Your interactions with others in your field will benefit you when you dedicate your life to something you love. 

Believe in yourself. Having confidence in yourself and your abilities is essential. Self-doubt is natural, but don’t let it overwhelm you. Success is a result of long-term goals and daily action. Focus on what’s important. Learn to prioritise. Create balance between personal and professional goals. Know your boundaries. Take time for yourself, stay grounded and heart centered. Invest in yourself and your growth. It is important to know where your weaknesses lie and to constantly seek to improve them. Find a mentor. Develop your skills, creativity and be playful in your work. Inspire and motivate yourself. Stay empowered. Surround yourself with motivated and like-minded people, stay away from distractions. Success doesn’t come easy, it takes consistency and determination. Stay persistent. Don’t be afraid to fail. Failure helps you to learn from your mistakes. Be brave and push yourself beyond your comfort zone, take risks and be fearless in pursuit of your goals. Becoming a successful business woman is not an overnight venture; it’s a process that requires dedication and time. Be grateful for where you are right now and stay true to who you are. You are the secret to your success.

What can you tell us about the Book Project?

This book project gives us women the opportunity to share our stories and life experiences. This book is about me, about you and every other woman. It increases our connectedness. We all come from different backgrounds, no matter where we grew up or what our education was like we all have to encounter our own challenges in life. We should share our successes and strengths. Life is not only sunshine and roses. Being open hearted, vulnerable and honest, we also share stories about the struggles and failures we had to overcome to help other women to grow. This book is about empowering each other and is a great reminder to take the time to find inspiration and joy in our lives, to reflect on what makes us happy, and to reach for our goals. It is filled with uplifting stories, quotes and advice from the heart.

Monique Dekker 

Stand up and shine so that the world can see you, you are worth it

Monique is an International Speaker, Coach and Trainer in ‘Self-leadership and visibility’. After building a successful career for over 20 years while moving up the ranks of various financial departments in senior management positions she has now created her own business – “Total Presence Academy” based in the Netherlands. She is also the Director of the ‘Global Woman Evening’ at The Hague.

How do you remember the beginning of your career?

 I remember being 24 and applying for a position as a financial administrative employee. At the end of the interview the head of the finance department asked me why I applied for that position. Although I had all the experience and even more than asked for, he did not seem too convinced that they should hire me. I went home and was convinced that I had not got the job. That evening he called telling me that they had decided to offer me the manager’s position of the finance department and the salary was almost twice as much as I was earning at the time. From that moment on I never applied again for a manager’s position for I was always offered that. I grew in leading large diversities of employees with different educational and cultural backgrounds. As the years went by, my desire to work with people as a Coach and Mentor became bigger. So, I said to myself that after my 40th birthday I would have my own Company, I just never made any effort to make this happen. So, as I sometimes put it, life gave me a kick and I got sick. My illness led me to start my own Company after recovering and I am grateful for what this event has brought me.

 In your opinion what are the best ways to be a successful businesswoman?

 Of course, there are many ways to be a successful businesswoman, such as working hard, developing the right skills, targeting the right audience and so on. In my opinion, every woman has her own ‘best ways’ to be a successful business woman. What works for me might not work for someone else.  Even so, there are a few elements I think we can apply to everyone. For me, here are just three of these elements.

  • Self-awareness

The best way to be a successful businesswoman in my opinion, starts with self-awareness. Being aware of your strengths, weakness and development points. Being aware of your purpose and what it is you need, to achieve your goals and ambitions. Being aware of your presence and the impact you may have on your environment. 

  • The right environment

To be a successful businesswoman we must choose the right environment. Not to say that this will be the environment we need for the rest of our life. It is what fits our personal growth in this particular phase of our life. Bear in mind, that as we develop ourselves more, our environment might need refreshing from time to time. 

  • Gratitude

I believe that one important element in the lives of all really successful people is gratitude. Being thankful for how far they have come and not ever forgetting where they came from. 

What can you tell us about the Book Project?

The Global Woman Club Amsterdam Book Project was a great opportunity to get acquainted with how to write a book. Our book is full of inspiring stories and value as we share our life experiences and knowledge in our different fields of expertise. The title Awaken the Lioness within was chosen with great care based on what we wanted to pass on through our individual messages and in the book as a whole. We want to inspire woman to challenge themselves and dig deep within to bring out the power and the strength they already have inside. We want to appeal to them and say, “stand up and shine so that the world can see you because you are worth it”. This is what the ‘Global Woman Club’ has done for me, and it is my wish that other women out there, who will read our book will be inspired to truly shine and be a light in the lives of others who need them. Being a part of the project has been a great journey as I have learned a lot about myself. It doesn’t matter what age you are or what background you have, if you are open to grow, life will teach you new lessons every day. 


Sandra Fisser

Embrace Marketing. Play big. The world needs you

Sandra Fisser is a ‘Marketing Strategist’ and ‘Business Breakthrough’ expert, Speaker, Trainer and Author based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She has an impressive track record of 15+ years as an entrepreneur bringing positive changes and extraordinary results to people and small businesses as well as stock listed companies with her profound marketing expertise, broad spectrum of business knowledge and effective coaching skills.

How do you remember the beginning of your career?

When I started out as a Marketing coach, helping women entrepreneurs to get more high paying ideal clients and have more impact and self-confidence, I had been in business for more than a decade already. With my marketing consulting company, I consulted with big corporations on the interface of corporate strategy, marketing and product innovation. After I became a mother, I strongly felt I wanted to contribute to the life of real people, rather than to maximizing the results of organisations. So, I changed my focus. To be honest, starting a completely new business was really challenging in the beginning! I had to re-invent not only my business model and my strategy, but also myself. And soon I found out that what got me to a comfortable 6-figure consulting business wasn’t necessarily going to get me there in this coaching business. Sure, I got clients, but in the beginning it was nowhere near the number, nor with the consistency that I needed to feel relaxed and in control of my business.

So, what did I do? I worked hard. Studied a lot and listened to my mentors. I was implementing, testing, failing, learning. And it paid off! I finally ‘cracked the code’ of what really needs to be in place to get a business to the next level. That’s when I saw my yearly revenue turning into my monthly revenue. I felt so relieved! And the beauty of it is that this exact formula I now use in my own business. It is what I teach my clients today, in my yearlong Marketing training program – which is open to all purpose-driven, heart-centered women entrepreneurs around the globe.

In your opinion what are the best ways to be a successful businesswoman?

Here’s the thing: There’s a LOT to learn out there about Marketing. But you have to know how to connect the dots. Because all those different puzzle pieces – all those online courses and webinars with great strategies and often super valuable information you collect along the way just won’t fit. And that is what causes 80% of the confusion and Marketing overwhelm. Do you know that there are four key things that make up the foundation of any successful business? This is what I see all the successful entrepreneurs doing incredibly well. They mastered it, while a lot of us entrepreneurs don’t even know about it! One of those four pillars is obviously a well-oiled “Marketing Machine”: Systems can really accelerate the results in your business. And having an automated lead-generation machine in place that gets you a consistent automated flow of leads that you can convert into clients not increases only your income. It also frees up your time! Selling on auto-pilot makes it possible for us to focus on working on our business, helping clients, maybe spending more time with our family, doing things that we love. So, think about it: more systems and Marketing automation. Hop on to my free online training where I teach you the way to set it up, as well as the other three key things that will impact your business tremendously. Sign up on ‘’.

What can you tell us about the Book Project?

The Global Woman Book project was such a fun and helpful project! I always teach my clients that a book is the best “lead magnet” you can have to attract high quality leads. And setting up a “book funnel” really can build your email list and sky rocket your business. Global Woman made it possible for us to create an excellent book in the most efficient way. And the fact that we co-authored it with 11 fantastic women entrepreneurs, all seasoned experts in our field, makes this book even more valuable to the audience. And why is that important that we reach our audience with our message? Because people have problems that only you can solve. But they need to know you exist! And when we look at it from that perspective, Marketing is a miraculous tool to create impact and make a difference. So, embrace Marketing. Play big. The world needs you. Would you like to have a talk with me about what would be needed to get your business to the next level? Let’s have a ‘Marketing Breakthrough’ call. Just send me an email to [email protected] and we set up a time to chat soon.

Carolien ter Linden 

Focus on your aim and be grateful

Carolien ter Linden is the CEO of “Passarella Moda”. It has now developed to become an international, multi-faceted agency, providing models, producing events and acting as a PR Company involving national and international TV coverage. Through her company, she also works as a TV host for the RTL4 program, “Life is Beautiful”, and “Bubbles & Gloss” and reports for international media channels such as CNN point, World Point TV and ART in Fusion TV.

How do you remember the beginning of your career?

I started my career after finishing my studies. in 1997 I won the popular contest ‘Miss Bride of the Netherlands’. This unleashed a lot of media. I was on many television programs and I did many interviews for newspapers and magazines.  I followed model and catwalk lessons and started as model and did a lot of modelling oversees. I travelled a lot and worked in New York, Milan, Paris, London, Cannes, Monaco, Kuwait, Dusseldorf as a model during the international fashion weeks. in 2011 I received the Amsterdam fashion and model award as recognition and for my contribution to the fashion industry. I built a solid reputation of professionalism.  Through the years young models asked me for advice, which led me to launch my own Company “Passarella Moda” of which I am the CEO. It has now developed to become an international, multi-faceted agency, providing models, producing events and acting as a PR company involving national and international tv coverage. Through my company, I also work as tv host for two television programs, ‘Life is Beautiful’ and ‘Bubbles & Gloss’ both on rtl4. And I also report for international media channels such as CNN point and art in fusion tv. Traveling as a model brought me a great network which is essential in this line of business and which reinforced my idea to start a business for myself.

It started out five years ago with my giving masterclass catwalk workshops. From there I selected the best models and launched an international modelling agency. This grew, and nowadays the biggest emphasis is working as a tv presenter and partnering in national and international fashion events where I host the shows. I also provide models and organise a few events every year for an international beauty pageant – the largest being the one held during the Cannes film festival.  I am lucky to be able to include all my passions in my job.

In your opinion what are the best ways to be a successful woman?

Success for me means being connected to others and helping them through my connections to create more possibilities, enabling them to live the life they want and deserve. Success means being independent and to keep on moving, growing and developing.  It also means accepting our mistakes and learning from them. Happiness is the key to success. It comes from loving what you do and loving who you are. If you are happy you will be successful.  

Success is being able to have it all, the children, the relationship and the job I am passionate about. I follow my heart, believe in myself, I treat others how I would like to be treated, I do not get distracted by critics and I focus on my aims and be grateful. Since I have followed this path it has brought me to where I am now. I feel blessed and happy to work with people at such a high level. Because they are surrounded by other people who have built a solid reputation it brings me more interesting business as well!

What can you tell us about the Book Project?

I am extremely happy to be part of the Global Woman book project and to share my story together with all the other talented businesswomen. My business partner, Rebecca Riofrio from London, introduced me to Giovana Vega and since I met Giovana I was convinced to share my experiences and my story by writing my own chapter for the book.  Because of my work as a tv host I was more than happy to promote the book launch and the celebration of one-year of the ‘Global Woman Club Amsterdam’ on the tv program ‘Life is Beautiful’ on rtl4, which I work for. It was a big honour for me to interview Mirela Sula and Giovana Vega during this amazing event and since it has been on the television other members became also very interested to promote their businesses on the tv program and I am now very excited to see more members and business women involved.  I am looking forward to supporting, connecting and creating an interesting business with all these lovely businesswomen!

Simone Heijhoff 

Helping people to create balance, clarity and focus

Simone Heijhoff is a self-aware, spiritually connected woman. She began a journey of deep inner reflection and extensive, ongoing research into what it means to be human and how we can optimise ourselves and our (business) lives. Now she shares her knowledge and wisdom with those who seek purpose and meaning through personal development and personal leadership.

How do you remember the beginning of your career?

My transition towards becoming an entrepreneur began with a severe burnout. A huge breakdown – but with it a major breakthrough. It was a wake-up call that started a deep and intense path to self-awareness. This has been a difficult but enriching and beautiful journey that connected me back to myself. It helped me align with my purpose. This is when I felt an inner calling to share my knowledge with others and to start coaching and training. Once I surrendered to this and listened to my intuition, synchronicities happened in my life that at a certain moment showed me that it was time to leave my comfort zone and become a full-time entrepreneur. At first, I was just excited and grateful to increase my coaching and training hours, and to do more of the things that I really love. It was only later I realised that doing what I love is one thing, and being an entrepreneur is another full-time job. I clearly underestimated the importance of entrepreneurial skills and as a result, experienced doubt and insecurity. I thought about giving up several times. Yet by learning more about business skills, I now actually love being an entrepreneur.

In your opinion what are the best ways to be a successful businesswoman?

What works for me is to align my business with my purpose. The inner drive, the spark, the something that lights up my soul, plays a large role in my success. I uphold three essential pillars in life and in my business., I make sure that there is balance. I avoid getting into the busy trap, because I know that in this fast-paced society it is easy to lose connection with myself and what is truly important. I need balance to get to the second pillar: clarity. With clarity I strive to have self-awareness and awareness of the bigger and long-term picture. This is about seeing clearly what I am doing and why. This is fundamental to make conscious choices. Once these choices are made pillar 3, focus, becomes important. Focus is a personal attitude of effort, motivation and resilience – without making excuses or getting distracted. It is also very important to me to train and build upon my business skills and to have an accountability partner. Working from a clear yet personal definition of success is also key. For me success is more about purpose, meaning and fulfillment then about materialism, money or status.

What can you tell us about the Book Project?

This book project is another synchronicity that occurred in my life. I wanted to be part of a network of entrepreneurs and was drawn to the way the ‘Global Woman Network’ aims to empower women without excluding men. I really appreciate the global aspect that brings a lot of diversity, inspiration and connections across the world. The warm, welcoming and beautiful women I met when attending my first meeting touched me. I felt at home. It was at this first meeting that the book project was introduced – and I had a very special feeling about it. It is a feeling I recognise and call my ‘buzz-feeling’. It happens when something is important, and so I listened to this signal and showed my interest. Later, my head threw in some doubts and I nearly pulled out. When I wasn’t exactly sure about what to do, I realised that I had the opportunity to at least inspire one woman somewhere in the world with my story. This is when I decided to dive in and go for it. I truly hope that many women and men around the world will find inspiration, courage and success through the stories and ideas shared in this book.

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