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The 7 Secrets to Achieve, Reclaim and Command your Destiny

Introducing a 7-step ARC process to command your destiny:

  1. Create a Persona Statement
  2. Write out your Destiny Statement 
  3. Turn your Destiny Statement into a Daily Declaration
  4. Harness the power of your Conscious Loving Breath to embody who you want to be seen and known as in the world 
  5. Bring Conscious AWE-wareness to your life 
  6. Work with your inner child 
  7. Utilise your Deeper Listening to tune into what your Destiny is calling for you to do

What is your Destiny and how can you learn to command it?

Most of us live our lives passively, allowing things to happen for us and waiting (not so patiently) for our “dream” life or Destiny to magically appear.

We wonder, from time-to-time: How much is happening “to us” vs happening “for us”?

What we often do not realize, is that our dream Destiny is waiting for us to pluck it from the Ether… though in order to do so, we need to actively participate in its unfoldment.

I like to think of our life like a horse and carriage, with huge Clydesdales horses at the helm waiting for us to command their power. 

The challenge is that most of us have let go of the reigns of these very powerful Clydesdales and this “horse power” at some point or another in our life.

Rather than directing our Destiny where we want it to go, we allow these horses to run amuck in our lives. Sometimes they can run us straight off the proverbial cliff into chaos, sadness, anxiety and depression.

What is the secret then, to commanding your Destiny, and putting the reigns of your “horse power” back into your own hands?

Your consciousness. 

In the same way we can use our consciousness to conjure up monsters and demons, we can also use our consciousness to map the life that we truly desire and then begin to take concerted actions that align with the life and Destiny we desire.

Step 1: Create a Persona Statement. 

The creator of Vocal Awareness, my business partner, Arthur Samuel Joseph, created the idea of our “Persona Statement” almost six decades. He has since taught it to noted celebrities such as Tony Robbins, Sean Connery, Dwayne Wade, Pierce Brosnan and many others. 

Our Persona Statement is a living document because you are designing you! 

You begin by writing out how you believe you have been perceived, and now recognize that through Communication Mastery, you have a choice of how you want to be known.  

The second step of identifying “This is how I want to be known.” creates the template for you stepping up and stepping in. The visual representations make it even clearer. 

There are four parts to The Persona Statement:

Part #1 Answering the question: How I believe I am presently perceived.

Part #2 Answering the question: How would I like to be known? Not “perceived’. “How do I want to be known to me?”

When you write these, don’t simply write bullets such as “strong, healthy, happy”… write sentence form with punctuation because you are beginning to identify your story.

Parts #3 and #4 of the Persona exercises are drawings. It doesn’t matter your artistic ability. They can be stick figures, collages, elaborate drawings, paintings. 

The first drawing (#3) reflects: “This is how I believe I am presently perceived.” 

The second one (#4): “This is how I want to be known.” It’s your Deeper Self. It’s the unconscious—even behind, within the Deeper Self, speaking out. 

Every day, step back and read it aloud using the principles you are acquiring.

Step 2: Write out your Destiny Statement

Now that you have your Persona Statement, synthesize that into a more concise statement we call:

“My Destiny Statement.” 

Sample of My Destiny Statement:

By ______(date) I am _____(what my heart desires) and _____(who I am being as I create this). 

Step 3: Turn My Destiny Statement into a Daily Declaration

Once you have My Destiny Statement written out on your smart phone or on a post-it note near your bed or in your bath room where you can easily see it or retrieve it, you then declare this statement out loud first thing every morning when you awaken.

Our brains are still in an Alpha wave state when we first awaken, and we are in an in between phase where our brains are more susceptible to suggestion. By declaring this statement first thing out loud every morning when we awaken, we are training our subconscious to take action on how we want to be seen and known as in the world.

Step 4: Harness the power of your Conscious Loving Breath (CLB) to embody who you want to be seen and known as in the world 

One of the greatest obstacles to being who we want to be in the world is a lack of coherence with ourselves and the world around us. According to HeartMath our breath and our heart-brain connection, is one of the quickest ways to drop into greater state of coherence.

In Vocal Awareness, we achieve this level of coherence through what is known as a Conscious Loving Breath or a CLB.

What is a CLB?

It is a 5 second, slow, silent, Conscious Loving Breath and expansive way of breathing that allows us to reconnect to our primal breath. 

Our breath is not only physical, it is also emotional and spiritual. 

When we allow a CLB, we shift and quiet the space around us as well as within our own internal space. It is an intercostal diaphragmatic breath. Our body instinctively expands as a bellows. 

Step 5: Bring Conscious AWE-wareness to your life 

When we began sharing these 7 secrets earlier, we discussed how we are often unconscious with our reigns of our Destiny flailing about.

The secret to putting the reigns of our Destiny back into our hands is to:

  • know how we want to be known in the world, 
  • retrain our subconscious to believe it, 
  • utilize our CLB to get into greater coherence, and 
  • now bring conscious AWE-wareness to how we live our lives.

The more we integrate our CLB into our lives, the more AWE-wareness we bring to how we live our lives and the more we are able to lovingly guide the direction of our lives and our Destinies. 

Being in a state of “awe” or “wonderment” allows us to bring the magic back to our lives.

Have you ever seen someone who seems to have a magical life? Everything seems to go perfectly for them? How do you think this is possible? Is it luck or coincidence? 

Sure things like luck, coincidence and synchronicities might play a role, though the more you look for how you are lucky or how things are working out for you, the more you will see this made manifest in your life.  

Step 6: Work with your inner child 

Who or what is your inner child? 

Have you ever overreacted to something minor (aka let the horses run off the cliff)? Maybe someone said something that triggered you or someone cut you off on the freeway.

Are you reacting as a 30-, 40-, or 50-year-old consciously AWE-ware adult, or are you throwing a tantrum like a 2- or 3-year-old?

We can go our whole lives and not realize that the situations we are confronted with are opportunities to love ourselves and one another more. The quickest way to come from love, is to first love ourselves.

Begin to heal your inner wounded child by turning within once a day and asking the little boy or girl or they or them within you: 

“What do you need today?”, AND… Sharing with that little person inside of you how deeply loved, honoured and cherished they are. 

Step 7: Utilise your Deeper Listening to tune into what your Destiny is calling for you to do 

You now have a few tools in your tool belt to begin to command your Destiny, though actively living out the vision in your Persona Statement requires you to embody Arthur’s 6th ritual of Vocal Awareness: Pay Attention/Deeper Listening.

This means listening with your heart and not simply your ears. Your Deeper Listening calls for you to tune in not only to your Self, but to those around you.

Many of us live our lives listening from an agenda. We want something from the other person whether we recognize it consciously or unconsciously.

When we can drop our agendas, open our hearts, and listen deeply, we will be able to hear what our Destiny is calling for us to do.

About the Author, Jennifer Hill

Jennifer was a solo entrepreneur who sold her legal staffing company in 2018 to Marcum Search LLC (a subsidiary of Marcum LLP).  She hosts a digital show on Awake TV on higher consciousness with such influential guests as Deepak Chopra, Brue Lipton, et al.   She also regularly speaks at conferences around the world on spirituality and leadership and has authored two books: one on spiritual tools to achieve a successful life and another on career development and finding purpose.  Jennifer has been using energy medicine and holistic healing modalities for more than 10 years. She has a BA from University of California Irvine.

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