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Tackling Motherhood’s Hard and Unspoken Realities at MommaCon 2021

MommaCon takes on how to mom online in this digital age and more for its second year

MANILA, Philippines Created and organized by award-winning integrated marketing experience agency TeamAsia, MommaCon continues to give women and moms a safe and collaborative space to share best practices and learn about topics on womanhood and motherhood. Following its successful and intimate premiere at the height of the pandemic in 2020, MommaCon is gearing up for its second year as it redefines what it means to be a mom in today’s time, happening virtually on September 11 and 18, 2021.

Last year’s MommaCon talked about the glorious tasks of motherhood and uncovered meaningful topics — ones that are usually swept under the rug. This year, times are changing and mothers are facing new challenges, opportunities and discoveries brought about by the rapidly-growing online world. To better navigate this, women and mothers from all walks of life are invited once again to MommaCon so they can engage in these meaningful discussions.

MommaCon 2021 will dive deeper into what it really takes to be a “MOM Online” in an evidently complex world. This year, MommaCon highlights the beauty of motherhood as moms are courageous, independent, resilient, and many more. The ideas and the stories of each mom varies in so many ways and if you want to uncover, be inspired, and listen to a colourful roster of moms then MommaCon is certainly the place for you.

Similar to last year’s event, featured discussions are not only limited to usual mom topics like mom-preneurship, health and well-being, and modern-day parenting. Instead, MommaCon explores and provokes different themes and subjects that will empower mothers to speak freely and openly because these issues also matter. This includes the hard and unspoken conversations about motherhood including: dealing with trauma, single and same-sex parenting, writing your will, meeting your significant other during COVID, and so much more!

Apart from this, MommaCon will also feature some of the most globally and locally recognized women leaders who have inspired and empowered women, and they also happen to give a unique perspective on what it means to raise the next generation. Some of the speakers that are headlining the event are Global Woman Club CEO and founder Mirela Sula, Richwell Trading Corporation president and CEO Myrna Yao, and Asia CEO Events president and CEO Rebecca Bustamante. Partner associations for MommaCon 2021 also include Felta, I Create Cafe Manila, Spark!, Women’s Business Council Philippines (WomenBiz PH), and the Philippine Women’s Economic Network (PhilWEN). 

With the help of the various yet unique set of mothers who will be a part of the event, MommaCon 2021 will redefine how moms see themselves: as someone who is equipped to conquer this day and age. Whether you are a mother who continues to navigate a world in crisis, one that assumes what the role of a woman should be, and one that continues to show the different realities of the digital age, MommaCon 2021 will help you effectively fulfill your role in this anxiety-stricken, online-driven world fueled by the ongoing pandemic.

It is time to pick up your device, open your mind, and replenish your knowledge on what it really takes to be a MOM Online! Visit the official MommaCon website at to register and be a part of our growing and loving mom community. The event will be held via Zoom from 1:00 to 6:00 PM on September 11 and September 18.

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