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Stress-Free Success: Your Guide to Peak Performance

Experience a transformative session designed to propel you beyond your limits and into a realm of stress-free success. Led by Tayyaba Jordan, a renowned Executive Peak Performance Coach, this keynote is crafted for high achievers determined to manage stress effectively while maintaining optimum health and vitality. Discover Tayyaba’s groundbreaking Personalised MicroStrategy Methodology™, a unique approach that empowers individuals to unlock their personal formula for success and overcome past limiting beliefs. Expect an engaging and energetic presentation that goes beyond mere motivation, offering practical strategies for lasting change. Tayyaba’s dynamic approach and deep connection with the audience ensure you will leave equipped with tools to enhance your mental well-being and achieve a balanced life. Be inspired by her personal accounts and relatable experiences that build trust and foster genuine knowledge exchange. This keynote is your gateway to a stress-free, successful future where professional growth and personal well-being coexist harmoniously.

Can you share with us the inspiration behind developing your Personalized MicroWellness Methodology™ and how it has evolved over the years?

My journey into well-being was all about breaking down well-being and performance strategies into their essential parts and then rebuilding them to suit the individual needs of each person I was supporting. It’s all about personalizing well-being for them.

The inspiration behind this was simply a response to working with time-poor leaders who needed quick and effective ways to feel well, often only having small pockets of time in their busy schedules and so MicroWellness™ was born!

Adapting to the increased demands put on employees in the workplace, this became a popular and effective solution.

As an International Executive Peak Performance Coach, what are some common challenges you’ve observed among high-achieving CEOs and managers, and how do you address them?

One of the main challenges that my practice addresses often manifest in common ways: lack of time, balancing home life with work demands, performance issues, and sleep problems. However, these are typically symptoms of deeper issues such as lack of confidence, misalignment of purpose and skills, and imposter syndrome. These symptoms are like raindrops, stemming from a root cause. In our practice, we work to address the root cause while simultaneously alleviating the resulting symptom or ripples if you will!

Could you elaborate on how integral leadership qualities contribute to achieving peak performance and maintaining optimum health and vitality?

To truly excel in leadership and find fulfilment, it’s essential to align your actions with your purpose and have a clear vision of what you want from your life and career. This clarity fuels your passion and equips you with the tools necessary for success and happiness. Such alignment fosters deep integrity and authenticity, qualities that are invaluable in effective leadership.

A leader who is certain of their purpose naturally inspires and motivates their team. This certainty not only drives personal success but also cultivates a positive and productive work environment. Additionally, key leadership qualities such as patience, active listening, and kindness significantly enhance performance. These attributes build trust, improve communication, and create a supportive atmosphere, leading to better decision-making and overall team success.

By embodying these principles, leaders can achieve remarkable results and ensure sustained performance and satisfaction in their roles.

With over a decade of coaching and training experience, what key insights have you gained about nurturing potential in clients to unlock their peak performance?

My speaking style revolves around authenticity and relatability. I share real stories from my life openly, without holding back, which makes my messages compelling and easy to connect with. I avoid using fancy words because I believe that the most impactful messages are conveyed through simple, honest conversations and storytelling.

I openly share my journey, including moments of extreme vulnerability and brokenness, and I never pretend to have all the answers. I listen carefully to what works for others and communicate those insights clearly. My goal is to provide immense value, entertainment, and a bit of fun to my audience.

Could you share a memorable example of how your Personalized MicroStrategy Methodology™ has produced significant changes in someone’s life or career?

A client of mine experienced a dramatic transformation by making simple changes to her schedule, allowing her to succeed in all aspects of her life. She held a busy mid-range position at a private equity firm, covering the US and other regions, which required early morning and late-night communications. She aspired for a promotion and wanted more time for a social life.

We collaborated to rearrange her day, incorporating time for social activities, and introducing techniques to calm her nervous system, helping her feel more in control of her life and happiness. This newfound balance gave her the space to think, plan, and enjoy life again.

Two years later, she had been promoted twice, found a partner, and maintained an active and fulfilling work and social life. Three years on, she has taken a very senior role at a firm in New York, married her boyfriend, emigrated to the US, and is extremely happy!

Finally, as living proof of the effectiveness of your methodology, how has it contributed to your own personal and professional growth journey?

My marriage broke down, leaving me penniless and feeling out of control with two small children to care for. 

As an insomniac, my nights were spent devouring information relevant to my struggles. Taking a slightly anarchic approach, I broke down well-being into manageable pieces, only embracing practices I both enjoyed and could clearly see making a measurable impact. Through these incremental adjustments, I began feeling the effects of my actions without them overwhelming my day or headspace. They felt intuitive, authentically “me.”

This method laid the foundation for building my business from scratch. The success I achieved, step by step, surpassed my wildest dreams, and the satisfaction it brought was immeasurable. Against all odds, I even purchased a flat in London. Subsequently, my journey led me across the globe, coaching global leaders and CEOs to grow and succeed.

Through hard work and dedication, I became a founding director and the Director of Wellbeing and Engagement for a production company, all while managing my own business. From a place of hardship and uncertainty, I forged a path of resilience and triumph by supporting myself in the moments of my day that I could.

My story is one of transformation, driven by determination and an unwavering commitment to creating a better future for myself and my children. But its success is undeniably underpinned by my MicroWellness Methodology—it simply works. Living it and understanding its efficacy allows me to confidently share this personalized formula with others, and that’s exactly what I’ve done.

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