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The Enlightened Healer: Unveiling Spiritual Mastery

I am thrilled to introduce Lakhmi Bhambra, a unique spiritual healer who defies conventional stereotypes. With a science background and a career in the medical field, she once skeptically dismissed energy healing. Returning to it in 2015, Lakhmi now challenges societal norms around spirituality. As a Master Teacher in Usui and Angelic Reiki, she also utilizes Quantum Reiki, Intuitive Psychic Healing, Colour Healing, and other modalities to create bespoke treatments. Her approach combines these techniques with practical wellness strategies for quick, effective transformations. Passionate about corporate wellness, Lakhmi offers workshops to reduce stress and foster harmony at work. Follow her daily 1-minute meditations on Instagram (@the111approach), where she proves that even a single minute can make a difference.

What inspired your journey from a background in the medical field to becoming an energy healer, and how does it defy societal expectations?

Although I was spiritually blessed at birth and I could perceive and feel energy from an early age, I had some experiences that scared me when I was younger as I couldn’t explain what was happening so I shut it down and went down the science route studying Biological Sciences at university and then getting into medical device training and sales. I then had my own experience with Reiki energy healing in 2015 and it opened my eyes back into the world of energy healing.  Once I started to make sense of this world from a science perspective and remembering that everything in the universe is made of energy it all started making sense to me. I started training and became a Master Teacher in both Usui and Angelic Reiki and started doing it as a part time business. I decided to go full time and follow my soul’s calling in 2022. A lot of people thought I was crazy to leave a high paying stable medical sales job to start my own business but some were very impressed and supportive of this step. I think they know how transforming my services are and that they are much needed in the world right now. 

Can you elaborate on your experiences with skepticism towards energy healing modalities, and how did you overcome them?

I love this question as I do come across skeptics a lot – I mean I was also very skeptical myself back in the day! Even after my first experience with Reiki therapy I still thought it may have been a placebo effect so I decided to do my own experiment and research on myself and each time I had a treatment with different therapists I was coming away with something positive – either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. 

I  always say having a healthy degree of skepticism is good because you shouldn’t just blindly accept what people are saying you should try out for yourself and make your own decision and do your own research which is exactly what I did. I say this to any person I come across who has a bit of skepticism – that it is a good sign. I then invite them to come in and have a session with me either remotely or in person and I do offer a money back guarantee if they hand on heart do not feel that in some way shape or form they have benefited from the treatment . This is how passionate and confident I am in the type of healing treatment I offer. I also like to remind people that energy healing modalities like intuitive reiki is based on science and there’s been a lot of research to show the power of the mind and how capable it is in how things to aid physical emotional and mental trauma. That is why it is now used in hospitals all over the world to help with recovery after surgery as well as for patients undergoing chemotherapy. 

In what ways do you believe your unique approach to Reiki and energy healing differs from conventional practices?

The type of reiki I offer is very different to what most people know because I am a certified and trained practitioner in a number of different healing modalities including usui reiki, angelic reiki, quantum reiki, colour healing, ascended master healing, intuitive energy healing, sound and crystal healing to name but a few. I combine all of these modalities to create a bespoke and personalized therapy for my clients. I also offer practical wellness coaching and techniques that are designed to fit in alongside the energy healing therapy so that my clients are equipped with practical tools as well as the healing therapy.

Could you share some examples of the bespoke treatments you create for your clients using different energy healing modalities?

When I work with clients on my coaching packages I really take the time to understand their schedule their lifestyle, their likes and dislikes, what makes them tick, what resonates with them etc. I then create personalized meditations and techniques for their wellness that not only fits into their schedule with the one minute exercises but are also tailored to ensure that they will gain the maximum benefit from the tools that I create for them because I don’t use genetic meditations or a one size fit all mindset. Each of us are unique and individual and this is why I tailor everything to make sure it is bespoke and personalised for my clients – this is why they get the incredible results and transformation in such a short space of time. 

Even when working with corporate clients and football clubs I create bespoke group healing sessions that meet the needs and requirements of the companies and what they are looking to get out of their sessions for their employees and players. 

How do you incorporate practical wellness techniques into your healing sessions to help clients quickly transform their lives?

Coming from a science background myself and having experienced a very stressful and busy lifestyle juggling two jobs, I invested over a decade of research and training in addition to over five figures worth of personal development to bring The 111 Approach system for wellness which comprises of taking one minute powerful activated practices and techniques focusing on one area of your life and taking it one day at a time to help people make wellness easy achievable and adaptable to their lifestyle. This combined with the powerful and unique intuitive reiki therapy I offer my clients ensures that they achieve results beyond their wildest dreams in a very short period of time. I work very closely with my clients to ensure they have the tools and the healing to make these changes that will last them a lifetime. 

What motivated you to expand your services to corporate wellness programs, and how do you envision these programs benefiting employees?

My purpose and mission is to help over a million people become less stressed and improve their well-being and happiness in every area of the life and I found that with the clients that I worked with, the main area of stress was from their work and that got me thinking that if I can not only help individuals lower their stress from their work but if I can get companies and corporations to implement and invest in wellness in the workplace for their staff and team then this will only benefit everyone in the long run. Employers will get the best from their employees from a productivity point of view and equally it will also make these companies more desirable as the employees will feel more valued and looked after from a wellness standpoint. To top it all off my wellness at work packages are also tax deductible so it’s a real no-brainer for corporate and companies to come and work with me to better improve stress and anxiety in the workplace. 

How do you address skepticism or resistance from individuals or companies when introducing energy healing into corporate settings?

I offer them a taster session! The best way to get over skepticism is for them to feel the benefits of what I do themselves. Feeling is believing as I say! It is getting a little easier these days as companies are seeing the effects and negative impact on what happens if they don’t have some form of wellness in their workplace. In 2021/2022 in the UK alone there was a loss of 37 million working days due to workplace stress, depression and anxiety which equated to costing the economy approximately £18.8 billion pounds. That’s mind-blowing! 

With numbers like these I am confident companies will see the value in offering some form of wellness at work and nowadays businesses are always trying to find new and innovative ways to keep things fresh and novel so to attract the right talent and workforce and energy healing modalities is definitely the way forward. 

I’ve encountered many companies that offer mindfullness, meditation, yoga and massage but energy healing and Reiki is still very much the new kid on the block so it’s an exciting time to be one of the first providers offering this in the UK. I also can work with companies all over the world as it can be done via online platforms too.  

What inspired the creation of your daily 1-minute meditations on Instagram, and what impact do you believe they have on promoting wellness?

I learned about The Silent Minute Movement whilst on a Reiki CPD workshop – it was a movement that started in 1943 during World War 2. It was designed by Wellesley Tudor Pole to try and bring the people of the world together for peace – regardless of their faith or belief system. At 9pm everyday Big Ben would chime and the 1 minute for peace meditation would be broadcast all over the nation and in the commonwealth countries to bring people together for a minute for world peace. As this movement grew in popularity it actually caused a shift in collective consciousness and it was mentioned as a contributor of helping us win the war. When they interviewed some of the Nazi soldiers after the war ended and asked them why they thought they lost it was said several of the soldiers had mentioned the UK army had a secret weapon in Big Ben and they weren’t able to figure out how to overcome it. 

Whether that is completely accurate or not, the concept of bringing together masses of people for just 1 minute a day really moved me and I was inspired to revive this in my own way. It aligned with everything The 111 Approach is about – making time everyday for your peace and wellness – even if it is just 1 minute a day. 

Can you explain the significance of “The 111 Approach” and how it guides your philosophy and practice?

The 111 Approach is all about taking 1 focus area of your life and committing to doing just 1 minute of something that is going to benefit this focus area and taking it 1 day at a time. My tag line is “1 is better than none.” Doing 1 minute is better than doing 0 minutes and sometimes on the really busy and stressful days even 1 minute feels like it’s not achievable. But that’s where I come in and help people to look at their time and their lives in a different way – from a more positive and compassionate way so to get a better outcome for their life. A lot of people try to change too much too quickly and want instant results which is just not sustainable or realistic. The 111 Approach aims to make wellness easy adaptable and achievable for anyone who is too busy for wellness. This works because I combine it with the powerful and unique form of Intuitive Reiki energy healing which accelerates the 1 minute practices to make incredible and lasting changes that are easy to keep because they only take 1 minute and they become a habitual part of your lifestyle. 

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