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Sara Holland: How to find self-confidence as a businesswoman and single mother

Sara had to adjust at the age of eight from a life of luxury to second hand furniture in a tough neighbourhood, with prejudice and bullying. However, the struggles that her mother had as a single mother, helped her form into what she is today. A businesswoman with her feet on the ground, who knows her faults, when she says that indecision often penalises her. Sara shares tips on how you can be successful in business and as a mother.

How was your childhood, and how much did it affect who you are currently?

My childhood was tough after my parents divorced when I was around eight years old. I had a privileged life until I was eight,travelling the world staying in 5 star luxury hotels etc, then my mother, my brother and I moved to a less affluent neighbourhood where I was bullied and my mother was harassed by the new neighbours for being a different religion.

We had to make the most from a little,with second hand kitchen units and furniture, and she had to do all the renovations in the home herself. That is where I got my love for interiors and real estate and became very independent from a young age.

My mother built everything up from scratch and now is in a great position in life. Although her hustle and perseverance was high, the emotions and affection was low towards me. My father was extremely narcissistic, he was always very mean to me and never had time, always blamed me for every problem that ever arose… it was like I was being bullied both outside of my home and within it. 

The lack of affection has made me extremely independent, strong and resilient. I have been through a lot as both a child and an adult and I don’t think many others could have handled the pressures and traumas that I have lived and had to work through.

What were the first barriers you encountered in business?

Indecisiveness. I’m the most indecisive person you will ever meet. Now, let me explain… I know what I don’t want, to me that’s easy. The problem is when I have multiple options that I do like. Therefore, it creates analysis paralysis and slows down my creative process. I am working on that. I am a generator, so I have to have a manifesto around me to push me over the edge on that last step of decision-making. On the KOLBE chart I am a 6284, so I know who I need around me to be the most efficient. Take that test if you are running a business and want to determine what your strengths and weaknesses are!

How do you manage as a single mother and the challenges it brings?

I would be lying if I said it is all roses, it’s tough. It’s hard as a parent, let alone a single mother. There are times when I become frustrated, it’s draining, but your kids are your life. You do your best; you give your all, and you show up every day all day, for that little life you brought into the world! The best thing about being a single mother is getting to spend the time with your child and making those memories together, it’s a stronger bond no one can break. And I get to educate him and teach him things in the best possible way I can without interruptions.

Can you share with us some tips for single mothers, on how they can have a lot of self-confidence?

Stay strong, always think ahead. Think about what you have to do now to give your child the best possible start in life when they are the age to leave home and spread their wings. Don’t focus on what the other parent is doing or not doing. Instead of having a victim mindset have a growth mindset, concentrate on always multiplying your assets, options and knowledge! Remember, you are a queen and have the eyeballs of your children on you at all times. Be the best version of yourself and be very proud.

Can you tell us more about Sara as a philanthropist?

I am very empathetic, passionate and giving. I love helping people; I love the feeling it brings. I want the world to be light, less evil and more peaceful and loving. We can’t change everything because there are systems in place that make some things near impossible for us to change. What we can change is our hearts as a nation. Through education and knowledge and with loving hearts, we can heal the world one step at a time.

Of all the countries you have visited, which has impressed you the most and for what reason?

I fell in love with New Zealand, it reminded me of Ireland. But with a better climate! A climate better suited to me. Less rain, more seasons! The people were very polite, happy, content and healthy. The food was great, the school system and education system is of a high level. If you are wishing to move to a new country with your family, I would recommend New Zealand.

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