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Sandra Wigren: Be Positive, You Are Unique In Your Own Way

Sandra Wigren: 

Be Positive, You Are Unique In Your Own Way

By Fati Gorezi

Sandra Wigren is a professional clown and fire performer who used to work as a TV presenter. Then a huge natural catastrophe came her way and swept her old life way. Not only did she survive the Tsunami in Khao Lak Thailand 2004, but the Tsunami that hit her life after that is the storyof her true survival. After five years of struggle and emigration from Sweden – and the pain of leaving her 5 year old son behind, Sandra returned and slowly started to build herself up again from scratch. This was when her company ‘SoulFitness’ was born. Today her Company is well established and her public speaking tour- ’From Pain to Power’ is taking place worldwide.

What do you love about the art of public speaking?


That it is so alive and naked! That You have the possibility to reach out and make a change. Also it is the oldest way of communicating. It is the most sincere way to do it. No editing. No chance to change it in that live moment. What you deliver, you deliver. And the connection with the audience is there and then.

What do you want your audience to remember from your presentation?

I want them to waken their own power and to feel empowered. To dare to take off all masks and to be naked. I want them to be inspired and to find their own strength by giving them some tools to turn their deepest pain into their power. Also, I want people to see that there are ‘other ways’. Too many people go through life not really ‘living.’ Doing just what others and society expects from them. We are here to find our own truth and path. To make a stand. To use our own very unique gifts and power to leave our own prints on the world. And it does not matter where you come from, EVERYONE has their own story and brand. I am so extremely passionate to help people find their way and to live their dreams. I see each unique individual and I want to help and motivate them to really be who they are sent here to be. Thats’ why I created my online course, ’The Brand of You’. And I decided to give 10% discount on that course- for booking it during the ‘Global Woman Summit in New York on the 14th -15th July. I also want to be remembered as someone who is standing up for the children. ALL children. They really are our future and I feel I have a huge responsibility.

Through my clown character, Mary, I help them to keep their magic and the rights of being a child as far as possible. I am working with children and teenagers who struggle early in life – being born or raised in tough environments. Many of them are suicidal. I help them find life and happiness and to encourage them to believe in a good future.

How do you remember the beginning of your career in speaking?

Very emotional. Since I have chosen ‘transparency’ to be my greatest tool – it gets very personal – and to be able to deliver that claims a lot of self-control. This was difficult in the beginning but I get better and better at being in the emotion but not being emotional. I have been on stage and in front of cameras my whole life – but this is a new field. And it is a very important one. I am on a mission and my soul is truly more on fire then ever!

What are the challenges that you have had to face in life?

I moved away from home when I was only 15 years old. Becoming an adult that early was a challenge itself, but to also study full time and working to be able to pay rent and bills was really hard. When I was working as a TV presenter and was ‘on top of my TV career’ life decided to take a turn for the worse. I went from living in a huge house, being successful and having a good income to losing it all – my health, my job, my home, all my money, security and even my dignity. It has been a huge challenge to rise up again from all this. To hit the rock bottom as hard as I have done there is only one way to go – and that is up. Because below is only death. I have faced death several times. And some parts of me have really died. But I have been reborn, and I believe it has been necessary for the journey and mission that I am now following. It is my life purpose.

It seems that from struggle to success is your motto in life. How do you do that everyday?

I am a survivor and it is in my bones. But I would not say its my motto to struggle. I would say though, that to find the keys of how to turn pain into power is a motto I certainly do have 🙂

We go though difficult things to grow and I choose to see the difficult things I have been through as only serving to build my strength today. It makes us who we are. And seeing the lessons and values you get from pain is very powerful. As long as you do things from your heart and choose to be authentic about it then no-one or nothing can harm you. And I have two beautiful sons. One who is 18 months old and one who is soon to be 18 years old. My first born has been through so much with me and we have talked a lot about me going public about my life. The first time he heard an interview I gave – with me being very transparent – he called me immediately afterwards in tears saying how much he loves me and how proud he is to be my son and for who I am. That means the world to me.

Share with us some tips for women who need to take control of their lives

Be authentic. Choose to be yourself no matter What. Do not follow the crowd and fight for your dreams and beliefs. Stand in your power and be proud. Don’t let the struggles get you down. Instead, turn things around and see what good things you have learned or got out of it. Use all the tools you can find to strengthen the true and powerful you. You are unique.

How do you feel attending the ‘Global Woman Summit 2018’? What are you going to say in your speech? What is your topic?

I feel very honoured and safe. To become a part of ‘Global Woman’ has been life-changing for me. The vision Mirela Sula has is fantastic. I have long been looking for a network where I would feel in my stomach and my whole system that, ‘This is something that I stand for all the way’. With ‘Global Woman’ I do. Being asked to attend the Summit is great. I really feel like a Global Woman entrepreneur and we have so much to accomplish, so many women and people to enlighten and empower. My topic will be ’From Pain to Power’ which is also the name of my coming book.

I am also really looking forward to sharing tools for ‘how to get there’. This is what my Company ‘SoulFitness’ is all about – and my soul is burning to help by making a change in people’s lives by encouraging the disheartened, motivating the repressed, help the hurt, strengthening the weak, inspiring the depressed and empowering the discouraged.

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