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Ross and Rachel or Jim and Pam: Data reveals TV’s most memorable kisses

One of the best things about TV shows is rooting for our favourite characters to get together. But while there’s much deliberation over our favourite onscreen coupleswhat about the kisses that started it all?

To uncover TV’s most memorable kisses, collected YouTube views of the top kisses in TV history and can now reveal all!

Most memorable TV kisses: The results 

 CoupleTV showYouTube views
1Ross and RachelFriends4,387,342
2Nick and JessNew Girl2,046,201
3Jake and AmyBrooklyn Nine-Nine1,672,211
4Jim and PamThe Office (US)1,330,653
5Seth and SummerThe OC1,105,035
6Mickey and IanShameless1,033,654
7Oliver and FelicityArrow998,729
8Damon and ElenaThe Vampire Diaries997,521
9Spike and BuffyBuffy the Vampire Slayer929,154
10House and CuddyHouse868,130
11Joey and PaceyDawson’s Creek755,982
12Tim and DawnThe Office (UK)750,935
13Piper and AlexOrange is the New Black645,709
14Chidi and EleanorThe Good Place541,127
15Mulder and ScullyThe X-Files435,169
16Veronica and LoganVeronica Mars377,439
17Jon and YgritteGame of Thrones337,439
18Will and AliciaThe Good Wife336,083
19Josh and DonnaThe West Wing299,102
20Booth and BrennanBones297,222

Perhaps one of the most iconic couples on TV, first place goes to Ross and Rachel in Friends. After trying it on but initially breaking up, the romantic reunited kiss after a prom video showing Ross’s everlasting love for Rachel has been viewed over 4 million times on YouTube (4,387,342). Turns out he really was her lobster! 

In second place is the crescendo of Nick and Jess’s dance of love in New Girl. Fans may have rooted for the couple from the get-go, but after a night of drunken games, the usually joking Nick grabs Jess off guard and shows her how he really feels with a seriously steamy kiss. The scene earned a massive 2,046,201 views.

Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago claim third place. Whilst sparks were seen here and there in the lighthearted cop comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the evidence room kiss took us all by a happy surprise, earning an impressive 1,672,211 views and proving the couple as one of our favourites.

Whilst just friends at first, we always knew Jim and Pam in The Office (US) would get together. But not before a heartbreaking admission of love from Jim who was rejected by Pam. His honest and emotional confession followed by a kiss in the office has been viewed 1,330,653 times and places them in fourth. Many of us still haven’t recovered emotionally from this scene.

At the other end of the table is Booth and Brennan from Bones. Whilst in 20th place, their passionate kiss in the rain which was cut short by a waiting taxi makes it all the more steamy and earned them a still respectable 297,222 YouTube views to date.

The table above shows the top 20 kisses, and a full breakdown of all kisses considered can be found here HERE.

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