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Most Popular Celebrity Beauty Videos of 2021

Despite the reopening of salons and hairdressers around the world, many of us look to social media to gather information and inspiration on the latest beauty, hair and skin trends. 

Recently, Gwyneth Paltrow’s SPF application had skincare experts and enthusiasts reeling and with Madison Beer’s soap brows still a hot topic on TikTok, a lot of conversation stems from online videos.

Interested in fashion and beauty, decided to investigate to find out which celebrity we turn to most for inspiration. By trawling through Vogue’s Beauty Secrets playlist on YouTube, were able to see which celebrity is the most popular in 2021 by calculating their likes to viewings ratio.

RankCelebrityYouTube ViewsYouTube Likes% likesYouTube Dislikes% dislikes
1Ellie Goldstein340,33626,0007.64%1840.05%
2Avani Gregg795,81044,0005.53%1,5000.19%
3Sydney Sweeney1,366,21771,0005.20%3100.02%
4Abigail Cowen891,86945,0005.05%2550.03%
5Gigi Hadid5,724,949272,0004.75%2,8000.05%
7Madison Beer6,281,714259,0004.12%4,2000.07%
8Nicola Peltz651,20124,0003.69%8010.12%
9Shalom Blac279,79910,0003.57%3890.14%
10Rachel Brosnahan439,02013,0002.96%1040.02%
11Gwyneth Paltrow734,86715,0002.04%16,0002.18%

Key results:

  • Ellie Goldstein, a British model advocating for more representation, is the biggest beauty inspiration of 2021 with a 7.64% likes to viewings ratio 
  • In second place, TikToker Avani Gregg boasts a respectable 5.53% likes to viewings ratio
  • Ranking in third, Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeney has a 5.2% likes to viewings ratio
  • Madison Beer,soap brow queen,who has the highest viewing figures (6,281,714) places seventh with a 4.12% likes to viewings ratio 
  • In total, the 11 celebrities have amassed 18,223,298 views and 810,000 likes on YouTube between them!

In first place, the beautiful 19 year old Ellie Goldstein has the most liked video of 2021! With 340,336 YouTube views and 26,000 likes, she has an impressive 7.64% likes to viewings ratio.

Social media starAvani Gregg has not only won the hearts of millions on TikTok, but also on her everyday makeup YouTube video which has racked up 795,810 views and 44,000 likes – a 5.53% likes to viewings ratio.

Ranking in third is Sydney Sweeney, who stars in the hit series Euphoria, with a respectable 5.2% likes to viewings ratio due to its 1,366,217 views and 71,000 likes.

On the other end is Gwyneth Paltrow with a 2.04% likes to viewings ratio. Her video achieved a massive 734,867 views but only received 15,000 likes – lowered by the misinformed SPF segment.

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