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Oprah Interviews: Study Reveals The Most Popular Of All Time

With the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’ Oprah interview airing on Sunday,’s TV division were eager to find out which celebrities they will be competing with to claim the crown of the most popular Oprah interview of all time.

To find out, experts at analysed the YouTube views and votes for the 50 most iconic celebrity Oprah interviews, ranking the most viewed and most ‘liked’ of them all.*

10 Most Viewed Oprah Celebrity Interviews:

RankCelebrity InterviewYearYouTube ViewsPositive Vote Ratio (%)
1Mike Tyson20099,918,91296.2%
2Michael Jackson19937,846,64495.4%
3Donald Trump19887,200,83194.6%
450 Cent20125,831,01997.6%
5Ellen DeGeneres19975,219,07997.8%
7Dave Chappelle20064,577,84194.2%
8Kim Kardashian20124,548,24188.4%
10Jada and Will Smith20102,778,79595.0%

Experts at can reveal that Mike Tyson’s 2009 interview stands as the most popular Oprah interview of all time with just under 10 million YouTube views (9,918,912 views). The heavyweight champion discussed his troubles with erratic behaviour and the loss of his daughter, seemingly capturing the hearts of the globe with 96% of votes on the interview clip being positive.

(PhotoCredits: KathyHutchins/Shutterstock)

Michael Jackson’s interview ranks as the second most popular Oprah interview. In 1993 the King of Pop discussed his childhood and career, accumulating over seven million and eight hundred thousand YouTube views. Despite the controversy surrounding the star, Jackson received a 95% positive votes ratio on the clip.

The third most popular Oprah interview is Donald Trump’s, which aired in 1988. Similarly to Jackson, Trump received over seven million views and a 95% positive votes ratio on YouTube.

Donald Trump is followed by 50 Cent (5,831,019 views), Ellen DeGeneres (5,219,079 views) and Rihanna (4,621,163 views) respectively ranking fourth, fifth and sixth.

10 Least Viewed Oprah Celebrity Interviews:

RankCelebrity InterviewYearYouTube Video Views Positive Vote Ratio (%)
1Bill Cosby199192,19686.9%
2Hillary Clinton200995,26489.3%
3Britney Spears200299,15596.9%
4Julia Roberts200499,50095.1%
5Kanye West2005115,73397.2%
6John Travolta2013121,61493.1%
7Chris Rock2003126,09198.7%
8Mackenzie Phillips2009164,85590.3%
9Barack Obama2004174,07392.0%
10Celine Dion2011191,07098.5%

Billy Cosby’s 1991 interview stands as the least viewed celebrity Oprah interview with 92,196 YouTube views and an 86.9% positive votes ratio7% lower than Mike Tyson’s.

Hilary Clinton follows closely behind in second place with 95,264 views and 89.3% of viewers voting positively.

Despite boasting a 96.9% positive vote ratioBritney Spears’ interview stands as the third least popular Oprah interview with just over 99,000.

Britney is followed by Julia Roberts (99,500 views), Kanye West (115,733 views) and John Travolta (121,614 views), respectively ranking fourth, fifth and six.

10 Oprah Interviews With The Highest Positive Vote Ratio:

RankCelebrity InterviewYearYouTube Video ViewsPositive Vote Ratio (%)
1Elizabeth Taylor1992547,14899.6%
2Jim Carrey1997715,24798.8%
3Chris Rock2003126,09198.7%
4Leonardo DiCaprio20041,674,46798.6%
5Ru Paul19951,646,90098.6%
6Tyra Banks1998227,99598.6%
7Celine Dion2011191,07098.5%
8Robin Williams19911,236,67398.4%
10Ellen DeGeneres19975,219,07997.8%

Elizabeth Taylor’s interview with Oprah, aired in 1992, has the highest positive votes ratio on YouTube – with 99.6% of voters ‘liking’ the clip. This is despite Taylor later apologising to Oprah for being so “tense”.

Jim Carrey’s 1997 interview boasts a 98.8% positive vote ratio, followed by Chris Rock (98.7%) in third place and Leonardo DiCaprio and Ru Paul in joint fourth place with 98.6% of voters leaving a like.

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