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Meet the New Regional Director of Stockholm: Jessica Schultz

As 2021 comes to an end, it’s time to celebrate new beginnings – Global Woman is excited to introduce you to our new Regional Director of Stockholm, Jessica Schultz. Born in Stockholm, the entrepreneur found her passion for travelling when visiting Greece at just seven years old. Marvelling at the different languages and cultures opened a new stream of possibilities and a chance to explore new ways and perspectives, shaping her to be the woman she is today. After years of working in the corporate world, Jessica was set free to explore the opportunities of the entrepreneurial world, and in her recreation, she dove deep into neuroscience, the psychology of success and the process of how to reframe, create and rediscover oneself and one’s purpose. Driven by curiosity and passion, Jessica guides people to find their authentic truth, unleashing the best version of themselves.

You are the new Global Woman regional director of Stockholm. How does it feel, and what is your vision for Global Woman Club Stockholm?

I feel very honoured and so excited to have the opportunity to work with Mirela Sula and her mission to empower and give women a microphone by creating an inspiring and supporting club. My vision is to have a local club with meaningful, fun, and inspirational physical network meetings as well as be a digital venue that is a “must visit” for all club members around the world. I would like to see the Stockholm club as a club that mixes the best of both worlds, great local meetings where business and pleasure meet, the place to go for businesswomen in Stockholm, and digital network meetings where great business connections are made, global friendships are formed and a shared learning environment is created.

How did you get involved with the Global Woman community? 

I became a member of the Stockholm club in December 2018, after I had been invited to a breakfast club meeting. It was love at first sight! The energy, the supportive atmosphere, and the like-minded women that all had a greater vision for themselves and their lives. After this first meeting, I signed up as a member and for the book project where I was one of the contributors of the book “The Power and Health of Womanity” published in November 2019.

You spent the majority of your career working in HR, before becoming your own boss, coaching and consulting. What led you down this path? 

I have always been a people’s person and one of my greatest fascinations has been human behaviour – why people do what they do. I learnt early in life to “read” people, and my passion always has been to help people. It was just a natural path to walk down – to help and support people and organisations to grow and develop. Having a bachelor’s degree in sociology led me into wanting to explore more in-depth what makes a great organisation. And I don’t think anyone will argue with me if I say that it is about the people, and most importantly, leadership on all levels. The mix of these perspectives interests me greatly, and having an impact on this is the reason for my career in HR.

The reason I became my own boss was a matter of freedom and flexibility. I am driven by curiosity and love to grow and develop which I find I do best when I am my own “boss”. I call the shouts in my life, and I love the freedom of choice that working on my own brings. It opens plenty of opportunities to different projects and joint ventures with people that share common interests and professional goals like me – and this is the spice to my life.

In 2017, you ‘hit a wall’, exhausted from an overload of work. Can you tell us more about this period of your life? What kept you motivated to find yourself again?

I have always been a performance-driven person and a huge part of my identity used to be in “doing”. I have always been looking for more, for success, for excitement and variety. It was a bit like I was chasing the rainbow. Once I thought I had found the treasure, it was no longer there. The only problem was that I was looking outside of myself and totally disregarded my own needs and did not listen to my body. One day, I was not able to step out of bed and my legs did not carry me. The stress collapse was a fact. I had lost control of myself and had no idea who I was.

What kept me motivated was my children – I had to be there for them, and I owed them to be the best mother I could be. I had to start to re-explore myself all over again. Spending time in nature, time in meditation, time in complementation and time finding out what I like and what I enjoy. Journaling daily has been a great tool to get in contact with me and find myself again.

Travelling is an essential part of your life – what is the most fulfilling aspect of travelling? Do you have a favourite destination? 

I think the reason why I am so passionate about travelling is my curiosity and that I love to meet new people, get to meet new cultures, new foods and the variety travel brings. The excitement to experience new cultures, destinations and people is so fulfilling. My absolute favourite place is Bali. The people have found happiness in the small things in life, everything is a ceremony and celebration of life – it is just so beautiful and peaceful. Bali really opened up my spirituality and for the first time in my life, I felt deeply connected to the source of life.

What does female empowerment mean to you?

Female empowerment for me means that women are given the same opportunities and can live the life of their choice. That each woman can speak their truth, that they have a sense of self-worth and knowingness that they can do whatever they like to do in life. Women need role models and support from other women to step into their power and shine, and this is where I see Global Woman as an important platform for women’s empowerment.

If you could give three pieces of advice to women entering the business world, what would it be?

Be persistent and keep on going. Ask for support and help from others that have done what you want to do. There is no such thing as a failure, it is instead feedback – a sign that something must change and be done differently.

Be patient. Rome was not built in one day. Some days are tough and really suck and remind you that all good things take time and that you have all you need within you.  

Be passionate about what you do. To have your own business takes time, often more time than being employed and if you’re not passionate about it, it will never work. For me, it is more of a lifestyle, and I am looking to create work-life integration with the passions in my life. You must have a strong “why” that you can remind yourself about, especially on those tough days. Do what you love, and the rewards will be there for you to collect.

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