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Lady Ele: Women can do what scares them the most

Tropical R’n’B artist Lady Ele recently featured on Fox News for releasing album “After 8” with the song “You and I” streaming globally & taking the radio stations in Jamaica by storm, invites us to hear her point of view as a global woman making strides in music and business, finding herself living the lifestyle she spent 20 years visualizing and affirming thru vision boards, self discipline and mantras from being a little girl. Dreaming of pursuing a music career growing up in a small town in Sweden to moving to Los Angeles to study music, working in Hollywood, entering motherhood to now running a Forbes featured business in Jamaica, she shares her gems of knowledge to her success.

It all started in a apartment on the 5th floor in Stockholm, Sweden. Lady Ele, born Eleonore Hansson to a Swedish mother and a Tunisian father, fell madly in love with music and tropical vibes at the age of 5 after experiencing a tropical live band performing live in her living room while visiting her then sour american stepfather in Sweden.

 “I recall waking up in the middle of the night and hearing angelic chords of a harp playing from my living room. I thought I was dreaming but soon realized the music was coming from inside our apt and when I sat down on the the living room floor experiencing something like a swarm of music notes taking over me, I fell into a deep trance of music, and I never really left that trance.

Growing up witnessing domestic abuse, music was always my first outlet for my emotional state and a form of therapy as it comforted me. I put up posters of my idols all over my walls, not knowing the power of visualization but later learning about it and that is why I believe I ended up working with, meeting or befriending those same artists or the producers of their music.

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