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Joe St Clair: 3 Tips from Joe

In each edition of the magazine we are including three life-changing tips taken from the best-selling book “100 Tips for Total Life Fulfilment” by Joe St Clair, to inspire our readers.

Tip One – Surround yourself with positive influences only
All day, every day of our lives, we are surrounded – if not bombarded – with things that influence us. Some of these influences are direct and obvious but many are subtle and almost imperceptible. Whether we like it or not other people, society at large and other cultural and environmental factors are constantly trying to stamp their influence on us. And it works.

In order to understand how we are being influenced we need to firstly recognise the fact that we are being constantly manipulated by subliminal influences and secondly, and much more importantly, we need to make a mental decision to be very selective about what we are willing to put up with – and what we will no longer tolerate.

For example, think about the people around you – because these are usually your biggest ‘influencing factors’. Are they vibrant, positive, enthusiastic, highly motivated, optimistic, fun, successful? Or are they lethargic, dull, lazy, pessimistic, non-achievers? The fact is that who ever you choose to mix with will be a huge influencing factor on your own views and perceptions of life.

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