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The Power of Intuitive Parenting: A Transformative Approach – Tracy Morley

In a world inundated with parenting manuals and expert advice, Tracy Morley stands out by embracing the often-overlooked power of intuition. This approach centres on trusting one’s innate sense of understanding and connection with their children rather than solely relying on external guidance. Tracy’s unwavering reliance on intuition has uniquely shaped her journey as a parent to four remarkable young adults. She has developed a deep, almost instinctual understanding of her children’s needs and personalities. This intuitive method has fostered strong, trusting relationships, creating a family dynamic built on mutual respect and open communication. These relationships stand as a testament to the profound impact that intuitive parenting can have. Tracy’s family’s success highlights the importance of listening to one’s inner voice and instincts. Ultimately, it highlights that sometimes the best parenting advice comes from within, leading to more meaningful and connected family bonds.

What inspired you to become an advocate for intuitive parenting, and how do you believe it can transform the way we nurture our children?

My inspiration came from my 4 kids and the conversations we have about parenting  paradigms over the ages. My children are all adults now and my eldest is a parent  themselves. We are courageously curious about many things but especially about our power  of choice in life and the resources within us. Curiosity is a doorway to intuition and we  recognised that there’s a difference between instinct and intuition. Get curious now and ask  yourself now “ When did I make a decision from a place where I felt no fear or doubt, but a  deep sense of knowing that defied logic?” That’s your unique feeling of intuition. Imagine  tuning into this feeling, moment by moment, more and more as we move throughout our day.  Imagine the time and energy we can save and the impact it will have on nurturing ourselves and our children. This infinite field of energy and information is all around us and connects  us all. Imagine migratory birds tuning into these frequencies and flowing as one.

The importance of being a parent created a quest in me to heal my stuff. I reached out to  many incredible thought leaders, who through sharing their transformation stories, resonated  with mine. I aim now ready to sew golden threads of intuition into this tapestry of life we are  all creating.  

Focusing on the needs of parents is one of the core pillars of Intuition Legacy, along side  other passions I have regarding what we are all saying about Intuition through film, TV and  Music, the power of stories and metaphor. There’s a collaborative energy here I believe flows  from Intuition. One of the easiest ways I tune into that flow feeling of intuition is though  breath, meditation music and films. Choose what connects you to your intuitive feeling. 

How do you help parents connect with and trust their innate wisdom in your work, and what impact have you seen on their relationships with their children?

Trusting in my own innate wisdom, that feeling of a knowing, keeps me curious and  openminded. It guided me to qualifying as a practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming,  Timeline Therapy, Hypnosis, and Havening. I have intuitively moulded these into a process I  call The Time Key Method. Here I listen for the deep questions they are asking and help  them understand how they organise their relationship to Time and Energy so they can rise  above it and create their lives from a more expansive place. I introduce clients to their own  unique Timeline, their relationship with Time, so they can remember and connect to what intuition feels like for them. Its unique for everyone. By tuning into these feelings they can  amplify them and send out these signal instead. I believe Intuition is the energy that creates  worlds that we all have access to, always.  

Can you see the difference and importance of tuning into this and becoming aware of limiting programs that  prevent this energy flow?  

When I work with clients I tune into their words and the energy behind their words to unveil  their beliefs. Then the deep questions they are asking surface. Courageous, questions lead  to courageous unlimited answers, so be ready. Choosing the thoughts you want to dance  with, lead to feelings, lead to actions, that are more in alignment with who we want to be. We  are then showing our children how to be and how to trust in this super power.   

Can you elaborate on the patterns and programming you’ve identified that support intuitive parenting and how they serve the greater whole?

Every stage of my parenting has been an awakening process for me. Tuning to the deep love  I have for my children showed me the lack of love I had towards myself due to programming  from my childhood. 

For example, the warm loving hugs I gave my children and the joy of reading them bedtime  stories, triggered sadness in me as I realised I did not receive this level of love and nurturing  as a child. My Dad left Mum when my sister and I were only 4 and 5. I now understand my  Mum’s pain and anger. It felt like Mum had barbed wire around her heart because the pain of  loving and then being abandoned was too much. Mum was angry and resentful most of the  time and in my confusion I would tiptoe around the eggshells, wondering what I had done so  wrong to make her so angry. Without the understanding I have now, I coded in toxic beliefs –  It’s my fault mum’s angry, I’m too much, I’m in the way and not worthy of love. Fear of rejection and abandonment was active in my programming. As a result I was a YES mum to  every desire my kids had, even at the expense of myself. Even though this appeared loving,  it was coming from a place of needing to be loved accepted and adored. It was exhausting  and unsustainable. Intuition stepped in after the birth of may fourth child, when I felt scared  that I wouldn’t be able to cope and give the kids the love they deserved. This is when an  epiphany happened. I had a vision that would change the course of my life forever.   

Intuitive came through me via a vision in a dream.  

I was a 17th century peasant girl, ploughing a field. Ancient ridge and furrow surrounded me,  and I was sinking in clay mud. A heavy wooden plough, yolked across my shoulders, weighed me down. This voice of intuition asked me, “ What are you doing, Tracy?” Looking  down at my muddy hemp skirt I saw a linen bag strapped to my belt. As my fingers reached  into the bag I answered in surprise, “I’m planting acorns”.  

The voice of intuition replied “ You know the thing about acorns is they take time to grow but  when they do, they’re strong and resilient and create a safe place in the cycle of life for  many.” 

Feeling a new found sense of purpose and strength the grey clouds thinned. Feeling stronger  and encouraged I noticed hedges in the distance sectioning more fields and I started to feel  overwhelmed again. The warm loving voice reassured me, “ They’re not yours. You’re not the  only one doing this. You are part of a bigger story. You will never have more than you can  handle.” I looked up towards a tree on the hill, and this voice continued “ You can rest there  and talk to me whenever you need. I am always here.”  

The sky cleared, revealing blue skies and sunshine. The thick clay transformed into rich,  crumbling soil. Energy flowed through me. I felt supported, uplifted and purposeful. It was  amazing. Naturally, when I woke up the next morning, my busy life and responsibilities as a  parent and partner were still there, yet my perception of my role and ability had transformed  with this, one beautiful vision. This metaphor was already enough to meet my needs but,  something even more mind blowing happened 18 months later. We wanted to move as a  family and we booked to view a house called -The Retreat, in a village we had never been to  before. As we drove up the driveway, there in front of me was the vision, the hedges, the hill,  the tree, even the rare ancient ridge and furrow on the land. I wanted to fall to my knees  with praise and gratitude. Not only had a vision transcended Time to connect a Past and  Present but a Future manifestation. I feel so loved by this that I want to share the possibility  with everyone. I used to feel as if I has empty black holes within me but now I realise this  space is full of potential energy for creating the life of your biggest dreams. It knows no limits  and transcends TIME. Let’s tune into how Intuition will show up for you, be excited and  surrender to it with courageous questions because the courageous answers await you. 

What are the key differences between instinct and intuition?

Instinct vs. intuition 

In my book, I delve into the intricate relationship between these concepts and how, as parents, we often prioritise teaching boundaries to ensure our children navigate the world safely. This is essential in the early stages of development, as it provides a sense of security and structure. 

However, as children grow and develop, there’s a need to transition from these instinctual, survival-oriented boundaries to more intuitive, connected ways of being. This shift allows for a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them, fostering empathy, creativity, and a sense of oneness.

By recognising and addressing the limitations that rigid boundaries can impose, parents can encourage their children to explore and trust their intuition. This process involves balancing safety and freedom, guiding children to understand when boundaries are necessary and when it’s beneficial to transcend them.

What are some common challenges parents face when trying to trust their intuition, and how can they overcome these obstacles?

A key one is Time and our relationship with Time. Our limited perception of Time can creates  stress ands misaligned decisions that can create more stress . For example, I recall many moments where I was stressed getting my kids up and out for school on Time. These societal  expectations are there and if we are not present, they can trigger stress. I remember when  my youngest didn’t want to go to school, feeling fearful and stuck. Regular tummy problems  occurred at these times. I intuitively knew she needed time to untangle her emotions. I  reassured her that taking time for her emotions and understanding them was more important  than being “On Time” for school. This happened on and off for weeks until eventually she felt  loved and understood and started to feel the ownership over her self and her made friends  with her emotions. 

If Time is a stressor for you as a parent, take some deep breaths every morning as you  wake. Set an intention and give it energy with a statement like “I am intuitive and I will enjoy  tuning into this today”. Create time to journal your own phrases that reveal what you believe  about Time? What if, becoming aware and changing them them saves you Time and energy.  Let’s play with it. The next Time that feeling of overwhelm shows up, spend a moment to  “PAUSE’. Imagine pressing the pause button on a TV remote. Breath space into the moment.  Slow it all down and allow that power of Intuition to rise. Trust me, I spent so much time on  the back foot, reacting to my environment, here you get to choose. You will feel safer and  more energy will flow through all parts of you. . What if, Time has our back, Time is on our  side. 

In my therapy / coaching work we rewrite the scripts and replay the edited movies along our  timeline whenever we want. The Time Key Method I’ve created allows all of time to be here in  the present. All the learnings and wisdom of the past and all the desires for the future are all  here NOW. 

In what ways do you believe intuitive parenting fosters confidence and resilience in children, and how can this impact future generations?

I share my stories, beliefs and understandings in my book called “The Present Parent, 7  Intuitive Levels to Build a Legacy for Your Children”. I believe, as we tune into thoughts,  beliefs and concepts of intuition we translate this into chemical feelings, and this is received  deeper than words by our children. Children are purer intuitive beings with less limiting programs. As a parent, I have observed similar patterns and cycles in myself and in each of  my children. I invite you to explore these layers and contemplate these patterns with me.

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