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The S.A.D.H.N.A System: A New Era of Holistic Healing by Sadhna Chaman

Discover the revolutionary S.A.D.H.N.A System, created by Sadhna Chaman, a leading figure in holistic health. This innovative system merges spirituality, discipline, homeopathy, and neuroscience to address chronic conditions at their source. The S.A.D.H.N.A System is designed to offer a comprehensive and transformative approach to wellness, emphasizing the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. By incorporating ancient wisdom and modern science, it provides a unique framework for healing that goes beyond symptom management. This holistic method has proven effective in helping women and children achieve lasting health improvements. Sadhna Chaman brings a wealth of expertise as a second-generation homeopath, ensuring a deep understanding of natural healing practices. Clients have experienced profound changes, finding relief from chronic ailments through this integrated approach. Join us as we explore how the S.A.D.H.N.A System is setting new standards in holistic health and well-being.

What inspired you to become a Mind-Body Transformation Specialist and a Homeopath?

My inspiration stems from when I was a little girl probably around the age of 8 or 9. My mother had just lost her mother and was going through what I now realise was a combination of grief, depression, and perimenopause. Alongside, she would suffer from a lot of tummy pains. We would both go and visit a lady who lived a few houses away on our road and she would massage my mother’s tummy and alleviate her pain symptoms. I used to attentively watch her do this. On occasions at home, my mother would ask me to massage her tummy, and I would do so, and her pain would disappear. At this point, I would feel so happy, and my mother would be so grateful for the difference I made to her with my tiny hands. It was then that I realised that each time I was able to take my mother’s pain away and make a difference to her quality of health and life. I remember feeling joyful doing this, and wanting to help her more. It was at this point that the spark within me to help others was ignited.

Can you explain the components of the S.A.D.H.N.A System and how each element contributes to healing?

Over the past 30+ years I have acquired skills and training in the most powerful modalities to heal the mind and body and as a result have developed the S.A.D.H.N.A System which comprises of:

S – Spirituality: we are spiritual beings and all the healing modalities I practice and offer my clients include reiki, homeopathy, delivering activation meditations to heal the subconscious mind and balance our energy, emotions, and physical state of being from within. These modalities are so powerful and take us back to our essence which I believe is so profound and beautiful.

A – Ancient Wisdom – Whether it’s aligning the flow of masculine and feminine energy within, reflexology which stimulates the energy flow through reflex points in the feet, homeopathy which as a holistic and personalised healing modality, chakra balancing, again, enhancing greater flow by stimulating blocked energy centres in the body all are healing the person on the mental, emotional, physically and spiritual level. Same with essential oils, homeobotanical herbs, and flower essences as they are forms of healing with plant medicine, all based on ancient wisdom philosophies and practices enabling a person to heal and balance on all levels. These have all been available to us long before modern medicine was ever invented.

D- Discipline – I believe that transformation takes place when we believe in ‘possibility,’ that it exists on a universal level, but more importantly possibility exists for us personally. Once we believe this, even if it’s in the most minute level, we can begin to shift energetically. Disciplined effort will become our norm, guiding us and motivating us to our new version of BE-ing, deeply rooted with our intention, mental clarity, and most importantly, with taking aligned action. That’s what I empower my clients to practice.

H – Homeopathy is a beautiful natural system of medicine that heals an individual on the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level. It addresses the symptoms a person presents as well as the root cause in a natural and holistic way. It is highly effective at treating a person taking into account their hereditary aspects, childhood trauma and experiences, their current presenting symptoms, unique characteristics, personality, health history, and a lot more.

N – Neuroscience – I love this most wonderful scientific approach that helps us rewire our brains and expand our thinking beyond the constraints of our current awareness and reasoning. I have created some wonderful 1:1 and group programs to help my clients transform their thinking, heal their past, and activate their future health and potential in the most profound, prompt, and powerful way to create transformation in their lives,

A – Activation – For me, ‘activation’ underpins everything I do, and beautifully from within! Activation leads to transformation. It’s the natural and holistic process of gently stimulating one’s innate healing capacity with the least amount of external influence to yield the greatest and most profound results in a person’s health and life.

How did your personal experiences with chronic illness influence your professional journey and approach to treatment?

I was diagnosed with a chronic illness whilst studying homeopathy, working part-time, and raising a young family. I led a busy lifestyle, although with very little down time, it was very fulfilling and enriching but busy phase of my life. In my mind I was thriving, enjoying every aspect of it, but my body was telling me otherwise! I clearly was too busy to listen, until my body came crashing down on me and grinded me to a halt.

My personal experience of chronic illness has most definitely had a huge part to play in influencing my professional journey as I would never want my clients to go through what I went through by feeling misunderstood and struggling alone. However, reflecting back it has been a wonderful journey of healing and learning and has brought me to where I am today, sharing my knowledge, skills, training and lived experience with women, empowering them to take control of their health and life.

My experience has taught me so much. For me, the most profound learning has been that the human body is incredibly powerful, if given the right support it has the power to heal itself. I’ve also learned how resilient the human body is, it can take so much abuse thrown at it every day through bad habits, negative thoughts, poor lifestyle choices with food, and other addictive influences. I’ve also learned emotions (both conscious and unconscious ones) and past experiences play a huge part in our physical and emotional health. 

I’m also an empathic person and strike a good balance between listening understanding my clients, then empowering them to take control of their health and life by releasing the blocks to their symptoms and the root cause. I understand what women go through, and I know that I can help them along their healing journey

If I can address my health naturally and heal, then anyone can, what’s required is the desire to and make a non-negotiable declaration to themselves to commit to their healing journey and ultimately their life. 

What are some common misconceptions about homeopathy and how do you address them in your practice?

One misconception is that homoeopathy is effective but very slow to take effect. This is not necessarily true. Firstly, I have seen shifts in energy and symptoms take place in the consultation room. The skill is in identifying the depth and gravity of the symptoms and addressing them appropriately with homeopathy. Secondly, one needs to understand that symptoms take time to manifest in the mind and body, they don’t necessarily just appear one day, they develop over time and there are many contributory factors to consider and address when taking the case, for example, a person’s timeline of major events in their life, childhood, hereditary factors, physical symptoms, emotional symptoms, medication and treatments taken over the years and more. So it’s a case of investigating the greater influences and addressing those gradually, similar to the ‘onion theory’ of life.

Another misconception is that one can’t take homeopathy alongside conventional medicine. This is not true. Homeopathy can complement the medicine that a person is taking. It can bridge the gap between how the person is currently feeling and desires to feel. Secondly, if the long-term intention is to strengthen ones emotional and physical body so that one day their GP or professional can possibly reduce the medication, homeopathy may be able to support that process. Finally, if the person is looking to counteract the side effects medication is having on the body, then homeopathy can assist with that too.

Thirdly, homeopathy is a placebo – it doesn’t work. Well, if homeopathy is a placebo then why is it so highly effective for animals and babies?

Can you share a success story of a client who overcame chronic illness through your methods?

I have so many! One is of a lady who had been struggling with psoriasis and prolonged and irregular menstrual cycles after the birth of both her children several years ago. Her symptoms had become unbearable and debilitating affecting her quality of life. I gave her remedies to address the symptoms, step by step, layer by layer addressing all the influences that could have impacted her health over the years, mentally, emotionally, and physically. During her treatment, her father passed away too and that had a further knock-on effect on her health too. I addressed the grief she was experiencing also. Within a year all her symptoms had disappeared her menstrual cycle normalised and her skin condition disappeared too.

How do you integrate Spirituality, Ancient Wisdom, and Neuroscience Activation into your treatment plans?

One of my key values is to serve authentically from a place of love, which means putting my client’s needs first and to always serve with their highest good at the forefront of my mind. My approach is to always give the best support.

Homeopathy is a gentle yet powerful ‘whole person’ approach taking in to account the mind, body and spirit. My reason for training in NLP, TimeLine Therapy™ and Energy Breakthrough Method® modalities of healing was to firstly give my clients choice as to the method by which they would like to transform their health and life with my support.

But more importantly, I wanted to create huge transformations in the clients I serve. My belief was that if I could address the mind symptoms at the unconscious and conscious level (which are the emotional GPS to physical health) by rewiring and reframing a person’s thoughts and beliefs, heal their past experiences, traumas, patterns and habits which may be at the root of their physical health, then I am succeeding in working towards aligning the mind-body connection, as we understand it. Creating new neural pathways to the brain to think, feel and act differently opens the doorway for the homeopathy to take effect at the cellular level in an even more profound and prompt way, which is a win: win for my client and myself!

Every consultation has a specific approach and focus based on the individual’s needs at the time. I may integrate some NLP and Energy Breakthrough Method® tools with homeopathy but primarily during a homeopathic consultation clients are supported with homeo-botanical herbs, essential oils and flower essences if deemed to be of benefit for the individual at the time. The NLP, TimeLine Therapy™ and Energy Breakthrough Method® support is tailored laser focused support offered through in-person and online 1:1 support and online group coaching.

What unique challenges do women over 40 face regarding hormonal imbalances, and how does your approach specifically address these?

The unique challenges women face regarding hormonal imbalances range from burnout, lack of sleep, brain fog, diminishing physical energy, joint pains, low libido, irregular menstrual cycle, lack of emotional control, frustration, resentment, not feeling heard or understood, a feeling of overwhelm and exhaustion, a sense of feeling trapped in the sandwich generation, a lack of clarity over future personal goals, aspirations, self-worth and self-belief. 

How do you support children on the autistic spectrum through homeopathy and your holistic approach?

I take a full case history from the health of the parents before conception, through pregnancy, delivery, and beyond to the present time. I understand the child’s behaviours, emotional state, level of understanding, their response to external influences, what aggravates or ameliorates their symptoms, diet, sleep, lifestyle, their progress with milestones, any treatment they have had so far, their social skills, etc. I try to understand every area of their life as much as possible and then give homeopathy and herbs alongside. Again, healing can take time especially as their symptoms have been developing slowly over a period of years now. Homeopathy is a highly effective form of healing for this reason. I always say to the parents, that it is important to have the long-term future goal in mind as the aim should be for the child to be as independent and successful as possible as a young adult, so investing time and patience with homeopathy is key.

What advice would you give to someone skeptical about alternative therapies like homeopathy?

My suggestion would be that if you have not experienced the benefits of homeopathy then I invite you to give it a try. Even if you are not suffering from a diagnosed illness per se, it may just help you cope with day-to-day stress, better quality of sleep, clarity of thought and mind, first aid, travel symptoms, shock, grief, and more! There are so many ways homeopathy can naturally support your health and wellbeing. Many of us were unsure until we experienced homeopathy for ourselves and our loved ones!

What are your future goals for your practice and the development of the S.A.D.H.N.A System?

I am in the process of releasing my very first online group program next month, Optimise Your Life – Discover Your True Self. I’m very excited about this and can’t wait to share it with the world. My mission is to touch and transform as many lives as I can globally. In the current digital age that we’re living in, it is very possible to transform lives all over the world. That’s my goal, purpose and my dream!

Sadhna is based in Buckinghamshire UK and offers her services in person and online. To find out more visit





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