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I want to inspire people to wake up to the truth of who they really are

Gulrukh Khan

“All humans should have the option to develop their leadership capabilities regardless of their gender”

By Mirela Sula

When Gulrukh was growing up she was not sure what path she wanted to follow as there were so many options available. She was fascinated by music, theatre, film, books and also esoteric and metaphysical subjects. She used to watch a lot of films and documentaries and was especially mesmerised by stories to do with our planet and ecosystem. She also thrived on watching science fiction and romances. She grew up in a professional family and her father was very proactive in promoting visiting artists and musicians from the subcontinent. These artists were either very well known or went on to become big names in their various fields.

In her formative years Gulrukh discovered she had a high degree of sensitivity towards people who were suffering from ailments. She seemed to be able to tune into their pain and facilitate the healing of it; either through listening to them and offering quite advanced advice or by being able to lay her hand on the part of the body where they were experiencing pain – and somehow being able to facilitate its healing. Elderly ladies of her grandmother’s generation used to ask Gulrukh to massage their hands, and she loved doing it.

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