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Veronica Sosa: I believe in my relationship capital

Veronica Sosa

I believe in my relationship capital

By Mirela Sula

Veronica was born and raised in Venezuela and had a comfortable childhood. Her father was a doctor and her mother was a lawyer. There were four children, one boy and three girls. Veronica, being the eldest, meant that she had the responsibility of setting an example for the others. She was just fourteen when her parents got divorced and, although it was a difficult time being a teenager, because she was in a private school, playing volleyball and hanging out with friends, it provided a helpful distraction from what was happening at home.

Veronica was a good student until she reached ninth grade. Then she realised that she would like to try and do different things. She soon grew tired of the monotony and started feeling like the ‘odd one out’ in the house – like the Spanish say, “the green dog of the house”. Her father wanted her to follow in his footsteps and become a doctor but it was not where her passion lay.

“When your parents tell you to follow a career that will bring you good money – and also tell you it will make you happy, you believe them.”

As Veronica explains; “When your parents tell you to follow a career that will bring you good money – and also tell you it will make you happy, you believe them.” So to keep her father happy she studied odontology for a year but felt out of place so much that her self- esteem went down. “So I decided to spread my wings because I felt lost and I did not have much luck with love either. In fact love was painful” So at the age of 24 Veronica decided to go and live in the Canary Islands for over twelve years. In the Canaries she started at the bottom, working at a pub called Harley’s and then rose to become the Director of a marketing and publicity Company.




When I asked Veronica what she experienced at that time, she answers: “In my professional life it was perfect but in terms of love it was terrible because I did not know how to love myself…” After a couple of failed relationships she finally met ‘the one’ and then got married. Now they have a beautiful princess. While talking with her I understood that there have been a lot of up’s and down’s in her relationship. They decided to move to Belgium and that was when she touched bottom – living in a different country with a foreign language, really cold weather and no friends. She had started a journey of pain and she was crying almost every day. She was drowning and her relationship with her husband fell apart.”

Later things improved. As Veronica explains, “I went with a friend, Joselyn Quintero, to a seminar and since that day I moved into the world of personal development and empowered myself. I could finally escape the depression I had got myself into. The process of discovering myself was really beautiful. Little by little I fell in love with what I do and I am now completely dedicated to my work”.

This is a very inspiring story that many of us can relate to. Now Veronica has managed to overcome the challenges that life put in front of her including motherhood. She managed to have a good relationship with her daughter’s father because they understand that they must set a good example for her. “We need to learn to grow as human beings and especially learn how to forgive ourselves. In my case I failed at personal relationships. I was searching for acceptance and love from others, without accepting or loving myself. That was when I learnt to love myself completely, showed the willingness to grow and look to the future and recognise that I am not perfect, but that I will always strive to be better.


Nheglys Hernández- Spain

Your story seems to show that you are a truly global woman – when did you start to move out of your comfort zone?

That’s right, I will always have the will power to do things but when I was younger I did not have any structure or plan. My energy was amazing and my ideas as well. The only thing that did not work at that time was love. I did not love myself even though I always took action. Nowadays the personal development has helped me to focus my energies in the right direction So I believe it is really important to love yourself first and trust your instincts.

What have you learned from traveling in different parts of the world?

I have learned so many things and those things have made me grow and made me become who I am today. It is amazing to know people from all over the world, their culture and their languages, I have always been curious about how we can see things from another perspective. Even though we are all human we are so different from each other so it is a challenge for me to deliver a message. I think the most important one is transmitted through love. We all need to feel and be loved.



What motivated you to migrate to Belgium and how is your life style there?

I moved to Belgium because of my daughter Laura. Her father was born in Belgium so we decided that it was the best choice we could give to her. First because of her Belgian family, the education in different languages and maybe more opportunities for her to experiment with the world that surrounded her so she can choose her path and be happy with the choices she wants to make.

It seems that you are a person that embraces change very easy and you adapt to the world you live in giving the best you can. How did you develop this skill?

Being resilient is a state that you can achieve if you work at it. I do not embrace all change easily but it take me less time to embrace issues and deal with them as I did before. I have a little bit of a temper sometimes so that helped! One thing I have learned is that if you give the best of you then your life will be fulfilled with beautiful opportunities – so if you focus on the ‘good’ you will always see the good around you. Of course you have bad times but there will always be something or someone who shows you the right path. So it is a choice. Surround yourself with the people who make your life glow and shine.



Who are the people that have supported you on this journey?

This is a really difficult question to answer because there have been so many people that have been with me during my life that have helped me even without knowing it. All of them have contributed in some way or other to make my life better. My family of course have always been there, specially my mother. Also, my team – as without them I wouldn’t have been able to achieve every single goal – and of course to my coaches, JT Foxx and his organisation (Damien, Dana, Jason and all of them. They know who they are) They have taught me the fundamentals of Business and Relationships, so I now base my success in my relationship capital and I gather the best people around me to build better joint ventures – so we can all have a better life.

You are now a very successful business woman – what is the secret of your success?

I would say that I base my success in three key words “Be You-nique” It is important to respect your feelings and what you love to do in life which then gives you the power to continue with passion the journey that you have to travel . Also, “Be a Giver.” That means giving with the heart, without expecting to receive. That will open all the doors of your career. Sometimes you might find people that might betray you on your path but you have to take it as a lesson. We always have to learn from mistakes and keep giving with our hearts. And the third maxim is “Be Coachable.” I have learned to listen to people who have already been there and done that. I’m sure it would have cost me more and more money and time if I had not learned from others experience. I am not saying that is it’s impossible to reach success alone, but it is 100 percent better to enjoy victory with people that believe in you and have supported you all the way. It is beautiful to celebrate together all the goals that have been reached.



What makes you proud and how do you usually manage success?

To read all the messages from people around the world who feel inspired by things I do makes my day – but even more when my daughter tells me that she would love to be like me. So I take her with me on some of my trips so she can enjoy my happiness and be around like-minded people looking for the best for everyone and reaching levels of high energy! So I manage my success that way. We have to work on our body, mind and soul. It means constant work and us women have the beautiful gift of having four seasons in one month. So there is loads to do and we need to find that balance.

A successful entrepreneur with many achievements in business – is this a talent that you are born with or you have developed this during your path of growth?

I truly believe that we are all born with a talent and when you figure out what it is and work on it then it brings rewards. Being an entrepreneur is about passion, action and a little bit of obsession and without these traits I do not think it is possible to achieve anything in life. I think my whole life needed structure and that’s what my coaches gave me – and that’s what I now give to people with love and passion. So yes, you are born with that and over time you perfect it.



 What would you consider to be your biggest achievement in life?

For me to be fulfilled and happy is the main thing in my life. If I feel happy then people around me can feel and be happy as well. So to love myself was the best achievement and to grow without limited beliefs that can make you feel sad and down. So once I learned to give myself value then my life started to make sense. My family, friends, clients and all the people around me are the ones that I want to have and share time with. My daughter can look up to me and realise that she is the one who is going to decide what to be or not to be and follow what she desires to give her life special meaning. So all this process is not about me – it is about Laura – and every other single woman who believes in following their heart. Their success becomes my success so that makes me grow.

What wisdom would you like to share with other women who will read this interview?

That no matter where you are now, or how terrible your situation might be, you can go further if love yourself and believe in the greatness of the Universe. Work hard to achieve your goals and ask for help if its needed. When you follow your heart and truly love, things will start to change in a positive way. As an immigrant things can be hard sometimes but it is just up to you to change the direction of your life while still respecting and remembering your roots.



If you could go back, would you walk the same path again? What would you do differently?

Well I would do the same. My life has been a rollercoaster with ups and downs that has made me who I am today, I am proud of who I have become, I am far from perfect but what I know is that every day I want to be better and give the best of myself without hurting people around me. We all have our lights and shadows so I am still growing and learning but thinking about my parents when I was younger I could maybe change that part and be a little bit less of a rebel. Sorry mum and dad but it was meant to be 🙂

Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

I love helping people, as I am doing today. In the next Decennium we will be capable of reaching places that we had never thought of, through new technology and communication skills, and this would lead us to improve our “Relationship Capital”, which is for me, really important. “Together is Better” would gather all women who would love to grow and reach levels of consciousness, helping to be happier by surrounding themselves with people of the same values and teaching each other how to give the best version of who they are. I am a dreamer.  

My journey as a businesswoman

I signed up with the JT Foxx organisation then listened, learnt and followed him. That was how I became an international speaker. I have been in so many beautiful countries like South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Holland, Spain and United States sharing the stages with the best. Then a world of opportunities opened in front of my eyes; “Beautiful Universe” I am the coach for the Miss Barcelona Organization and I am also part of its Spanish TV show. My company, Businessfit, motivates and helps women to move forward and learn how to pursue the balance we need to be successful in life. I am also the co-founder of Treekele, a social network for people interested in personal development. I am the co-founder of S.H.E (Seminar for Hispanic Entrepreneurs) that help Hispanic women to develop their career and life in Holland and it will go around Europe. But above all I am a happy mum who loves to kiss her little daughter and hug her everyday many times. I work when she is away in her school or when she goes to bed. I take her with me every time she can come because of her school and every holiday we are together. I want the best and to be an example for her; she is my motor my everything. We enjoy dancing and singing and we often make videos and we love to watch them and laugh 🙂 This is more and less me, a woman with her lights and shadows giving her best always.

1491254_10151809203110823_1593697873_oWho is Veronica?

A serial Entrepreneur, International Speaker, TV Personality, Self-Development Coach and MOM. Veronica is dedicated to empowering women towards better lives and rediscovering themselves. Living in Belgium she has a certificate in Marketing and Branding Online and an International business she is a self-development coach teaching others how to create “clarity” in their personal and professional lives to achieve success without confusion. She has become an expert in Relationship Capital giving conferences around the world in countries like South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Spain and North America supported by my mentor JT Foxx. She the co-founder of Treekele that is an app that gives to people who are interested in personal development the opportunity to keep growing. I is also Co-founder of SHE, an organization to help Hispanic woman in Holland and Europe to help them to achieve their goals. Veronica is also the Founder of BusinessFit Academy where together with her team she helps entrepreneurs with the first steps re launching their business online, branding and marketing themselves and their companies. She loves giving speeches to inspire and motivate women around the world and to empower them to reach their dreams.

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