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Keidi Pushi

I am aligned with influential Artists, Innovators and Leaders

Keidi Pushi 

I am aligned with influential artists, innovators and leaders

Keidi Pushi is a coach, healer and collaborator. As a trained master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy & Life coaching and Nutrition Science, she brings the tools and skills to cause a new personal and healthy collective reality. A huge lover of dancing, music and art, Keidi believes celebrations can involve the healthiest foods, heavenly massages and healing treatments that boost long-term vitality and even more dancing. She is known as a brilliant light, connecting various communities. 


What can you tell us about where you grew up and your journey as a young girl?

I grew up in the mountains of Berat, Albania, until I was seven and then emigrated to Toronto, Canada. It was a huge adjustment, as I left all of my beloved family and friends. Looking back at those early years and until the end of my teenage years, I stumbled a lot to find what made me happy. I had a lot of passion that I didn’t know how to channel, it often came out as rage, frustration and confusion – anger that I released on my close family and often in negative self-talk towards myself. There is a stigma around mental illness and unconventional paths and I suffered a lot within myself because I did not enjoy mainstream education and I was having thoughts of suicide. Perhaps this came from feeling the suffering of those around me – my parents, peers and the world at large.

My ability to feel so deeply, enabled my emotions to take me on wild rides. I come from a very expressive and passionately outspoken European family and I eventually learned to numb some of my sensitivity with food and when my friends and I started to party, it was alcohol in my early adulthood. Simultaneously, I began to intuitively look up to an un-seen God with deep knowing that there was a higher power watching over me as I internally screamed out “Why am I here?!”. Then came my saviour, a discovery of myself as a creative writer and I began to fall madly in love with writing poetry and stories. It gave me a sense of identity that felt stable.

When did your passion for art and dancing start and why?

I remember when I was a teenager and my parents would leave the house and instead of doing my homework, I would dance all around the house. I loved how the music would move my body. Then a natural euphoria would start to take over and I would feel so happy. Eventually when I could, I started going to clubs and bars. Unfortunately, in the mainstream western culture I was growing up in, initiation and celebration into adulthood included alcohol and partying. For me, it was an outlet for my self-expression as a dancer.
Having a tendency to explore off the beaten path, I wandered out of these social circles, knowing there was more of my spirituality and artistic, creative expression to explore. My love of dancing began to really take over when I discovered various dance communities in Toronto that discouraged drugs and alcohol. In these sober spaces, I found my tribe – the free spirits that enjoyed the purity and unconditional love of the dance floor and music as much as I did. Dancing and music became a way for me to channel my passion and emotions. It was like self-initiated therapy. It was the greatest blessing to find environments where there was often an invitation into deeper connection with our bodies through meditation or yoga beforehand. In these spaces, we dance barefoot and often, there is no talking – just pure enjoyment of the music and letting it move our bodies. We can scream and howl with joy though. Everybody comes dressed to comfortably dance and there is no fuss about make-up, fancy dresses or shoes. We have come to be truly danced.  I started to meet brilliant innovators and artists and got introduced to a culture of celebration, self-development and leadership with great focus on health and wellness. I had found my purpose for being here on Earth amongst these visionaries. I soon began to host and collaborate on the creation of various events – conscious parties, festivals and retreats.

What was the biggest barrier you have faced and how you did you work through it?

I would say, my biggest barrier has been becoming comfortable in my body and coming into understanding and appreciation of it. When I was younger, my emotions scared me, my naturally curvy body didn’t match up to the models I saw in the media and I couldn’t always get it to move or converse with charisma and confidence in social circles. I worked through it with a lot of physical activity, meditation and the help of various coaches and mentors. Going on long walks, runs outside and dancing, opened the flood gates of my creativity and activated my body to have endurance. Yoga and meditation has helped me cultivate focus and develop a better understanding of my body as a loyal servant of my highest visions. I add deep breathing to all of this and I am in the zone.  Then there are the coaches and mentors who remind me that my thoughts create my reality. I have chosen to fire the committee of judgers in my mind and hire a committee of angels that is constantly giving me words of encouragement. This has translated into a great freedom to be my joyful self.

When I was younger, my emotions scared me, my naturally curvy body didn’t match up to the models I saw in the media and I couldn’t always get it to move or converse with charisma and confidence in social circles. 

I must mention that I got powerfully activated in my path of leadership when I was 21 by a mentor, Yon Cole, who focused so deeply into my soul and asked me big important questions – such as ‘Who will care that you ever existed? And what will you be remembered for?” As I answered these questions, I broke out of so many insecurities about my young physical age and what I was able to accomplish.

Has there ever been a point in your life when you have felt that being a woman is your strength, or weakness? Can you explain how and why?

I absolutely love being a woman. I have created this reality for myself through the cultivation of the many supportive women around me. We come together regularly and share openly about everything from our menstrual cycles to the big visions that we feel scared to carry out on our own. In the sharing about our emotions, successes, dreams, we’re often moved to dance, sing, make art and food and it’s absolute magic. I feel there is a universal sisterhood that I am energetically bonded to and I regularly send it sweet nurturing waves of love through the consciousness field we share. I also credit my strength to be a female leader at this time to my very supportive mom, Diana Beqari Pushi. In everything she does, she is a fiercely loving woman.


Tell me more about your work as a healer and coach and why you choose this field?

This is the story of how I turned my anger and resentment in being alive to absolute LOVE for planet Earth and its people! I now have the honour to support my clients and students in deep transformations. Those that have have emotionally struggled and gone through a lot of adversity are the ones who I will guide into being innovators of the leading edge of consciousness and innovation. I open the space for all of their pain to be acknowledged and then I channel the bold kind of love and acknowledgment that will heal them. As I connect with my intuition and psychic spiritual abilities, I look into them with compassion and acceptance. Most of these sessions include me asking “Why are you alive? Why did you come here on this planet?” From this loving confrontation, my clients and I practice emotional alchemy. Traditionally known as the physical transformation of base metal into gold, spiritual alchemy activates profound inspiration for one to create their life’s legend out of their deepest suffering.

As a trained master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy and Life coaching and Nutrition Science, I bring the tools and skills to cause a new personal and healthy collective reality. As a spiritual teacher and healer, I share the loving energies of Divine Healing Hands, Eastern medicine, Reiki and other quantum energetic modalities. Through my intuition, I know just the right questions to ask that will have them channel their highest self and this excites me!


In my life’s work, I set the intention that I am aligned with influential artists, innovators and leaders. Sometimes I have a client in front of me that in the physical world seemingly has nothing going right for them and yet I see so many possibilities for them. I know they are powerful catalysts for bringing peace on Earth at this time. Through teaching students to be healers and coordinating healing sanctuaries at various events, I get to enjoy the miracles that are constantly happening in my community of ever growing healing arts practitioners.

In the future, I look forward to hosting more ceremonies where people self-actualise themselves as ascended masters of exceptional service to the harmonious sustainability of planet Earth.

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