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How to beautify yourself in less than 15 minutes

By Thuy Vi Nguyen

Thuy Vi Nguyen is a beauty coach. She has already helped more than 200 women to build their self-confidence and to make them feel beautiful again. Her mission is to beautify women all the way, from their inside to their outside world. As a result from her years of expertise in make-up, she quickly realised that many women find themselves incredibly beautiful with make-up but have very low self-esteem when it comes to being without it. That is why she decided to help women sparkle from the inside also.

Thuy Vi is the founder of The Self Shine. She has more than one thousand followers on her Instagram page @TheSelfShine. She shares motivational quotes, make-up tutorials and piece of advices to shine anytime. She strongly believes that beauty is not only about the outside but also the inside.

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