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How to beautify yourself in less than 15 minutes

By Thuy Vi Nguyen

Thuy Vi Nguyen is a beauty coach. She has already helped more than 200 women to build their self-confidence and to make them feel beautiful again. Her mission is to beautify women all the way, from their inside to their outside world. As a result from her years of expertise in make-up, she quickly realised that many women find themselves incredibly beautiful with make-up but have very low self-esteem when it comes to being without it. That is why she decided to help women sparkle from the inside also.

Thuy Vi is the founder of The Self Shine. She has more than one thousand followers on her Instagram page @TheSelfShine. She shares motivational quotes, make-up tutorials and piece of advices to shine anytime. She strongly believes that beauty is not only about the outside but also the inside.

Thuy Vi shares with us why and how it is important to not only look beautiful but also to feel beautiful on the inside, that can easily become a part of your daily routine.

5 simple steps to include in your daily life

“I don’t have 45 minutes to put make-up on. I need to take care of my kids before going to work”. We feel sometimes overwhelmed and it is easy to skip the “beauty time” in order to dedicate time for others. I will help you to look your best, not only on the outside but also to bring your shiny self out from the inside. I am going to share with you 5 simple actions to incorporate in your daily routine.

STEP 1: Hide your tiredness with concealer

The purpose of a concealer is to hide all your imperfections visible on your skin spots, scarring, dark circles. If you don’t have time or you don’t want to put foundation all over your face, the concealer is your best friend!

In the make-up shop, you have two choices of this product. There is a liquid concealer which is the most popular one because it gives you a natural look. The other one is a cream concealer. It has a thicker texture and you have a stronger covering of the area you want to cover. It will hide your imperfection better.

If you don’t have any brushes, I advise you blend this product with your ring finger. Dab gently because your skin needs to absorb it.

STEP 2: Look fresh and natural with your blush

This is an amazing product because it adds redness to your pale skin. What I really like is that you need to smile in order to put the blush on correctly. Just under your eyes on the corner of your cheekbones. Putting on make-up has never been so pleasant!

If you are a beginner and you want to go fast, I suggest you use a powder blush because it is simple to blend it and if you put too much on it is also easy take off. If you want a longer stay you can wear a cream blush. Be cautious as it is harder to blend it. My advice for this type of blush is take a little bit of this texture and go step by step. That might take more time than the powder.

In case of EMERGENCY you can use your pink or red lipstick as a blush. As with the creamy one, do not forget to blend it because you do not want to look like a tomato.

There are several colours of blush. Make sure that it suits to your skin tone. This is something I teach during my coaching session. For more information, contact me onthe

STEP 3: I am too busy to kiss you

Do you know which make-up product I am talking about? LIPSTICK!

What is wonderful about this product is that people think that you have full make-up on and that you spent hours in front of the mirror. In fact, it took you only 3 and a half minutes. Your smile is the best make-up you can wear and thanks to your lipstick, it highlights your beautiful smile. Your lips represent sensuality and love expression.

Red, nude, pink, orange, lip balm, matte lipstick, gloss… The beauty industry has created so many choices. You can change every day! The most important thing is that you need to choose a lipstick that makes you feel pretty, beautiful and sexy.

STEP 4: Be kind to yourself

“I am too fat”. “I am too tall”. “I am too skinny”. Have you ever put yourself down? Have you ever compared yourself to others? We constantly doubt ourselves because of the image of women you see on TV, social media, magazines etc. You need to understand that there is no PERFECT body. So STOP torturing yourself! You are who you are meant to be.

We are all unique on this earth and it makes us authentic. Sometimes you are the only one to see your imperfections. It is easier to focus on our negative points rather than what it is positive.

STEP 5: Positive affirmations

  • I look amazing
  • I love myself the way I am
  • I accept who I am
  • I am perfect
  • I am beautiful

Here are a few examples of positive affirmations that you should say to yourself at least 3 times a day. Those statements help you to release your negative thoughts. How? They will be part of your subconscious mind. With your thoughts, you create your reality and your world. I share more about it in my e-book. You can find it on my website at

Feeling beautiful may not have been a priority. However, feeling attractive is particularly important for your self-esteem. I really encourage you to take 15 minutes of your day, only for you. You will no longer look tired because those minutes will make you feel good, mentally and physically.Taking time for yourself is very important because it is the best gift you can give to yourself. Let me ask you a question:If you don’t feel beautiful, who is going to do that for you?

If you don’t see the beauty within yourself, then who else will do? Which one is the best?

Meet Thuy Vi Nguyen

In the make-up field, Thuy Vi learned from the best make-up artists, suchas Salima Aliani, Adjina, Visagiste Berrah, Drucila Alisson. She does not hesitate to travel all around the world to improve her skills and to bring new techniques in Belgium. 

Thuy Vi is also an international speaker. She has already given speeches in London, Berlin, Nicosia and Los Angeles, where she was able to inspire more than 300 women. She also organises her own conference in Belgium on how to feel beautiful. Thuy Vi talks about how make-up products can enhance your best facial features and how the mindset influences our self-esteem.

She loves motivating people around her, in order to achieve their goals, be
the person they have always dreamt to become and to be aware of their beauty.

Did you take the time to compliment yourself today? Do you send the image of yourself that you want? No? Do not hesitate to contact her. She would be happy to help you.

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