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How I healed myself from four chronic diseases

Hala Sabbah

How I healed myself from four chronic diseases

By Evana Simo

If you are looking to lead a lifestyle with a clear mind and improved mental and emotional health, then health coaching may be the answer. Hala Sabbah is a certified Holistic Health Coach for women and she runs coaching sessions and corporate wellness workshops in English and Arabic. Hala has worked in Education, Media and Tech Consulting in Dubai and Amman. She did her masters in Middle Eastern Studies with a focus on women, and she is passionate about health, refugee rights and feminism. Recently Hala launched her business called Healthy Feminist, aiming to increase access to healthy and sustainable lifestyles for all women. 25 % of any fees towards her services go towards health coaching for refugee women and women from vulnerable communities.

When did your own health journey start? Can you share some of your story, and experiences you have gained during your journey?


My health journey started when I got diagnosed with a slipped disc and Polycystic ovaries, then shortly after with endometriosis and adrenal fatigue. I was confused as to why I was getting all these illnesses. Luckily during my search for answers, I came across a functional medicine doctor who explained to me how my mental and physical health are connected. Balancing a 60-hour work week as a consultant with doing my masters degree part-time, all while trying to maintain a gym routine, social relationships, my relationship with my partner and so much more, were an indication that I was burned out and my body and brain needed some rest. So when we moved from Dubai to London for my husband’s masters degree, I decided to take a year off from work and do a certification in holistic health through the Integrative Institute of Nutrition. This year was transformative, as I saw my body healing and my health drastically improving without any medication or hospital visits. That was also when I decided to start Healthy Feminist, to work and inspire women to prioritize themselves and their mental health, which will also improve their physical health.

What inspired you to study holistic health?

It was suffering from the four chronic diseases before I turned 25 years old, and the ability to overcome that in a natural holistic way, that inspired me to pursue this.

Recently you have launched your business called Healthy Feminist. How is health related to feminism?

Good question! I believe that health is a feminist issue. When looking at traditional medicine, you find that most clinical trials and medications are tailored for men’s bodies, and women are not taken into account. So even certain painkillers could have stronger side effects on women than they do on men. Also, when we look deeper into women’s health and bodies, we find that uterus related issues are underfunded, under researched and widely misunderstood. The average time to get a diagnosis for endometriosis is seven years! So a woman could suffer from many symptoms that get masked through medication, not only prolonging the illness but making it much more complex. As women we face daily obstacles to get through the day that most men don’t have to go through. That, and poor physical health, is another layer of oppression that complicates our lives. So to overcome this, I believe that women’s health should be a priority in the medical field and there needs to be more funding for research on the topic.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about many things! But my three focuses are feminism, health and refugee rights. This inspired me to start Healthy Feminist, where I combine my passion for health and feminism and I dedicate 25 % of my profits to supporting women from vulnerable communities, including refugees, through providing them with coaching sessions and workshops on mental health.

What is your vision and mission?

My vision is a world where all women have access to healthy sustainable lifestyles, and my mission is to provide a community and safe space for women. Through this they can learn about the connection between mental, emotional and physical health.

Do you and your company give any special help to people to maintain their mental health during this coronavirus time?

Yes, Healthy Feminist is providing support in three ways during the coronavirus pandemic.

We are:

– Switching all payments for my coaching sessions to optional.

– Providing free group discussions on coronavirus and mental health every Saturday

– Offering 2-3 workshops per week to discuss topics that are NOT related to the coronavirus, also with optional payment.

So if anyone of your readers are interested to see what we have so far, the link for the workshops is!

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