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“How an ancient time management secret can help you double your productivity”

by Viktoriia Miracle

  • Do you feel like a to-do list is running your life?
  • Have you ever missed important meetings? Business not in flow?
  • Has it felt like you doing everything you should be doing and stuff still not taking off? 
  • I know it may sound Woo, but It’s possible that you may have picked the wrong day?
  • Why are we often unproductive on Friday afternoons?
  • Why is it easier to mistake a Wednesday for a Thursday than a Sunday for a Monday?
  • Why does the Wednesday immediately preceding Thanksgiving Day often “feel” like a Friday and the Tuesday immediately following Labor Day like a Monday?


Most people are completely unaware of the powerful 9-day cycle that is actually meant for us to live our lives.

Unlike the day and year, the week is an artificial rhythm that was created by humans independently of any natural periodicity.

Is your “week” weak in productivity? So, let’s create a week cycle that will bring you more profits, purpose, and progress, shall we?

PurposeFULL Day™ Calendar is energetic time management, science-based system that centers around a 9-day cycle that can dictate anything you do base on your birthday, month, and year.

Why birthday you may ask?

Today, the main carrier of information for a person is his/her digital code, Metric. All the goods that we have in the world today are digitized. Pictures, books, everything! Everything has its own numerological codes, so a person also has his/her own numerological code. It exists from the moment a person is born, it is affixed to the birth certificate, and before it was called Metrics.

The 7-day schedule originally served the necessary purpose of bringing humanity into strategic and conceptual mind-based awareness. In 1781, along with the discovery of the planet Uranus, humanity began to shift from a seven-centered to a more highly evolved, nine-centered form. The 9-day schedule is consciousness-based. In other words, it’s directing us back to the innate intelligence of our bodies as a means of navigating life and living as ourselves in the ever-changing and evolving collective.

Where did the seven-day week come from? Why was it invented?

The length of the astrological week was largely a result of the fact that the ancient Babylonian astronomers happened to identify seven planets. Had they been able, with the help of some sophisticated telescopes, to also observe Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, the week might have been a 9 day week.

Humanity tried to change the 7 day week several times

  • Romanian 8 Days a week
  • French Ten-day (Decade) 1792
  • Soviet Five-Day (Nepreryvka) 1929

Why has it failed? Because there were imposed on societies deeply committed for many generations to the seven-day religious “beat”.

But why people even try to change 7 days after 1781…? Because we started to feel it was not correct.

Unfortunately, the 7-day cycle is not correct, and many people are struggling with it.

Why do so many people struggle in 9 to 5 / 5 days work week?

Why do so many people start to be entrepreneurs and control their own schedules?  

That’s right there is a better way and I will share it.  

Here, I’m just going to share with few examples of the 9-day system.

  1. Leaders Day
  2. Collaboration Day
  3. Fun Day
  4. Planning Day
  5. Surprise Day
  6. Ego Day
  7. Source Day
  8. Abundance Day
  9. Completion Day

These 4 below are my favorite ones to focus on for work.

1 – Leaders day

  • Start a new business. Start a new job. Prepare your soil.
  • Schedule business meetings. Sign a contract
  • Be original and creative. Be ambitious. Be brave.

2 – Collaboration Day

  • Practice diplomacy and tactics. You get to be diplomatic, patient, listen to the opinions of others, negotiate with people, behave gently;
  • Hold a dialogue on the second day with such questions: And in your opinion? And what do you think?
  • Collaboration above all.

4 – Planning Day

  • Back to work. You did the groundwork. Now plant your seeds.
  • Be productive and organized. Build your foundation. 
  • Get busy and follow your schedule. It should be all according to plan, planned out by the hour.
  • A day of remarkable efficiency when you can do a lot of things

9 – Completion day

  • Profitably SELL everything you harvest.
  • Pitch and sale. Good day for enrollment conversation.
  • A great day for public speaking. What you give will return to you, so give only the best.
  • Free yourself from everything that no longer serves you: things, ideas, habits, relationships.
  • Finish all things. Close this chapter.

The rest of the 9 days also have very specific energy and purpose as well!

Highly successful people know that timing is everything.

Some benefits of being in your energetic alignment

  1. In the right time in the right place
  2. Successfully be in business flow
  3. Increased Profits
  4. Feeling at ease with your schedule
  5. Less stress and pressure in your daily life

When I was out of alignment: I would plan my weeks ahead and, for example, plan to work on content. The day would come and then ideas wouldn’t.

Another day I scheduled calls non stop, but endless ideas will come to me to write that content but I won’t have a minute to do so, so I lost them. 

I’m sure you have similar stories, and this is no mistake.

Now I plan my year easily and I am easier on myself while achieving more.

My clients often say:

It gave me direction. It gave me focus. It gave me one thing to focus on, for the day that I knew I could be productive in. I knew I was in-line with the conscious elements that were already working for me. It brings me down to earth and offers a level of connectedness that both reassures and inspires me

When you are in flow, your energy magnetizes and attracts the right people.

I feel like I’m always in the right place at the right time. Synchronicities are everywhere.

And all this is possible for you if you follow the PurposeFULL Day™ Guide.

 Curious to know more?

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Double your productivity, maximize your focusing and get you the results you want.

Align with your Unique Energy to always be in balance in your work and personal life

My mission:

for women to take daily actions that they’re in alignment with their purpose.And this I promise.You will always feel like yourself knowing you can be who you want to be. Doing what you want to do

Meet Viktoriia Miracle

Viktoriia MIracle is a Speaker, Purposeful Business Coach, and investor, Viktoriia Miracle helps mission-driven Entrepreneurs align their purpose with a business. Grow sustainable and make more profits by automation and creating an optimal life routine with technology Conscious Calendar. She is on a mission to help Entrepreneurs discover their mission and create systems for a successful business from the heart, that flows in harmony and full with-profits  Worked with the top entrepreneurs in Russia and Billionaires in America, Viktoriia learned from the greatest minds what makes people productive and successful.  

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