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Transforming Lives Through Holistic Wellness

Meet Dr. Rani Thanacoody, the visionary entrepreneur making waves in the United Kingdom and beyond. As the esteemed Founder of AmazingYou, she’s not just redefining holistic wellness—she’s shaping the future of self-discovery and healing.

What diverse qualifications do you hold in the field of holistic wellness?

I hold certificates as a Clinical Hypnotherapist from the Marisa Peer School, a certified Mars Venus Life and Relationship Coach from the Mars Venus Coaching Academy. Additionally, I am certified as a Chakra Practitioner, Compassion Practitioner, Tarot Reader, and Astrologer from the USA.

How do you empower individuals through your various modalities?

I empower individuals by assisting them in releasing old beliefs, thoughts, and past traumas that hinder their progress. Additionally, I provide personalized audios to help them recode and rewire new beliefs and thoughts.

What platforms do you utilize to inspire and offer solace to those seeking self-discovery and healing?

I use only online platform to offer individual sessions to clients. 

In which Amazon No. 1 Best Seller did you co-author a chapter alongside Dr. John Gray?

The book is called Love and Coaching.

What is the title of your chapter in the book ‘Love and Coaching’, and what does it emphasize?

The chapter, titled ‘The Best Investment You Will Ever Make,’ emphasizes the importance of loving yourself first, and investing in your personal growth as the key to our happiness and transformation, enabling us to better serve others around us.

Who mentored you as an international inspirational speaker?

Les Brown, a globally recognized speaker, and Forbes Riley.

Where can your eloquent presence be found gracing platforms such as e360Tv?

Power Hour TV Show

How do you champion holistic health, and what partnership underscores your dedication to spreading awareness about nutrition?

To champion holistic health, I advocate for the integration of mind, heart, and body to foster overall well-being. This entails nurturing our bodies with organic health supplements, cultivating our own organic produce at home, and consuming organic foods that promote health. I collaborate with JuicePlus and Tower Garden businesses to reinforce this commitment to spreading awareness about nutrition.

What are your social media handles for Instagram, Podbean, Buzzsprout, Spotify and YouTube?

Twitter: ranithanacoody


– Podbean:

– Buzzsprout:


YouTube channel: @amazingyoudrranithanacoody

Can you name some of the websites associated with you and your work in holistic wellness and astrology?


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