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Tigrent Learning would like to offer businesses exclusive tickets to Greatest Potential 2015 –

a unique one-day event taking place in London on 2nd October 2015.

Event address:

ILEC Conference Centre 47 Lillie Road – London SW6 1UD

Greatest Potential 2015 is a high-profile one-day event in London, featuring the world’s most inspiring speakers from the fields of business, finance, personal development and wealth creation.

The dynamic, action-packed event will see around 1,500 people attending in order to be inspired by and learn from the most exciting, pioneering and successful leaders in the world today.

Powerful and stimulating keynote speaker presentations will cover the areas of life, work and wealth and will showcase the latest thinking in personal growth, leadership skills, business strategy, investment opportunities and survival into today’s modern world.

Greatest Potential 2015 will allow attendees to get up- close with inspirational leaders, industry experts and personal growth pioneers as they showcase their latest strategies for success.

The event will be held at the ILEC Conference Centre, London, a spacious conference venue in the central location of Earls Court, West London.

Greatest Potential 2015 will a dynamic environment for corporate delegates to interact with some of the world’s most inspirational and instructive leaders to help them progress in their career path and become more engaged and higher achieving employees and managers.

The combination of the profile of the event, the calibre of our prestigious Keynote Speakers and the incredible networking opportunities available, makes Greatest Potential 2015 an incredibly attractive opportunity for businesses looking to inspire and re-engage their workforce and hone the skills of their employees.

More information on Greatest Potential 2015 can be found at:

Why should delegates attend:

Delegates often attend these types of events for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Looking to progress their career by way of training and personal development.
  • Have a high level of desire and/or commitment to develop themselves – Attendees or subscribers for information on training events – Purchasers or subscribers for information on training products.
  • Are entrepreneurial – are business owners or looking to start and grow a new business.
  • Looking to achieve their own personal goals.
  • Looking to be inspired, re-energised and re-motivated.
  • Are required to attend to satisfy an employment obligation – Specified and sponsored by their employer.
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