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Gintare Balseviciute: How I Empower Women To Believe in Themselves

Gintare is dedicated to the world’s improvement—building bridges between knowledge and opportunity. Gintare believes in the limitless potential of proper exercise and education. She is on a journey to empower people with skills for a better future. Bringing inclusive, world-class coaching to the world, Gintare is a nutritionist and strategist. Thyroid disease is one of the common issues we face globally and can cause a host of symptoms. Learn more from a coaching and nutrition specialist about hypothyroidism, weight loss, and diet tips to help restore your confidence.

The biggest challenge women face is that they stop believing in themselves. – Gintare Balseviciute

What is your determined mission as a Thyroid Nutrition Coach?

My dominant mission at the moment is to help as many women as possible.

I know how frightening and overwhelming this can be.

What are the ways in which you help women with hypothyroidism to drop weight?

Nutrition and a healthy diet for women with hypothyroid is vital. As we say you are what you eat but I also say you are what you absorb. Women are looking for a diet that will fit their lifestyle, while also providing them with the nutrients they need to be healthy. While it is important to eat a healthy, balanced diet, it is also important to be mindful of what you are absorbing.

Yes, you may be medicated but that is not the answer to everything. Medication can make you feel better in the moment, but it does not solve the root of the problem. You need to have a holistic approach and embrace self-love for yourself if you want to live a happy life.

What are the biggest challenges that you have faced your mission to help women step forward confidently and recover control overweight loss?

The biggest challenge women face is that they stop believing in themselves. A lot of the time they simply feel exhausted and cannot find the energy or bring themselves to focus on weight loss. Women are a little more likely to feel exhausted than men. This is not just because they do more child-rearing, but also because their bodies work in different ways, and they may be predisposed to the mental illness of depression.

However, there are plenty of things that women can do to help themselves stay healthy and happy. I completely understand if you struggle with fatigue day in and day out; it is hard to prioritize weight loss, but the problem solving starts with solving fatigue. One solution is exercise!

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What is one thing that you’ve learnt about women through your experience helping women with hypothyroidism and weight loss?

A lot of women are completely lost, seeking information online. A lot of contradiction circulates around in these websites. Then these women try to lose weight by doing it themselves and this is where everything goes wrong. Some women can but the majority can’t. It takes a lot of time and effort to figure what your diet should look like.

This is a difficulty multiplied when you have hypothyroid. You need to avoid some foods, or you need to add some additional foods to your plate. And it’s completely normal: not everyone was born to be a nutritionist.

What are the physical and emotional symptoms of hypothyroidism?

My opinion on hypothyroid is that it’s a big present that keeps on giving. One of the many side effects we put up with is fatigue, weight gain and hair loss. There are other side effects I’m not aware of. Hypothyroidism is a disease that reduces the function of the thyroid and thus lowers the metabolic rate. It feels like you’re moving through life in slow motion, and it’s hard to find the energy to do anything. The disease often causes weight gain, hair loss and fatigue. These ones are the main ones, but it doesn’t stop brain fog, dry skin, or water retention. All that starts to affect your mental health, and this is where anxiety and depression starts.

What are some of the weight benefits of eating high quality foods?

As I mentioned, living with hypothyroid your diet is vital. This means you need to avoid as much processed foods as possible; albeit nobody should be eating processed foods even if you are healthy. Food quality is very important. All that you consume should be organic meat, organic poultry, organic eggs, and organic dairy products. They ought to come from animals that are given no antibiotics or growth hormones. This affects vegetables and fruit to avoid fertilizers, pesticides, and growth regulators. All those factors matter as that affects your hormonal qualities.

Which challenges do you see the women you coach overcome?

There are a lot of challenges women face when they struggle with hypothyroid. It really affects their personal life and job. Just because you are on medication a lot of people believe that this should sort all of your problems. It’s not the case. We still suffer with dreading fatigue. People who are less aware at work will think that woman is lazy. These women struggle to remember things, they don’t have energy to play with their kids, they don’t feel well enough to turn up at someone’s party, or they often need to postpone their holidays.

How have you seen your initiative and mission change lives so far?

This is a journey and not a race as I say. It takes time to make things right. There is nothing more rewarding to me when women turn around and say: “you gave me my life back. I no longer suffer fatigue and I have energy to play with my kids. I have time to spend with my husband, and I am losing weight!” This is very rewarding.

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