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Denise E. Jacobs: The Aspiring Entrepreneur Who Discovered a Higher Purpose Through Hardship

For every business venture that ultimately succeeds, there’s many more that don’t—not through lack of vision, ability or market potential but because of an unforeseen turn of events. This was the case with Denise E. Jacobs, who lost everything because of financial fraud. Now, however, the author and psychic understands her experiences as preparing her for a new role with global significance.

For a time it looked certain that she and her husband, Michael, would establish themselves as celebrated entrepreneurs with a company that had the potential to scale globally.

Sadly, however, their venture collapsed just as it was about to explode, and all down to one single thing—putting their trust in the wrong financial backers.

Rather than the celebrations they had planned for, the Jacobs instead found themselves losing their future prosperity, their livelihoods, and even their home after becoming the unwitting victims of financial fraud.

It took a gruelling David Vs Goliath eight-year historic legal battle to right the wrongs that had befallen them, by which point their once-pioneering business idea was now commonplace and dead in the water.

Yet, despite all that disappointment and suffering, Denise remains positive, now seeing those experiences as unpleasant but necessary steps towards realising a much more important goal: saving the world from destruction.


After finishing school, Denise studied in London with the distinguished Robert Fielding of Regent Street School of Hairdressing before returning to her home town of Darlington, County Durham, to launch a salon.

Denise loved her job and would go on to run the salon for nine years, scooping multiple awards and accolades.

She couldn’t have imagined doing anything else but her path through life was to take a very different route.

In the early 1980s, and now in her early 20s, Denise began experiencing premonitions. She’d never believed in psychic powers but suddenly found herself receiving visions of what was about to happen.

Her family dismissed her claims, and even when she correctly foretold that her father would be involved in a car accident she was told that it was just a lucky guess.

The ‘lucky guesses’, though, kept coming until there was no other explanation left other than that, somehow, Denise now possessed a genuine sixth sense.

Keen to make sense of her newfound ability, Denise visited a local clairvoyance event in 1983 with Michael. During the show the psychic picked her out from the crowd and told her two things.

First, she confirmed that Denise had a “gift of being able to communicate with those who have departed this world and moved into the next dimension.”. Second, she forecast that Denise and Michael would launch a new business.

While the first statement tallied with her recent experiences, Denise couldn’t imagine the other coming true.


In the 1980s, Denise E.Jacobs and her husband, Michael launched a pioneering business providing video screen entertainment in taxis

A few months later, Michael’s father suffered a heart-attack. Making their way to the hospital, Denise and her husband hit upon the concept that would, indeed, see them start their own company.

Sitting in a cab stuck in a major traffic jam, Michael casually said to Denise, “If only I could watch Coronation Streetright here in the taxi.”

As Denise recounts in her newly-published and already bestselling memoir, Red Amaryllis, that comment led to a light bulb moment: video screens in the backs of taxis, as well as seat back screens on aeroplanes, providing a new type of in flight entertainment.

It had never been done before and Denise figured correctly that advertisers would willingly pay handsomely for the chance to reach a captive audience.

The couple got straight to work, purchasing a third-hand black Hackney carriage and fitting it with a screen in the back with help from Denise’s father, an engineering draughts man.

They continued their day jobs while devoting evenings and weekends to the new venture, including travelling across the UK in the cab to see if local councils would come on board.

With all necessary agreements and arrangements in place, Denise and Michael registered the company, trading as ‘Videocab Worldwide’.

They made sure to secure worldwide patents and floated shares on the stock exchange to bring in the crucial funds to turn their dream into a reality.

There were, of course, teething troubles—not least with the nascent video projection technology—but by 1986 Videocab Worldwide had more than 350 taxis in operation and strong advertising revenue coming in.

The key British market to break into was London. This, however, would require significant additional investment.

After a few dead ends, Denise and Michael thought they’d finally found their angel investors in financiers Graham Alexander and John Butler.

Spiritual Counsel

The Jacobs had been introduced to Alexander and Butler by a financial advisor andtied agent for multinational financial company Legal & GeneralAssurance Society Ltd.

An agreement was put in place for a multi-million loan that would allow them to take Videocab Worldwide to the next level. All that was required to secure the loan was an upfront £65,000 fee for insurance, which Denise and Michael found by remortgaging their house.

That happened in 1988, but instead of receiving the promised funds within a matter of weeks as expected they, instead, endured years of delays and excuses.

Debts mounted and eventually the company had to be mothballed. Living on handouts from their family and unable to meet their remortgage payments, the Jacobs lost their house.

The front page of the Videocab sales brochure

If this wasn’t enough, Denise’s beloved younger brother, Paul, was diagnosed with brain cancer and would die in 1992, aged just 34.

Two years later, Denise finally uncovered the reason why the loan was still nowhere to be seen—Alexander and Butler had duped the Jacobs in a case of advanced fee fraud.

The duo were exposed as serial fraudsters and each was sentenced to six years in prison after being found guilty of conspiracy to obtain money by deception.

Virtually penniless, Denise and Michael’s only option was to sue Legal & General for compensation so that they could settle their debts and restart their lives.

Their historic legal battle began in 1994 and hinged upon proving that the tied agent had authority from Legal & General to act for them.

Unfortunately, the paperwork indicating this was nowhere to be found.

All seemed lost until, in 2002 and with the case now reaching its final stages in the Royal Courts of Justice, Denise was finally able to track down the paperwork thanks to the assistance of her late brother, who had become her main contact in the afterlife since his death.

Paul showed her a vision of the long-lost documents’ location. Remarkably, they were exactly where she had seen them in her mind and Denise was soon able to produce the documents in court, leading to an out-of-court settlement from Legal & General the next day.


Reflecting on all that has happened, Denise believes that it was predestined so that she would be prepared for a far greater purpose.

Years earlier, she had received a horrifying vision of nuclear destruction that would engulf the world and cost billions of lives.

From the messages she has received from Paul and other spirit contacts, she is adamant that this countdown to extinction will begin in 2025 and the catalyst, bringing all nations into a Third World War, will be the Middle East.

Denise E.Jacobs says that she has her younger brother, Paul, who died in 1992, to thank for helping secure an out-of-court settlement in her historic court case against Legal&General

Speaking about her incredible life story, which is detailed in new memoir Red Amaryllis, she said: “I now understand that I have been guided down a particular path. I wasn’t put on Earth to become a business tycoon; I was, and I’m not sure why, chosen to share a vital warning to the world of impending nuclear war.

“Everything I endured only honed my psychic gift and my determination never to give up whatever the odds.

“The fact that I came out of my court case with a settlement is all thanks to Paul. I couldn’t have done it without his assistance and it was necessary to provide proof positive that there is a higher power than we are aware of.

“Just as I was told where the missing paperwork was, I was instructed to write my memoir, Red Amaryllis, to share my story and to speak the truth: that those from the here after have foreseen a global catastrophe and want to intervene before it’s too late.

“I don’t want to become a celebrity medium or charge for my services. I simply want to do what I can to fulfil the mission I have had thrust upon me.

“There’s still time to change the future, but this depends on choosing peaceful coexistence rather than annihilation. Entrepreneurial success is nothing if our societies turn to ash. I hope our world leaders choose wisely.”

Red Amaryllis by Denise E. Jacobs is available now on AMAZON Visit

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