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Interpreting the World

Creating Magic with a Personal Touch in Translation

By Kicki Pallin

Silvia Tudor is truly a global citizen. She is the Managing Director of Afetra Translations, a brand of TraducemBine, a translation ad localization company with over 13 years experience on the market. Afetra Translations is a project that was designed for the international market and has a main objective of helping companies and entrepreneurs communicate effectively in any language – and at the same time expand their businesses and activities globally.

Silvia has almost 20 years experience in the translation industry, first as a freelance translator herself, then as a translation project manager. She has also an impressive amount of years of experience in managing and leading her own translation and localization company. Silvia’s dream is to make all languages more accessible all over the world, and help people communicate more easily and efficiently at a global level.

Could you please tell us something from your childhood and what influenced you to choose your professional path?

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