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3 tips on how to lead wisely in the new reality

3 tips on how to lead wisely in the new reality

by Randi Næss

Dear fellow leader,

I like to think of us leaders as a community, that support andby  help each other to find solutions that are good for all long term purposes.

This takes me to a question I’d like to ask you: Do you feel it is easy to take a lead and not follow on autopilot and repeat the past? What path forward do you believe in? In any case, I would like to contribute to you feeling confident with taking the lead, so here are 3 tips on leading wisely at the crossroad many businesses face right now.

It is about understanding the key to embracing a shift – from living to work, start leading to live instead. The ability to lead more wisely to be a sustainable change leader welcomes more attention. We live in a time where businesses are challenged to re-think their fundamental structures. By “fundamental structures”, I mean perspectives on humans, cultures and systems. It is recommended they are updated, touched-up or entirely rebuilt for a new reality. I see trust and respect as scene-setting. As leaders, we simply need to dare (and be able to) re-think. We need to take new insights into account. And all this needs to be balanced in order to succeed in the new reality.


Leaders and businesses that want to succeed in the new reality will benefit from paying special attention to 3 areas:

  1. Humans
  2. Cultures
  3. Structures

1.Rethink humans and purpose − achieve higher commitment

With increased automatisation comes a greater need for finding meaning to one’s work. For the co-workers to find their work meaningful, it needs to be the kind of meaning they are looking for.

Technology has been taking the lead in both developing leadership and organisations. The human element needs to catch up with that head start. Despite of any technological progress, the human potential will always be what moves the companies (and the world) forward.

Being a leader in this new reality is all about recognising that the attention needs to be directed towards this, and towards creating growth as a company, to give the stakeholders earnings and yield. This must also be done in such a way that the conditions of our workers, customers and societies we form part of, are improved.

The consequences of this is all about re-focusing on humans as the fundamental part of the business. Humans need leaders, and it is recommended that the leader’s capacity is adapted to the new reality. Curiosity will be one of your most important qualities. It will provide you with new insight to succeed in the new reality as a leader.

2.Rethink culture − spark change with less effort

As a leader, you can manage more successfully by letting the culture do a greater part of the job. When the culture in a company is underestimated, both leaders and other co-worker groups feel like they are fighting headwind.

Oftentimes, unnecessary time and energy is spent on getting the job done. Everyone benefits from this energy being spent on active leadership instead, and on making everyone deliver in their roles.

3.Rethink structures − learn quicker and perform better

Maybe the most important trend today is to change the way the organisation learns. Learning becomes more integrated in the work, and more personal. Research shows that the no.1 reason for people quitting their jobs is the lacking ability to learn and grow. New technology will help you out here.

It is said that the ability to learn is the core of a business, and that learning quicker than competition is creating sustainable competitive advantages.

So then I ask you: Are you ready to take the lead to rethink and rebuild what works as frameworks for success in the new reality?

I wish you all the best!

Randi Næss
Thought Leader,
Author & Speaker

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