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Conquer the Impossible!


By Xhoana Lama

It was a beautiful seeing eye dog called Ella who came and changed her path. Ann Noler Harris specialises in healing pain in our body, and our emotions. It was Ella that helped her find her purpose and pursue her dream of healing women all over the world so that they can follow their purpose and passion too. Ann has realised over the years that most women want to know the truth of what is holding them back and causing physical and emotional pain. She loves this part of her work and it’s one of the elements her clients value the most when working with her. Ann is a Reiki Master, she studied medical intuition, became a certified coach and an Advanced Metaphysical Anatomy Practitioner. During this time she discovered how our thoughts and feelings affect our body and stop us living a life we love. Ann says, “Our body will let us know when it’s time for change. It will give us signs by the pain we experience and how we feel. It starts off as a subtle pain or a nagging thought and if we don’t do anything about it, it will just get worse and it will not stop until we really listen and make the changes needed.” When Ann started to listen to the truth, her life completely changed, and it led her to become the ‘Body Whisperer’.


You specialise in helping women stop living with physical pain and stress, but how did you help yourself to do this. Can you tell us about your background?

My childhood dream of emigrating to Australia finally happened. But a couple of months after arriving we went from being very financially secure to potentially losing everything. I felt it was my fault as I had been the one who had wanted to move to Australia, and my husband had left an excellent job in the UK so we could emigrate but it didn’t work out as we planned. This situation was affecting us very badly and I was really worried about my husband’s state of mind as he would get terrible tension headaches. I became irritable, angry, agitated, scared, emotional and I couldn’t think straight. We didn’t tell any of our family or friends what was going on, we just kept it between us as we didn’t want to worry them. I started to think there must be something else to help us and I began to think differently and learn new techniques like the Law of Attraction and this enabled my spiritual journey to begin. This was all so new to me as I never even knew this side of life existed. Thankfully many things happened to me over the next few months, including us getting out of the financial situation we were in. I was still a skeptic but I started to take a deeper look into how these new ideas I was learning had actually worked and got us results.

 Tell me more about Ella and how she came into your life?

During this journey of learning I met this amazing dog called Ella. Ella was a six year old seeing eye dog (seeing eyes dogs work with blind people so they can still go out and be safe) who had just had her toe amputated due to cancer and she could no longer work. We were told she probably had three weeks to live and as she walked down the driveway towards me, I felt a shift happen in my body and I knew I wasn’t going to let her die. My heart melted.    

 Such a beautiful story, what happened with Ella? 

We were allowed to keep her and I studied a variety of healing modalities and practiced on her whenever she wanted. She was my perfect patient and over the next few months her health started to improve. She had a sparkle in her eye and more energy again. Whilst practicing with Ella my husband had an accident where a piece of corrugated iron roof slid off a chicken coop we were dismantling and went through a vein and artery in the crease of his arm. When we got back from the hospital, where he had had a lot of stitches I asked him if I could practice my healing techniques on him. He was a big skeptic and said to me; ‘do what you like’, as he didn’t think it would work. During the session the heat from my hands got intense and he asked me to stop. He told me he could see colours and feel tingling throughout his body. Over the next few weeks I did some more sessions on him and the scar that looked awful became so tiny we could hardly see it. Ella was with us until she was nearly 12 and I’m so blessed she came into my life as I now can help women all over the world to stop living with pain.

 How did you use this knowledge moving forward?

Going through what happened to us, I realised that everything that happens to us in life is a story and how the energy from that story can build in our body and create chronic pain, disease or stress within us. When we let go of the story, the pain and disease is released and our body can become healthy again. I am sure that if I had not taken the opportunity to start on this spiritual path when I did and let go of the fear and anger of nearly losing our money, the energy within me would have caused an illness or disease. When I first started my own business I was working with a niche I didn’t enjoy and I was struggling. I was still doing healing sessions for Ella, my friends, family, other animals and they were seeing great results but when I went back to my niche I felt stuck and every day I had a really bad feeling in my stomach.

 How did you manage to get out of this “stuck energy”?

I was about to give it all up when I realised my own energy around the niche was completely out of balance. I started having healing sessions myself to release my blocks and I would also use my own techniques. I learned about my deep fears of being rejected or criticised that I had been carrying with me, and I started to let them go and then I realised that the Alternative Energy work I was doing for others could be my business and to not worry anymore about what others would say about me doing ‘energetic clearings’. Coaches, Entrepreneurs and women who work in Corporate are usually on an emotional roller coaster ride and when they are not getting the results, it’s time for them to stop and discover a new way for them to make the impact they want. It’s not about doing more courses and strategy, it’s about doing the internal work and releasing the unconscious blocks that hold us back from making money, being happy and getting results.

“Success is not something on the outside of us, but it is born within”

Over the years I have loved helping hundreds of women clear the energetic blocks so that they can have amazing health, happiness and abundance. This means they can then go out and help more people live amazing lives. And that is how I became the Body Whisperer.

Would you say it is easier to heal emotional or physical pain, or are they actually connected?

They are connected and I believe that any pain in the body is from an emotion that has become stuck in the body. The body wants to release this, so it shows up as pain so we can find out what is causing it. What I have learned over the years is that we can also bring emotional stress and pain from other lifetimes. And even when we are in the womb, things that have been passed onto us from our parents can affect us too.  

As we go through life these issues can get triggered and we don’t even know that the pain or emotions we are living with aren’t ours. We can become confused and don’t know why we are feeling this way, but through the work I do it can be cleared in a gentle way. For example if my client has been sexually abused, we don’t need to discuss the incident and relive the trauma as it can be cleared energetically. If someone is in physical pain I believe their body is talking to them and when we get to the root cause of the blockage and they make any necessary changes in their life, the pain will leave the body.

Is it when we understand this process that we become completely healed, or are there no limits to the healing process?

Pain can also be caused from not following your purpose or hiding from the truth and therefore keep making the same mistakes. When you have someone like me to be completely honest with you and get to the root cause of the pain and make changes in your life to the things that caused it, the pain will not come back. I teach women which changes can be made, and then support them whilst they are being made.

I also realised that when the woman of the family is in pain or stressed, overwhelmed or anxious, her children and animals pick up on this energy too and can have behaviour problems or become unwell. I can help in this situation and in a unique way I can work with my clients and their pets at the same time. This stops them from becoming sick and ending up with expensive vet bills.  

There are people who ‘like’ to live in pain, in a kind of way we might even sometimes be ‘suckers for pain’, how can we deal with this unhealthy behaviour?

This is what I call secondary gain, and what I mean by that is for them there is a benefit of living this way. For example, it could be that when a woman gets migraines it allows her to go and lie down by herself and she doesn’t have to deal with chores, difficult work, growing her business or relationship problems. The migraine could even come on so that they don’t have to say no to someone. I help my clients overcome having pain in this way, but it is also a choice that they have to make.

What would we be able to do if our body had no aches or pains, or is this perhaps a utopia?

I have no aches or pains and it is wonderful. Pain makes you feel old, it stops us from exercising and being able to do the things we want to do. Our body is not meant to live with pain, and the body uses a lot of energy trying to repair itself and this can be very tiring. Our body is meant to feel vibrant, happy and healthy.

Which is the key tip that you can share, which would help us in every moment of our lives? Like a tip to remain focused at our happiness and joy.

To live in the present moment and do the self discovery work on yourself. When we think about the past or the future it causes emotions to be produced, and when they keep happening eventually it will cause pain. Living in the moment stops this from happening, because in this moment we are safe and everything is okay. It’s also really important that we continue to do the deep inner work on ourselves, so we stay happy and healthy. I continually work on myself to keep clearing anything that stops me from being the best I can be for my family and clients. I truly know how important this is, as it allows us to open up to new experiences and abundance.

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