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Becoming a Purpose Driven Woman

 Felicia Shakespeare: “Get started, complete what you started and always know that you are more than enough” 


By Srishti Kapoor


Felicia Shakespeare is an author, entrepreneur, international speaker, and an accomplished educator who is on a mission to inspire others to be intentional about living a life of faith and purpose. Felicia helps women build their brands by connecting them to their purpose. She is the author of the book “You Are Your Brand: Building from the Inside Out” for which she was nominated by the Indie Author Legacy Awards as Author of the Year Finalist. She is the founder of A Purpose Driven Woman LLC; a space for female entrepreneurs to receive empowering resources for personal development and professional growth. Felicia is also the host of her self-produced  A Purpose Driven Woman Podcast w Felicia Shakespeare. She also co-owns a restaurant in the City of Chicago with her brother who runs the day-to-day operations. As per her educational background, she holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, Master of Education in Educational Leadership, Master of Teaching, and a Personal Development Coach Certification. She is the recipient of the 2019 FWD Collective Award (For Women and Diversity) and WNBA Chicago Sky #RedefinePossible Women’s Leadership Award, recognising female community leaders in and around the City of Chicago.

What is the role of our purpose in our life? How can we find it, embrace it, and shape our lives around it?

What purpose represents in my life in its purest and simplest essence is my reason – my why. When I think of purpose as “my reason”, it’s my grounds for literally being on this earth. I believe EVERY human being on this earth has a purpose,  and that their purpose is also very distinct to them. It is our life’s duty to get to know what “it” is. There are two key factors that must remain true to heart when understanding one’s purpose: 


  1. Purpose is Evolutionary

It can, and likely will change over time in your life. I had to realise just like the seasons in weather changes, so did my purpose, and much of that had to do with my personal and professional growth. As seasons are always changing, our purpose is always evolving. The key to purpose mastery is identifying when a season has changed (or is changing) and walking in that “new season” of life accordingly. 

  1. There is No One Else

I am a true believer that there is no one on this earth that can do what we are meant to do in the manner or moment that we are. For example, It’s not that no one else has never written a book about branding before. It’s that no one has ever written a book about branding from my perspective. No one has walked my exact path and will touch the people that I will. That is unique to my own journey, and the same is true for yours.

How do you help women build their own brand?

I help women build their brand by connecting them to their purpose. It is important for women to understand key elements about themselves well before the thought to “build a brand”. Women must first understand their identity before they can know the intention of a brand, because you indeed are the brand in the first place!

What are the common barriers which stop women from following their dreams?

I would have to say fear and a lack of understanding of your identity. There is a term that says: the fear in our lives represents “false evidence appearing real.” In other words, what we believe to be the obstacle doesn’t even exist – it’s not true! Now, let me say this: some things may be a matter of fact, but they do not have to be “truths”. Based on how deeply rooted a mindset is in our psyche determines how quickly we can get unstuck from some of this level of “stinking thinking”. That’s the only reason why in my opinion some women can flourish much quicker in life than others, they chose to believe a new narrative.

Can you share with us any “spoilers” from your book “You Are Your Brand: Building from the Inside Out”?

Yes! If you are in need of clarity in any of these areas; identity, purpose, your superpowers, and knowing not only that you are enough, but “more than enough” my book is a must-read for you! My belief behind writing this book is to emphasise the importance of understanding who you are before you concern yourself with the cosmetics of brand building. Additionally, I provide tools for being your best in life, as well as in the marketplace as a career professional and an entrepreneur. We can’t miss out on becoming the best versions of ourselves!

How does A Purpose Driven Woman LLC help female entrepreneurs in professional growth and development?

My business – A Purpose Driven Woman LL – provides a safe space for women to receive empowering resources for personal development and professional growth through online and offline platforms. We show career professionals and female entrepreneurs how to be successful both in business and in life through my conference series, the podcast empowerment episodes, and more.

As an international speaker and educator, what advice would you give to the women entrepreneurs out there? 

The first thing I would say is: you must get started. I know this having made one decision in my life four years ago, leading me here, sharing my story with you today. Not only must we get started, but we must also be very intentional to complete the thing we did start. No matter how difficult; no matter how great or small.

Also, above all else, never give up on your hopes and dreams! Because I chose to believe in myself and the vision I had for myself, it now exists as a reality. I will close with this last important piece (from Momma): “Until you first believe, no one else ever will!”

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