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Mom and daughter inspiring each other

By Lea Steuri

They learnt that relying on each other makes them stronger. Meet the mother-daughter powerhouse duo – Tina and Lauryn Ellis – who are taking over social media by storm. Tina is a published author, the creator of Feeling fab at 50: an online, pro-ageing empowerment platform for women over 50 with almost 10,000 members. She is also the founder of Ladyrejuve, a vitamin supplement line for women over 45. On her Instagram platform, Lauryn reaches over 26,000 followers and raises awareness on mental health issues. Together, they are the authors of The Greatest Gift My Mother Gave Me: Heal Yourself and The Ultimate Guide to Feeling Fab at 50, both available online. They are passionate about helping others and creating a platform for a discussion about well-being and mental health issues for women of any age.

You are both social media influencers and entrepreneurs. Can you elaborate on what motivated you to be active on social media and to start your own business?

Lauryn: having been bullied at school and being mistreated by previous bosses, I felt as though working for myself would be the best option for me, so that I didn’t have to be around people and their harassing behaviour. I never let anyone’s words stop me from doing what I love, and I had always loved social media and putting myself out there, as singing is my passion and I loved letting people listen to my music. A vast amount of the bullying I had received was done through social media, and I wanted to change social media into a positive place where people know that it’s okay not to be okay, and know that social media isn’t real life.


Tina: I am passionate about helping others with these areas in their own lives, so to be able to have my own business that enabled me to spread the message that Health is the most important element of anybody’s life and that there has never been a more important time than now to take care of your health, is amazing. I searched far and wide to find to find premium health supplements for women of our age 45+, but was never satisfied with what I found in the marketplace. So one day out of frustration, I decided to create my own and started LadyRejuve vitamins.

With the Facebook page Feeling Fab at 50, Tina has almost 10,000 followers. On her Instagram, Lauryn reaches more than 26,000 people. When did you both realise your talent for social media and how did you develop it?

Lauryn: I had unintentionally fallen into numerous unpaid collaborations with a brand, when in school. Over time, I would find myself participating in collaborations quite often, but never thought anything of it; it was just a hobby. While doing so, my Instagram following gradually grew as my images where being posted on different brand pages. I never really thought anything of it at the time as I had a lot going on. When in my last part-time job, I couldn’t stop thinking: “there must be more to life than this.” I thought about how I could be independent, and not have to be spoken down to. I realised that I could potentially turn my hobby of brand promotion into a full-time job. It was a slow process, but it has brought along so many amazing opportunities. Not only do I use my social media for work, but I love to get my music out there, and most importantly, spread awareness for mental health.

Tina: The Feeling Fab at 50 community just keeps growing! I think it’s down to the message and value that we share on a daily basis. The message for Feeling Fab at 50 is very clear: it’s about Pro-Ageing in a new and exciting way and making a conscious choice to age with positivity. Health, fitness, nutrition and well-being play a huge part in this scenario. Social support is key to our health and can even help us live longer. Women need other women, especially friends with a rich life experience and wisdom to share. Something wonderful happens when women get together and share their experiences; this is definitely more healing than any form of tablet or creams.

You are both social media geniuses. How are you empowering each other to grow your businesses and your brands?

Tina: Success comes from willing to do whatever it takes and then doing whatever it takes. Following tips from Lauryn, I am now also working with brands. We are both very driven and passionate about our own businesses, yet at the same time super supportive of each other. Both our businesses are online, so if we find something works well, we share it. It helps to have two platforms across different age groups to be able to get out message and brands out there.

Lauryn: My mum and I are each other’s biggest supporters. We are continuously motivating and supporting each other. She has been my rock since day one and I wouldn’t have done half of the things that I have, without her. And that’s all thanks to her encouragement, and constant belief in me!

After being introduced to various techniques by Tina, Lauryn has managed to overcome her anxiety. What does controlling Lauryn’s anxiety mean to both of you and what has this taught you as a family?

Lauryn: At one point, controlling my anxiety was a full-time job for my Mum. Sometimes, I felt as though I had gone back to my childhood, having to rely on her all the time for the simplest of things. I’d get myself into such a state of panic that I couldn’t even move, walk or talk, so it was learning how to be able to do these things again without her help. As a family, this has definitely taught us to be more present in the moment, and appreciate the little things. I truly am a different person now, I couldn’t even leave the house and now I understand that you can do anything, it all starts in the mind.

Tina: I have an amazing bond with both my son and my daughter and I feel confident they know that I will always be there for them no matter what. But I am happy to say that through Lauryn’s own determination and drive, she has completely turned her life around by using these techniques and incorporating them into her daily life. Understand that by taking care of you, you are giving the best gift to all the people you love in the world, because you have the strength and energy to give to others, and your loved ones don’t need to worry about you. This is called being self-less.

 Mental health is something many women struggle with at any age. What are some of the tips you can share? 

Tina: There is such a reliance on anti-depressant tablets – and that is clearly not working. You want to start every day in the right direction. Changing our habits is a slow process, but within a month you start to see some results. That’s what happened with Lauryn, and she never looked back. When the morning comes around, grab your favourite cup of coffee and write down one achievable goal for the day and one thing that you’re grateful for. Your day will instantly feel more positive.

Lauryn: Wake up and write down your affirmations, or say them to yourself in the mirror. Then make a nutritious breakfast and take your vitamins. Continue to cleanse the mind by participating in a workout. Let exercise become your medicine! Accomplish tasks throughout the day that make you happy, and that will help towards your future: a small, not too overpowering task is better than nothing! At night, fall asleep to a healing meditation suited to your needs that day (some people like to do this in the morning). Or, listen to ‘I Am Affirmations’: your subconscious mind will take over as you sleep.

Tina: Remind yourself you are amazing, you deserve this, you are worthy and it is never too late to reinvest in yourself!

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