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Ashish Paul – Community for Me is to Belong

For Ashish Paul, community is companionship, togetherness, and relatedness. Community for her is to connect. It is where the heart is.

What is community for you?

It scares and perplexes me. I never thought of this word before. It seems as if I have no relationship with this word. Community to me, is conservative, and a boundary on an existence. Community also reminds me of ‘communal’, which again has very negative connotation for me. I grew up in India.

I cannot remember myself being part of a community. I always felt special or different from others. So I never related to any group. I never fully related to any caste, religion, sect or class. The only group I vaguely related to was being a woman. I knew that but I also knew I was not a woman like others. So even there I didn’t really fit well. This is the first time I have been asked this question and I had to think deeply what it meant for me. And I am still not sure.

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