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American Visionary: The Story of Barbara Marx Hubbard

American Visionary: The Story of Barbara Marx Hubbard

By Reem Soliman

The story of Barbara Marx Hubbard is indeed a story worth knowing. If you aren’t familiar with Barbara’s work, as I wasn’t, then you will undoubtedly find yourself captivated by the documentary “American Visionary: The Story of Barbara Marx Hubbard”. This documentary, directed by Karen Everett, takes you through Barbara’s life’s pursuit of conscious evolution, while weaving in the beautiful story of her very personal childhood and history – giving viewers a short but clear glimpse of who Barbara Marx Hubbard is – and exactly why she is who she is.

As Barbara’s life work starts to unfold, one of the first thoughts that begins to develop and linger with you is her sheer commitment to her life’s purpose. For over fifty years Barbara has been doing everything in her power to bring awareness of the necessity for humanity to consciously choose to evolve. Being able to visually follow this unfaltering dedication throughout Barbara’s timeline in the documentary is very poignant. And seeing how much she has actively done to honour this mission is inspiring. It truly brings about a sense of motivation to want to show the same commitment to your own beliefs and dreams.


Not only is the concept of ‘Conscious Evolution’ absolutely fascinating, but also, for the first time in what seems like eternity, the documentary introduces and explores the question, ‘Can the future of humanity be better than we think?”  This treatment of the future is revitalizing and almost shocking as we are usually accustomed to hearing about the more pessimistic trajectory of our future.

Many deep and intellectual ideas are offered for further contemplation during the documentary, such as the perspective of global crises being an opportunity for global cooperation, and the chilling but exciting idea that we are an illustration of evolution becoming self-aware and choosing its own future expression. As well as this, there are subtle underlying moments of warmth and unification, such as discovering that for Barbara this all began as a quest for meaning. A very philosophical yet familiar yearning for many of us, I am sure.

 (Director Karen Everett and Barbara Marx Hubbard on the set for American Visionary: The Story of BarbaraMarx Hubbard

“American Visionary: The Story of Barbara Marx Hubbard” gives us all hope. Not just a quiet, placid hope however, but rather a hopefulness backed up with energy and motivation to contribute to the positive change that can be possible after witnessing all that Barbara has done. If you want to regain a sense of enthusiasm for the future of humanity, and remember the great potential that we have for progressive change, then this documentary is the one for you.

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