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8 tips for Love in the Conscious Relationship

8 tips for Love in the Conscious Relationship

By Michael de Glanville & Viola Edward                                                                                                                          

  1. Beyond the Arrow of Eros

We have many types of relationship in our lives and here we are choosing to look at what is perhaps the most challenging of them all, the long term, loving, sexual relationship. Building a successful loving relationship out of the chaos of the instinctive, hectic, passions of falling in love will never be a one night happening. Beyond the arrow strike of Eros, the evolution of the loving relationship is a steady task that will depend on commitment to love, effective communication and a healthy sexuality. The relationship will grow more easily if we hold a number of core values in common, share some interests and hobbies and be able to agree on a fair distribution of the duties of living together. The paradox is that some of the ways we choose to live our love can also produce quite painful experiences.

  1. Focus on the Journey.

Wherever we are in our life story, wether we are looking for a new relationship or already involved in a good or not so good one, working to create that conscious loving relationship will be a voyage of discovery where the journey itself is the focus rather than arrival at the destination. Living a loving relationship through the day to day happenings and surprises that life produces can be likened to continuous participation in a workshop of personal development and the results we are hoping for will materialise as we develop our awareness and become conscious of what nourishes strong relationship.

  1. Loves springs eternel.

True love flows effortlessly from a being who appreciates and is in peace with their inner self. Your capacity to love another is based upon your ability to love and cherish the person you are. The love comes from that home store. That capability will be the foundation of the structure of all your relationships. Loving yourself, appreciating who you are, will help develop the inner self confidence which is the core to being yourself. It takes courage to be true to yourself rather than hoping to deserve love by conforming to a stereotype of goodness, taken on from exterior conditioning. Appreciating and being true to your self, without the need to play any camouflage personality, will attract those other beings who really appreciate the one you are deep down inside and that natural compatibility will provide the depth that nourishes lasting conscious relationship. Relationships have less surprises waiting in the wings when both partners have been confidently being themselves from the first meeting.

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