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What is The Blue Cow Summit?

The Blue Cow Summit

It is a unique event that will inspire you to take your life to the next level in 2016! Inside us all is a ‘Blue Cow’ and a ‘Brown’ Cow. The Blue Cow is the part of us who is dynamic, positive, and dreams of making a difference and leaving a legacy. When we unleash our inner Blue Cow, we take action to create our Dream life in terms of our Business, finance, Health, leadership and relationships. We strive to make our dent on the universe and not settle for a life less than we deserve.  Our inner Brown cow is the part of us that tells us we are not good enough, worries what people will think and wants us to stay in our comfort Zone where it is safe. It is often because of our own Brown cow voice (or Brown Cow people in our life) that we settle.
The Blue Cow Summit is a place where Blue Cows come to learn and grow. The speakers are what we call ‘Blue Cow thought leaders’ who have achieved success in areas that include Wealth Creation, Lifestyle, Health, Relationships, business and communication. 

Who should attend the Blue Cow Summit?

You could be a business owner, leader in your career or someone who wants to grow, push the boundaries of their current field and learn about Wealth creation, Optiminal health, Business mastery, Leadership and Communication from people who are playing at the top of their game..

When: FRIDAY 19th and SAT 20th Feb. 2016

Where: The Holiday Inn, Bloomsbury, London

Use this link and grab your 30% discount on tickets. Be sure to use this link and the discount code BLUECOW. 


Who are the speakers?

We have an amazing line up including Dr John Demartini, John Lee, Dr Joanna Martin, Daniel Priestley, Dr Fab Mancini, Danny Crates, Sahar Hashemi, Dr Krista Burns, Mirela Sula, Jo and Steve Davison with more Blue Cow Thought leaders being added to the already outstanding line up. The speakers, all Blue Cows,  will share with you strategies that you can use to take your life to the next level.  Jo and Steve Davison have bought together speakers who are true Blue Cows! All have left their field to achieve success in their areas of expertise. They will inspire and motivate you and help you unleash your inner Blue Cow!

What will you learn?

How to develop your Wealth mindset in line with your values with Dr John Demartini.
How to achieve Optiminal health with Dr Fab Mancini and Dr Krista Burns
The top strategies to become a world as a communicator with Dr Joanna Martin
How to be a Wealth Dragon with John Lee
The inspiring story of how Danny Crates overcame adversity and went on to win a gold medal at The Para Olympic games
Keys to your ULTIMATE relationship with Avnish and Anita Goyal.
The best way to ‘oversubscribe’ your business in this ‘Business Revolution’ in 2016 with Daniel Priestley
The amazing story of Mirela Sula’s journey to becoming Editor in Chief of Global Woman magazine.
How to get your message out into the world and earn money from your ideas with Jo Davison
The best way create a business that can run With or Without you with Steve Davison
How Sahar Hashemi co-founded Coffee Republic and turned it into a national brand.
And MUCH MORE as we are adding more speakers to bring you extra value. 
This event is packed full of content that you will be able to implement and take your life to the next level in 2016. 


How can I book?   

Use this link and grab your 30% discount on tickets. Be sure to use this link and the discount code BLUECOW.


I know it is going to be a great event! So please do whatever it takes to get yourself there. Jo and Steve tell me that tickets are selling out fast…  all the ELITE tickets have gone, however there are still a few VIP and STANDARD tickets. So don’t miss out! Grab your place.
Use this link and grab your 30% discount on tickets. Be sure to use this link and the discount code BLUECOW.


Come and be part of the MOO-VEMENT! You are a BLUE COW! You deserve to live your best life!
Ps Tickets are selling out fast, if you are interested in personal development and want to be inspired by people who have achieved major success in their areas of expertise, use this link and the discount code BLUECOW and get 30% off tickets-  grab your place today.


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