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5 Reasons Why Women Hesitate with Visibility

By Mirela Sula

The first thing I ask women when they come to my inner circle, to learn how to build a brand and grow their business is: Are you visible? This means: Are you on social media? Have you been seen on any other media platforms? Are you speaking, presenting, writing, being active to share your journey, your story, your expertise?

We as women have been programmed for decades and centuries to hide, to stay silent and invisible. But, what a great time to be a woman, we don’t need to stay in that corner anymore. There is so much we can do, and so many opportunities available, we just need to be able to see them. In order to do so, you need to firstly give yourself permission to be seen.

But here is the problem. When I try to encourage women to take themselves on a new journey, where they can raise their profile and grow their personal brand, many of them hesitate. And here are some of the reasons.

1.    I don’t have anything to say!

If you are thinking the same, I want to challenge you. Yes, you do! If you don’t have a business yet, you have a story, a journey that has brought you to where you are today. You have a future waiting for you. If you don’t want to talk about your past, you can start talking about your future, and manifest things you want to.

2.    I want my life to be private!

Sorry my darling, there is no such thing called “private” anymore! Everyone is watching everyone, and with the new era of technology, you had better accept it, the privacy is gone. We live in a “big brother” world and we just need to learn how to play with it.

3.    I am scared to go public!

Yes, I understand, there is some risk involved when you become more visible, that’s true. But the real truth is that the risk of staying hidden is bigger than the risk you take, to give yourself more exposure and speak about things that matter in your life.

4.    I can hire someone to do my branding & marketing

Sorry, it doesn’t work that way anymore. Even if you have the budget to hire someone to do your marketing, don’t forget that nobody can replace you when it comes to personal branding. You are the face of your brand, your business or anything you aspire to do. If you really want to be successful, you need to put yourself out there.

5.    I don’t like the online world

Well, I understand that. As adults we know that we may not like to do many things but we still do. Many times we may feel lazy to wake up early, not to go out because it’s raining, not to go through the traffic, not to go to the office, not to do the meeting and so many more. But we don’t have a choice. It’s like your child saying: “I don’t want to go to school. I don’t like the school”.

And one more thing. If the whole world is online, we have to go where everybody is. As human beings, we need to engage, interact and adjust.

Now, here is the good news. In order to grow and experience change, we need to start somewhere. And the starting point is very important to be in a safe environment where you feel you can speak and nobody judges you, nobody criticizes you. In fact, we at Global Woman encourage women to stand up, show up and speak up. It is possible to build that confidence inside you and create a life with significance, which is driven from your purpose. We help women find their purpose by giving them a microphone.

And this is another campaign we have started – to make sure women of our community get the visibility they need and stand in their power. I am aware that on many platforms I see many men speaking and building their profiles. There has not been that much space offered for women.

This is why my team has created a new campaign called “Speak and Grow Global”!

We are looking for 10 women to be part of this Global Speaking Campaign.

This will include a 6 months virtual campaign, where you will be speaking at:

  1. Global Woman Club London
  2. Global Woman Club New York or Paris
  3. Global Woman Club Los Angeles or Chicago
  4. Global Woman Club Amsterdam or Stockholm
  5. Global Woman Club Accra or Johannesburg
  6. The Global Woman Forum

This means that you can truly go Global in 6 months, and with our help you can easily call yourself an international speaker! You will be featured on our banners, receive a lot of exposure in our social media platforms, and create a lot of visibility and branding awareness about your work.

If you were trying to do it on your own it would take a long time, and lots of money. We have a special offer for you.

For the first ten women who book their place, instead of investing £6,000 you can go global and speak with confidence, for a special price today of only £247

And here is another bonus for you as well: Last year I launched my course on public speaking to teach women how to speak, book stages and make money with public speaking.

The value of the course is £497 – you get it included in the speaking campaign at no extra charge.

I look forward to seeing you grow on our Global Woman platforms and stages.

Warm regards,


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