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4 tips for your start-up business

Linda Dajci 

4 Important tips on how to succeed with your start-up business

Linda has always been motivated by meeting set targets and deadlines, as it gives her a sense of accomplishment with very visible results. As a young girl, she would often help her father with payroll duties, which gave her a taste of real achievement that is still with her today. Later on in life when she got the opportunity to choose a profession of her own, she didn’t hesitate to study accountancy. This was partially down to the fact that she took great comfort in the universal language of numbers. But also, the therapeutic aspect of ‘balancing the books’ gave her peace of mind.

Finding the right balance is crucial for her, in all aspects of life, and it is also a hard lesson to learn that it requires both time and patience. Her company’s services are the core of what goes on in today’s financial market, and keeping up to date with a dynamic economy for her, is an art form of its own. Her satisfaction comes from getting to the heart of a business, learning from their experiences and helping them achieve better. 

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