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20 Inspiring Global Women

This is the wisdom

that they shared with me in 2015





Sharon Lechter

I am inspired by everyone I see taking control of their own financial lives. We have far too many victim mentality people who want to blame others for their lack of financial resources. Those people who become victors instead of victims inspire others to take control of their lives… With all the changes in the global economy it is important to focus on your business mission. The greatest businesses either solve a problem or serve a need.


Gill Fielding

My view is that everyone is born with a love of money and an ability to handle it and ‘play’ with it but our society holds wealth in such a low regard that much of our cultural references (from Dickens to the Spice Girls) are about how bad and dirty money is. When we constantly tell young children not to touch money because its ‘dirty’ we are giving them the message to hate it. So most people are born with an open mind and for that they can always learn how to handle it, grow it, flow it, whatever but sadly as soon as you start instilling negativity the mind closes and it becomes too ‘difficult’.



Sue Johnson

We have no idea of the amazing impact we have on our partners – for good and for ill. We do not understand how the human brain responds to rejection or abandonment by those we depend on as a literal danger cue. Emotional disconnection hurts – this kind of emotional pain impacts the brain in the same way as physical pain…. Our society is rife with sensationalist misinformation that leads people into the woods. It is weak to depend on others – you have to love yourself first then find someone and make the best “deal” you can in a relationship.


Kim Kiyosaki 2

Kim Kiyosaki

“I have never gone into a business venture with the idea of “making money”as the #1 purpose or goal. Even as an employee—fresh out of college – my main interest was in what I was learning”. Women need to take charge of their financial lives. They need to know what they have, where it is, and how to grow it. To blindly turn that responsibility over to someone else—a husband/partner, a financial planner or advisor—is one of the most dangerous things a woman can do today regarding her financial security.


Vero Ora

Vera Ora

There are many challenges in life but our job is to cope and deal with them. Everything that we face it helps us to become stronger. Focus on a good education for yourself and your children, which I believe is the way forward to achieve our dreams, to never give up and to believe that in life everything is possible.


Sarah Lee - Judy Piatkus, for Colman Getty.

Judy Piatkus

I believe that when you give of your best, people respect and value you and they want to work alongside you.  It does not matter what your background is.  Not everyone will want to work with you and there will always be those who you do not want to work with.  Stick to the battles you know you can win. Visualise what you want to achieve, stay focused and enjoy life.  The world is changing very fast now and gradually every door that has been closed is opening and there are many opportunities for everyone to find their passion and give of their best. I wish you success.



Carita Laszlo

Despite the truly worrisome news on global climate change, terrorism and abuse in so many sectors, there is an increasing awareness of our plight in today’s world that is already followed by small-scale positive action, and that is a good sign. One only hopes we are not too late in making the shift on a large scale.


tuscany italy IMG_0138

Mimi Kirk

The mind and body are connected. If you carry around anger and resentment, your body will suffer also and you will make life not such a pleasant experience. Don’t be a victim. Don’t dwell on the negative. So many people have overcome disabilities and became world athletes. Business failures one after the other turned people into billionaires, there are so many stories of courage showing us we can each be courageous in our own worlds, it’s our choice. I say choose life. Don’t wait for someone else to make you happy, make yourself happy.



Rakibe Altuntas

I believe that the only individual who can regulate the peace at home is a woman. A strong woman who can make decisions doesn’t waste her husband’s time (or anyone else’s, for that matter). In order for a woman to regulate her environment, she should first regulate herself. Happiness comes from the inside, not from the outside. So you can find happiness more easily if you look for it in what you have. When your husband comes home, he should feel he is in a peaceful environment. It is enough to feed him with your love.



Inva Mula

When you know yourself, you know others too and when you improve yourself you are valuable to society as well. To look after your health and contribute to the awareness of others, we hold in our hands the ability to have a quality life, which is not enabled through financial circumstances but the quest to look after yourself, to have knowledge on the food you eat with the motto “you are what you eat”.And it is to help strangers while never expecting anything in return but to hope that gratitude exists in our universe and it is rewarded in other forms.



Annabel Kaye

A lot of women are taught to follow their passion and that is lovely but you can’t pay the rent with just enthusiasm and passion. It is important that you enjoy what you do, but it is also important that it is something that is capable of making the sort of money you need to live. If you decide to go into a profession or business that is very poorly paid, unless you come up with an amazing new business model or way of delivering it, the chances are you will remain poorly paid. You need to think about the financial side and get to understand how your business is going to make a profit. 



Anita Goyal

Love is a choice not a feeling. Love to me is something that we do, not something that just happens to us. When we choose to love, we expand ourselves and there should be no limits to what you are willing to explore to become the best version of yourself. A whole new world opens up when your relationship is full of potential, and happiness that weaves through not only your togetherness but also enriches your individual lives. Relationships are about teamwork where it’s about giving and receiving, always working together to achieve a common goal.



Lidia Frederico

Always do your best with everything that you touch. As with everything, if you do a sloppy job, you will receive a sloppy payback, and that is the Law of Attraction. To ensure you live your life at its fullest, and every morning, give grace and thanks, that you have another day to get yourself together. Make sure that every day you appreciate and validate every person in your life, but to take it to another level, by showing them your full gratitude, even the ones who have irritated you to your core, as they are the ones who bring you the biggest lessons.


_DSC5004 (3)

Veronica Tan

I think that a powerful woman is not necessarily the one who has the actual power. It is more important to have a strong influence, and to get things done. She has to be the best in her job, be able to contribute, make a positive difference to everything she touches, and add value. Powerful women influence people in a good way and make positive changes. Every women should be empowered and be able to reveal and develop her talents.



Bev James

The formula is having a product or service that you are not only passionate about but also having the skills to market your business. Many start-ups spend months perfecting a product but don’t give adequate time to plan how they will take it to market. You can outsource marketing but no one will know your product or service like you do so I suggest staying close to this area of your business. You can delegate marketing but don’t abdicate – it’s too important.

Countess Paola Kovacz von Csaky

       Countess Paola Kovacz von Csaky

Dreams do come true, but not always in our timing. I would say that ‘patience’ is like a piece of string that keeps unravelling and has no end to it, and that is why it’s called patience. You can never set a limit on it. Find your dream. Stick to it! And keep Going.  Never Give it up, even when all the world tells you that you can’t do it. Just do it!

Rebeca Riofrio

Rebeca Riofrio

No matter how much we research and hear stories, a new beginning in a strange and cold country is as painful as giving birth. Not everything that shines is gold and be wise from day one with who we make friends with. To be able to be active and progressive in any circle we are in and not be afraid in taking risks that goes towards our vision. Be patient and take the time to walk instead of running and taking short crooked paths and have perseverance and self-motivation.



Camilita Nutall

There are “Seven ‘Action Points’ you have to do daily to fight and win. This is not a physical fight – it’s a mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual fight happening first in your mind then in your will to win. It’s about doing it, doing it, doing it – till the job gets done – and having the right association around you daily. Having a ‘Never Give Up’ Attitude is my secret weapon, regardless how things look or what people say. It’s your life – LIVE IT!


Photo: Christopher Davies / Make up: Wenda James-Rowe

Tracey Smolinski

I’m a great believer that women do a fantastic job in the business world and I feel that in the networking scenario women are more open to engage with other people which they see as opportunities. Women are great listeners, show compassion and empathy and are more likely to collaborate together and help and support each other, which is so important in today’s society.



Jo Davison

Many women spend their life running around all over the place and not being fully present for any of it. This is where I used to be, before I decided I couldn’t live this way anymore and feel successful as a mum, wife, and business women. I am sure many small business owners can relate to this, its something we all have to keep balanced. Now I know that women must not wait for someone else to ‘rescue’ them from the busy chaotic life – they need to take time out for themselves as if we burn out, everyone around us suffers!



Sarah Alexander

If you choose to believe that true success is not just about achievement but also about how you show up as a person in every situation, you then have the opportunity to be successful all the time, even when things are not going well in some area of your life. By re-defining success to include higher values such as loving kindness shown both towards yourself and towards others, you are then available for success permanently. As a result you will feel much happier and more successful!



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